Why Retreats Shift You More Quickly

I’m now back “home” in Koh Samui, Thailand, where my retreat research began 8 years ago. I’ve really come full circle here. 

Eight years ago, the purpose of my research was to discover which of the 14 detox retreats on the island were making a difference in people’s health and lives. During my research I discovered I had systemic Candida, in addition to bulimia and emotional eating, none of which I was addressing at the time.

After 2 years of cleansing and experimenting with every healing modality I could get my hands on, I left the island feeling better, but shortly after I experienced intense emotional triggers, binging and purging, and depression.

Through many struggles, support and insight – I finally got to the solution I was looking for, which fully healed my chronic digestive problems, emotional eating, and unsupportive relationship patterns.

It was then, three months later, that I met my husband, Doug Miller, PhD, on my birthday December 1, 2013. Over the years we healed deeper through applying my Core Emotional Healing® model to our relationship and have come together to offer the results of our work and gifts.

Now, 4 years after we met, we are back where it all began, offering the retreat, solution and love I was looking for!

Our retreat starts on my birthday and our anniversary!!

There is so much magic that happens on retreats!

Before we came to Thailand, I was on a retreat in Bali with my business mentor, mastermind group and my best friend and colleague, Janet Raftis. As most of you probably know, Janet and I host retreats together and collaborate quite a bit in business and in life! It was so wonderful to be able to be on the receiving end of a retreat with her and to be able to experience the magic of a group of powerful women coming together in a different way. We couldn’t believe how much we did both for our businesses and ourselves while we were there!

While in Bali, Janet I made a video to share why going away on a retreat can help you go deeper quicker without your routines, distractions and responsibilities at home, plus the power of the group container which takes on a life of it’s own!

You can watch our video here.

The next women’s only retreat is now open for enrollment!

Sacred Emotion Retreat in Costa Rica, March 11 – 18, 2018 with Janet Raftis. This will be our 6th retreat together in Costa Rica. Doug will be there too offering his dream interpretation.

This retreat is the perfect continuation for those who have already worked with me or Janet and are ready to take what they started further.

This is the only way to personally work with me through the Core Emotional Healing® process, as I am shifting my focus to training practitioners.

So if you’ve been thinking about working with me, now is the time.

The shifts that unfold during these retreats are remarkable and actually create lasting and profound change for the women who participate.

Some of those changes include: • Opening up to their intuitive gifts and purpose• Elimination of chronic physical symptoms• Stronger boundaries to feel safe, heard and supported• Aligning with new relationships and work• Shifts in the way they eat• Fully embracing how they feel

Not only do many physical symptoms disappear after addressing the emotional component, but difficult relationship patterns can be cleared up or released; limiting beliefs can be identified, released and transformed; and your intuition will soar.

During the retreat, you will learn the tools that can help you to eliminate chronic symptoms, emotional eating, depression, addictions, and more. These are tools you can access anytime, again and again, to help you live the healthy, abundant life you deserve!

Click here to read all the details, see what’s included, and register now!

Here’s what Gabby from our September 2017 retreat said about her experience…

“I thought the retreat was amazing! The location was like a dream. The days were lined up perfectly. I really can’t thank Janet and Elicia enough with all they have given me and helped me learn.

I feel like I can take on anything and that my past is finally dealt with. I am so thankful for the opportunity that I was able to go and grow so much as a person.” – Gabby 

Registration is open now, and space is limited…

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If you’re not sure if this retreat is right for you, click here to schedule a free 30-minute assessment with me.

You can also hit reply and ask any questions you might have.

Janet and I would love to support you through this transformative experience!

Lots of love,

P.S. Completion of my Express What’s Repressed program is required to qualify for my Core Emotional Healing® Certification Program that will be available in April, 2018. If you want to be able to use this model to expand your business and serve clients on a deeper level, register now in order to schedule your private inner child session before we start January 3, 2018.

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