Your Symptoms Are A Gift

Purpose Of My Book 

"Your Symptoms Are A Gift!"

Your symptoms are a gift!

I am so grateful for my clients, and the work you are doing to heal and love yourself. You are giving yourself the love you need. You are healing yourself from digestive problems, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, autoimmune disease, eating disorders, low self esteem, poor body image and perfectionism. You are setting healthy boundaries and calling in new supportive relationships and in return getting the love and support you deserve.

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I am now committed to writing my book, which is dedicated to you. It will be filled with stories of my life, and I have a story for pretty much everything you are struggling with.
My stories will help you see what you need and inspire you to continue to learn how to support yourself emotionally on an ongoing basis and to reap the rewards that come from that.

The purpose of my book is to help you see your symptoms, triggers and relationship struggles as a gift, because these are all signs pointing to what you need to give to yourself.

Throughout your life there will be many triggers and opportunities to heal and give yourself what you need. I can help you to see what you need and know how to ask for support when you need it.

Today, after 12 years of doing this work, I processed more anger from what I didn’t get from my Mom that I was still subconsciously pissed off about. This repressed anger was showing up in my life with resistance around talking with her and when we talked it was a little awkward and sometimes frustrating.

I also was getting triggered and hurt by women who didn’t care about how I felt, who didn’t acknowledge what I have to offer and who didn’t care enough to ask about it before they dismissed my work.

As soon as I decided to write my book, all of my doubts and fears came up. I would hear about another book addressing childhood trauma and physical symptoms and instantly feel like I didn’t know what I was doing and I didn’t know enough to write a book about it. I would hear about someone else working with people to help them shift out of disease using the mind and someone else using nervous system techniques and I started questioning if I knew enough.

Now all of these thoughts were present along with my confidence in my work and my belief in myself. By allowing them to exist at the same time, without judgment and with curiosity, I was able to address what I needed to and not let them get in the way of what I want. I was observing and consciously working with them. I recognized my need to get clear with what I want my book to be about, and also honoring my work by seeing the value I bring to my clients. I was also able to see how what I do is much different than anyone I was comparing myself to.

I noticed how all of these thoughts would come up when I made the decision to write my book. I also noticed on that same day when I was comparing myself that when I spoke with my Mom it felt on the surface and disappointing. When I would say something about my work, I instantly felt dismissed with her “okaaay” and changing the subject, instead of asking me more about it.

After I hung up the phone I connected these fears and beliefs to the way my parents were with me as a child. In my shadow (unconscious) there was a hidden belief: If I wasn’t enough for my parents to listen to, I must not be enough for other people to listen to. Even though my parents do listen to me now and support what I do, there was still some residual blocks with my Mom from the past that was coming up for healing.

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So I booked a session with Janet Raftis to explore all of these new connections.

I laid on my Biomat at home during her 50 minute remote energy healing session. Afterwards, as I was listening to the recording, seven minutes into it I paused it because I was feeling my anger rising. I then started to scream from my gut and bash a pillow on my bed. What came out were many “fuck yous, where were you, you are selfish, all you care about is yourself and your men!! What about me, Mom?! Why don’t you care about me, care about how I FEEL, and what I am doing?!” I cried, sobbed and felt a big release.

(This anger release is in no way blaming my Mom, it’s honoring the things I felt and experienced in relationship to her and her behaviors. It’s important for us to acknowledge that when we jump to forgiveness and justify their behavior with “they did the best they could”, we continue to repress how we really felt.)

Then I pushed play and heard Janet talk about how pissed I was that my mom was always gone; mentally, emotionally and physically, she was never fucking there. She can always be there for men, my dad and her current partner, but not for me.

Janet said my anger was sitting in my kidneys and adrenals. There was also a bruised energetic umbilical cord between us, so she did some healing there and disconnected us, leaving just a silver thread.

By my mom dismissing me and not really receiving me, it made me reject my inner knowing and creativity. The emotional release and energy healing was what I needed to embrace myself more fully and access my creativity to write my book.

Even though I love and accept my Mom for where she is, it is also important for me to honor and feel how our past dynamics felt and impacted me, which in return will improve and heal our relationship now.

I’m here to care about how you feel. I’m here to show you how to honor and value your feelings, how to listen to and care for yourself.

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Expressed What’s Repressed 

Express What's Repressed

​Your symptoms are a gift! ®

Your symptoms are showing you what's in your unconscious and needs to be addressed. Your body is always talking and is the only thing that doesn't lie! Are you listening?

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Your unexpressed emotional responses from your childhood are internalized and held in your body resulting in various physical illnesses.

As a result of interactions in your childhood in which you did not receive what you needed or were mistreated, you internalized emotions such as grief, sadness and anger that are held in your body. Other layers of emotion such as hopelessness and despair maintain negative patterns in your life. The chronic nature of these unexpressed emotions result in physical symptoms.

By understanding and appropriately interpreting the physical conditions, the original emotions can be addressed and expressed. In other words, your physical symptoms are a gift that you can refer to and that can help you heal the emotional wounds of your childhood. As this occurs, your physical symptoms can also be healed.

With Love,​

I have been searching for some kind of "answer" my whole life.

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The most significant improvement was to be able to recognize a trigger (still working on that), journaling about it and knowing that EVERYTHING has a cause.

I realized that it is those rock-bottom moments that we all need in order to get up again. It's like keeping dust and trash under a rug, it can hold so much. But at some point, all that trash will come out, we had no clue it was still there, and then we have to face it. Working with Elicia allowed me to "clean the rug" before it totally exploded, it was wonderful.

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Give yourself the best gift you could give. Learn how to safely process your emotions and embrace who you really are!

Join me in a safe space with other women, where you are honored for who you are, where your experience and feelings are validated and where you are loved unconditionally.

Sharing in a safe group where you are seen, heard and supported heals shame. You will learn how to heal your pain with compassion, re-parent your inner child and embody your authentic self. You are now safe to feel and be who you really are.


Express What's Repressed
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Sacred Emotion Retreat Costa Rica

Sacred Emotion Retreat 
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