The thing nobody is talking about…

I just started my Express What’s Repressed Core Emotional Healing Program for healing practitioners and already things are buzzing with excitement in our group. 

Everyone has tried so many healing modalities, and since they were still experiencing the same patterns and triggers, they knew it was time to be with their inner child.

We already started going into the source of triggers and it’s been profound!

I was inspired to share how important it is for healing practitioners to heal their inner child, and to make sure they include it in the protocol for their clients. 

You may recognize signs of a wounded child in your clients, but you may be affected as well.

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The truth is…

The #1 Source Of Childhood Trauma is COVERT — you may not think you had trauma because both your parents were loving and pretty much there for your basic needs BUT your Mom and/or Dad was shut down, depressed or full of anxiety, fear-based, had a negative outlook on life, prone to anger outbursts, was perfectionistic, controlling, critical and/or shaming.

As a sensitive child, you absorbed all of their toxic feelings, beliefs and you blame yourself. This creates a wounded inner child and false personality to seek love and approval based on what pleased them – while remaining disconnected from your authentic self.

You will NOT feel safe, loved and confident that your needs will be met until you learn how to heal your wounded inner child, feel your repressed emotions and speak up for yourself. You will continue to struggle in life, love and/or lack of purpose and fulfillment, and wonder why. But once you take care of your emotional needs, you’ll shift your patterns quickly!

In order to heal your wounded child, you must be supported in a safe space that is structured with skilled practitioners to safely connect to your inner child and repressed emotions — at the root of your limiting beliefs and stories – and learn how to reparent yourself with healthy boundaries and new beliefs.

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I just heard from two of my clients this week from my last group, and here’s what they said…

“I had tried other spiritual and emotional work but nothing worked until Elicia’s program. Before the program, I felt a lot of pain and tightness in my back, I realized when I began the program that my inner child felt chained and restricted. The moment I started understanding and listening to my inner child my back pain resolved significantly. I was also always bloated, and as soon as I started doing the work, the bloating was one of the first things that disappeared.

Elicia was a God sent gift to help me see the truth about who I was and why candida thrived in my body. As soon as I had my first session with Elicia, I felt her authenticity shine through her being. She was so real about her feelings. She was able to see clearly why I was experiencing the symptoms I had. She immediately helped me see the truth behind some of relationships and how I needed to love my inner child.

This program is probably the only one that I have come across that allows you to see your inner child as a real person that needs its needs met. I was able to see that many of my health issues and every aspect of my life arose from how I felt about myself. My inner child was wounded for so long and finally I was to a point where I had no voice and no self-confidence. I lived for everyone else’s approval.

The Facebook support and calls were very helpful because I was able to feel supported throughout the process and the calls really helped me connect to my inner child. When others in the group were sharing their stories, I was able to related to theirs and understand how to meet my own inner child’s needs.

I feel so much gratitude that I enrolled in this program and met Elicia. All of my symptoms have improved significantly. I feel that since I started understanding and acknowledging my inner child my brain fog has reduced significantly. I have more self-love and confidence in myself. I don’t allow others to put me down. I see myself as a child of the universe that is magnificent rather than allowing others to define who I am.

The world would be a better place if people just knew how to love and understand their inner child and loved themselves.” – Sonam

Increased self-confidence, more self-love andreduced reactions to triggers!

“Before doing the EWR course I used to think I was quite positive but in actual fact I think I was very self-defeating especially with my self- talk. I suffered from a lack of confidence in certain areas and overall had low self-esteem. I also struggled from having to deal with the same triggers in my relationships coming up over and over.My main reasons for joining the program were to overcome the feelings of low self-esteem, guilt and feeling dis-empowered. I wanted to feel unconditional love for myself and not haul myself over the coals for every little mistake or less-than-perfect thing I did or said.I found the process very eye-opening and remarkably effective with the group dynamics. I was surprised at how safe it felt opening up to what were effectively perfect strangers albeit with a shared desire to overcome childhood traumas and the resulting survival thoughts and behaviours.Elicia was instantly a calm and reassuring guide who thought carefully and caringly about her responses. She effectively facilitated the group discussions and subtly steered the conversations so everyone had a fair go at sharing. She also always made you feel comfortable in asking any questions. She was always positive making you feel encouraged about achieving our goals on the course.I’ve experienced counseling before during my marriage break-down. At the time it was helpful in terms of offering advice and a sounding board during the separation process but it didn’t offer any resolution to my underlying self-esteem issues and difficulties with my Mom etc. The EWR program has helped get to the root of the issues by addressing the repressed anger and feelings from my childhood and has provided a guide to learning to re-parent myself and give myself the unconditional love I never received.Knowing this was not my fault has also had a flow on to increased self-confidence, more self-love and reduced reactions to triggers.The work has definitely impacted me to help me tune into and listen to my intuition.” – M. Kerr

Learn more about Core Emotional Healing® in this free webinar – click here to sign up

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