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Transformations from Elicia's clients

She helped me overcome the trap of shame.

"I am so blessed that I had the opportunity to work with Elicia Miller because her love for me and her other clients was genuine, she was very nurturing and non-judgmental, and she had a unique perspective on the situations that came up in my life.

Elicia helped me realize that the symptoms I was experiencing have meaning. She empowered me to do my own emotional work, which had positive physical, emotional and spiritual effects. Physically, this resulted in most of my symptoms completely disappearing, and the remaining ones being greatly reduced in severity.

Emotionally, she helped me to identify when I fall into the trap of shame, because of messages I received from society or loved ones, and how to overcome those feelings of shame. I also have a better idea of how to identify what I really want and how to ask for what I need.

Elicia was there for me every step of the way when I faced my fear of confronting family members as well as not worrying what they thought when I spoke my truth. Spiritually, I became more aware of how to tune into and trust my intuition. This led me to step into my new career path of energy healing, which gives me a sense of joy and timelessness.

And for that, I am so grateful for all of Elicia's love and guidance through my emotional healing process." - 

crohn's disease


What a huge blessing this was, one of the best gifts I have given myself ever.

...words can't describe how grateful I am for this program. The tools are something everyone in this world should have ~ something that would change humanity for the better.

I learned my emotions/feelings are my super power!! Learning to trust this part of myself was HUGE. The process put me back in touch with how deeply intelligent I am in a way I didn't fully realize. It was a part of me just crying out to be embraced fully. Trusting my own anger, sadness, etc has given me so much strength and transformed everything in my life.

My symptoms have improved, my marriage has improved, I truly LOVE & honor myself!! I feel like I am truly the person I was born to be, the person I was when I first came into this world. Coming back home to myself has been the greatest gem of this work.

She shone a light into the dark places I was unable to see on my own, and because of this I felt a very strong shift from constant anxiety to calm and empowered. WOW THANK YOU!

"It has been so helpful to feel safe when I need to reach out, that there are others who WANT TO SUPPORT ME and encourage my healing. I think that is probably a deep deep need we all have, and is made possible through the group.

I am more aware of the pattern in myself that keeps everything hidden (for fear of being punished) and that opening up to others and the world is actually an important part of creating community and healing together."

I have been searching for some kind of "answer" during my whole life.

emotional health healing celiacs

The most significant improvement was to be able to recognize a trigger (still working on that), journaling about it and knowing that EVERYTHING has a cause.

I realized that it is those rock-bottom moments that we all need in order to get up again. It's like keeping dust and trash under a rug, it can hold so much. But at some point, all that trash will come out, we had no clue it was still there, and then we have to face it. Working with Elicia allowed me to "clean the rug" before it totally exploded, it was wonderful.

With Elicia's amazing guidance and reflections, I have been able to make gigantic leaps in my healing work, where once I was only able to make very tiny baby steps (and would even back track at times)!

Not until I had support, in particular Elicia's support, did I truly start to shed my old patterns and conditioning.

I truly believe this is because people need their patterns and beliefs systems reflected to them to truly internalize the shift. I couldn't always see how my patterns, conditioning, and limiting beliefs were creating the situations I was trying to prevent or evolve from.


Having a strategy for releasing negative energy has created incredible shifts in just a short period of time.

"Elicia's calming and nurturing energy allows the space to open your mind to transformation. She's an open book, sharing her own personal stories of pain. She's also extremely knowledgeable and intuitive to your individual needs.

I no longer have "bad days" because I know what to do when I feel something stirring up. And the beautiful thing is that I'm not pushing it down...

My self-care and confidence are at an all-time high. I don't carry around shame or guilt anymore.

I love myself and know how to forgive myself.

Working with Elicia has allowed me to open up to the signals my body is giving me  as well as my emotions, and really learn how to process them in an effective way.


"Her first hand experience, knowledge, and intuition give her an amazing set of skills to be able to help her clients. Her approach is one of empathy, that still allows for her to tell you the hard things you need to hear, which then inspire action to make much needed changes.

I have noticed that I am now better equipped to deal with challenges that I face, and everyday struggles because of the emotional work that I have done with Elicia making me stronger. I have healed on so many levels, and even my autoimmune disorder Hashimotos has improved from the multifaceted program she offers.

I got my labs back and  my thyroid is balanced with no evidence of Hashimoto's!"

I think everyone needs an Elicia in their life!

“Elicia has helped me on an incredible level to bring deep awareness into my life for healing and transformation. I truly think everyone needs an Elicia in their life. Her advice was first to work on a subconscious level, to become aware. My condition has been cycling for years without coherence that it was stemmed from the emotion of guilt. I am slowly letting go and eating the foods that make me feel lighter, happier and more in touch with myself.

I am taking responsibility for my actions and in turn nourishing my body-mind-soul. I am literally shifting the direction my wheel spins and it takes willpower, awareness and honesty with myself to make this change. With her professional advice, Elicia helped me understand that I am only feeding my condition through engaging in foods that hurt me rather than heal. I have been inspired to change my direction in life with my work, the people I choose to be around and the places I choose to live and venture as I listen and align with more clarity. ”

crohn's disease

I have so much more energy now, I can really see my triggers for what they are and I connect with my self on such a deeper level.

cure candida

"Working with Elicia was a game changer. I have learnt so much about myself, candida but most importantly  how to emotionally be healthy which in turn heals the body. Elicia’s inner child work was a real eye opener and a game changer. I am so thankful to know Elicia and for her to share her knowledge and be so dedicated to her work.

