Juice fast vs. Water fastAfter 18 years of juice fasting, I tried a 30-day water fast in March 2012 and based on that profound experience I realized that juice fasting isn’t really fasting, it’s more like a severely restricted diet. Since then I have used 2-4 day water fasts when I needed to release toxins and emotions from life’s trials and tribulations, and connect to my higher self to gain clarity and inspiration.

Water fasting has become a channel for self-healing work with my clients; utilizing journaling, guidance, reflection, Reiki energy and essential oils – to experience deeper healing, self-awareness and communion with Spirit.


Top 7 Reasons Why I Choose Water Over Juice Fasting

  1. Ketosis happens (body breaks down stored toxins in fat cells)
  2. Hunger shuts off
  3. Mind slows down
  4. Feel your body healing
  5. Total rest and rejuvenation of all systems
  6. Process and release stored memories and repressed emotions
  7. Connect to your heart, higher self, inspiration and intuition

Read my expanded “Juice Vs Water Fasting” article on Dr Joe Today http://www.drjoetoday.com/juice-vs-water-fasting/

*Water fasting is best in a retreat setting, without work and distractions, where you can quietly rest and take in the nourishment of nature.

**It is important to seek expert guidance in order to make sure a water fast is safe for you and properly prepare your body and mind.

I’ve written Detox 101 to help you prepare for a fast.


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