YOU’RE IN FOR: What It Takes to Fully Heal the Emotional Cause of Symptoms and More!

YOU’RE IN FOR: What It Takes to Fully Heal the Emotional Cause of Symptoms and More!

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Thursday, January 11, 2023
8am Pacific | 10am Central | 11am Eastern
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In this free class, you’ll learn:

  • The emotional cause of your symptoms
  • What it takes to heal the emotional cause 
  • The Core Emotional Healing Process
  • How the healing process unfolds over time
  • How every area in your life gets better as a result

The #1 thing I want you to take away is…

Emotional healing is a process. It’s not a simple formula or overnight fix, but it will be the best thing you have ever done.

You will not only be healing the root cause of your physical symptoms like Candida, but also your insecurities, anxiety, depression, lack of self esteem and self worth, emotional eating, people pleasing, perfectionism, and more.

Once you focus on Core Emotional Healing®, and you continue to apply what you’ve learned, everything in your life will get better than you ever imagined it could be!

As a result of the CEH process, Karen experienced results that went far beyond healing her Candida symptoms…

“Having candida is exhausting! I used to experience so much brain fog, confusion, and depression/sadness. I felt heavy. Even though I love and teach yoga, I had stopped doing yoga due to lack of energy.

After going through Elicia’s process, I now have more energy for my purpose. And because I haven’t had much energy, as a business owner, I had been barely scraping by financially.

Now, I am regaining more and more energy every day. I have been getting up early to do yoga. I have taken up the book that I am writing again. And magical new opportunities and projects are coming to me. I know that I am entering into the right momentum and energy to create my own success.”

Ready to finally heal?

Ready to finally heal?

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