7 Day Detox Miracle

#1 You “go on a detox” by juice fasting or doing a detox-in-a-box cleanse

Our bodies are always attempting to cleanse and heal itself. You can free up the toxic load, stress and digestive energy to allow it to cleanse anytime.  You will be detoxing by just eliminating, or taking a break from, toxic food and substances; such as prescription and illegal drugs, coffee, alcohol, sugar, processed food, starches, meat and dairy.  There are different levels of cleansing based on how you free up your digestive energy, starting with eliminating toxins, moving to eating a raw vegan diet to eating mono-meals of fruit and then to (the most powerful and effective way) a water fast.  You don’t need to drink juices or take supplements to allow your body to cleanse and heal, consistently eating a natural raw organic plant-based diet will keep you lean, healthy, connected to all your senses and inner wisdom. Mineral baths, hot springs, sauna, massage, Reiki, yoga, deep breathing, exercising and dancing are other ways to release and recharge.

#2 After a 7-day detox you are clean & rejuvenated

The 7-day juice fasting programs, such as Arise & Shine and Detox Retreats around the world, claim that by drinking juice, psyllium husk and bentonite clay shakes, taking herbal supplements and doing colonics every day for 7 days will clean your tissues, blood and colon.  They are misleading people in thinking that they are clean after 7 days.  Every body is different and every body experiences different levels of cleansing every time they do a fast.  Plus, drinking juice and taking supplements doesn’t allow the body to fully cleanse and heal since the body is still taking in and assimilating nutrients.  Multiple extended water fasts (14-21 days) with rest will allow the body to clean and rejuvenate without your interference.

#3 Detoxification and fasting programs will heal the body

A fasting program is a part of the healing process to allow the body to release toxic build up and rebalance itself but unless you eliminate the cause of your dis-ease you will not correct your condition.  After your fast you may be right back where you started if you continue to feed the cause of your condition; such as living a toxic, stressful lifestyle and feeding your body drugs, excess alcohol and processed food substances, have repressed anger, guilt and shame, emotional eating, push yourself to be productive and achieve seeking subconscious love and approval from others, have a mouth full of mercury or take prescription drugs that deplete your health and immune system.  In order to fully heal you must become aware and release the root cause, and be ready to heal.

#4 Mucoid Plaque (old impacted waste in the colon) is released using a combination of herbal supplements, psyllium husk and bentonite clay shakes, enzymes, ozone and colonics

After experiencing over 20 programs using these combinations I released a lot of bentonite clay and psyllium husk formed in the shape of my colon and some congestion, but it wasn’t until I did a 30-day water fast did the old impacted waste have the opportunity to get rehydrated and release.  Save your money and your body stress from unnatural supplements and treatments, all you need to do is eat a diet that assists in cleansing, do a water fast and rest.

#5 Parasite & Candida herbal cleanses in a box kill all the fungus and worms

I spent over 10 years using these herbal supplement kits looking to fix my systemic candida condition, and what I learned was nothing will kill the parasites as long as you continue to feed them.  Extended water fasting will starve parasites.  Making lasting changes in your diet and lifestyle will rebalance your inner ecology, alkalize your blood and boost your immune system over time.  Candida is a parasitic condition and to heal it is to take your power back from the physical parasites, parasitic emotions, behaviors and victim consciousness.

About Elicia’s Detox Experience

Since 1992 I have been studying and experiencing over 50 detox methods from around the world and what I found is that most programs, even though they are using natural methods, are still treating symptoms and not getting to the root cause.

I spent over 10 years trying to correct my own systemic candida condition, first following the medical doctors orders and then holistic practitioners using diet and herbs. I finally took things in my own hands and was able to address it on all levels and release the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual causes to fully heal my life.

I will empower you by demystifying detox, correcting misperceptions and guide you in a highly personalized effective, life enhancing solution.  A personal detox program is the key to help you to unlock your personal strength and ability to create a positive life with balance, well being and inner peace.

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