This was my wake up call to listen to my emotions, my body, my gut, and heal my past.

My body was like, "Hello! I'm trying to tell you something here, are you listening?!"  This was my wake up call to listen to my emotions, my body, my guy and heal my past.

It’s honestly true when Elicia says your symptoms are a gift. Like many of you, I had consulted various doctors, natural remedies, started having guided meditations to release past memories but none of this was enough. My symptoms flared up as a warning sign when I wasn’t listening to my emotions, my gut feeling while unhappy with an ex boyfriend. I contacted Elicia because I didn’t have the correct guidance on exactly what I need to follow to get me on my path to healing.

candida cure

While therapy gave me clarity on WHY I was acting this way, Elicia showed me HOW to move on.


The MOST important thing I learned is that I cannot THINK about my feelings, I have to feel them . The anger work and empathetic listening I received was invaluable.

This program is for you brave souls who are ready for a MONUMENTAL change. Elicia is the most compassionate, supportive, loving person that you could ever call on for this courageous journey.”

I'm finally the woman I was meant to be.

Candida cure

“I walk straighter and…I haven’t even used my cane since I finished this course. I haven’t even fallen once! A huge victory!!

People have commented on my new appearance; long time friends tell me I look better than ever. The truth is I’m finally the woman I was meant to be.”

…learning to … be raw and real and just ME
(without worrying about getting a “gold star”)

"…learning to … be raw and real and just ME (without worrying about getting a “gold star”) has been SO important for ME.

But I’ve found it’s not about blaming my past (or people in it) and more about being a detective so I can identify where the behavior came from and understand what I needed instead in order to give that to myself today.”

candida cure

I gained confidence and enthusiasm and feel inspired by life.

“I have a new understanding of who I am. I am feeling my emotions and being with them instead of running away. My life before I started Elicia's program was much more disorganized, chaotic. I felt I needed support from someone who understands and went through it.

- Slywia Kocon

candida cure

Everything seemed to unfold naturally and effortlessly.

"The whole process was bumpy (is there any process that isn’t??) and pleasant. There were times of overwhelm, times of upsurging enthusiasm (especially in the beginning), times where it seemed as if nothing much was happening or as if I was stuck (or even going backwards), and times where everything seemed to unfold naturally and effortlessly. Now that I see it with some perspective, I realize that it was beautiful."

Everything in my life is falling into place so  quickly and easily now.

“I wanted to tell you that I am now taking time to acknowledge my inner child each time I feel uncomfortable or ill and the results are amazing. Everything in my life is falling into place so quickly and easily now. I am grateful.”

- Nona Clarke

As a doctor, it’s so important that I bring my patients the best possible resources, and I fully trust Elicia to provide that!

“Elicia is my go-to-person for any questions I have about the most challenging cases of Candida. She fully understands the mental, emotional and physical aspects of this illness, and all the different ways it can present."

- Dr. Kim D’Eramo

candida cure

I am discovering my own inner strength more and more every day.

"I am deeply grateful for her efforts, patience, passion, and commitment. There isn’t a single person I wouldn't recommend this program to. Truly.  Journaling prompts have put me in touch with different aspects of myself that I didn't even know existed."

- Jennifer Ann Butler

Elicia helped me realize that there is only one way to truly heal:
eliminate the cause of the problem.

"The journaling exercises which helped me get clearer in my thoughts, and more in tune with my body. It has been several months since I have had any of the Candida symptoms I once suffered from and I now am at a perfect weight. I feel much more at peace with my body and confident in my ability to heal from within.”.

- Courtney Helena

candida cure

For the first time ever, I felt as though I understood my  symptoms and had a clear and logical system that I could follow.

“Reading the program and info that you sent me recently, I am still amazed at your ability to take something so complicated and put it into simple terms. Through our sessions, I have grown not only in my physical health, but also in my emotional state and now feel stronger than ever before.”

- Natalie

candida cure

Elicia has helped  me zero in and held space for me as I navigated emotional issues that were keeping me in resistance.

"For those of you who want to make changes but are in resistance or not sure how to start, working with Elicia is a right next step for you. It has helped me to stay on target, consistent and accountable to myself knowing I will be checking in weekly. Elicia has helped me zero in and held space for me as I navigated emotional issues that were keeping me in resistance. Love yourself and take care of you! You’re worth it :)!!!!”

- LuAnne Lantz

Working with Elicia has allowed me to open up to the signals my body is giving me as well as my emotions, and really learn how to process them in an effective way.

You have been an incredible resource, connecting me with so many people that have been integral to my healing over the past two years. I have left behind so much resistance, pain, suffering, anger, fear that it is amazing to look back over the process and see all that I have released and how freeing it is to live my truth.

The faith I have in my own healing ability, in joy, in love is immeasurably useful in my own coaching practice. Thank you Elicia! Love and blessings.”...

- Toshia

candida cure

I appreciate  that Elicia is always suggesting and leading, but leaves the real healing to me.

Elicia taught me to recognize patterns and opened my eyes to my poor body image. Over the last few months, I have started to free myself of much of the bondage. Learning to eat what my body needs instead of what my emotions want, learning to free myself from my food obsessions, and learning to love myself where I am now.

Working with Elicia has opened me up to new ideas and possibilities. I’ve also learned the power of journaling, through Elicia’s exercises and free-form. Journaling is a tool that we all have with us at all times, and through it can learn so much about ourselves, our patterns, our triggers and our desires. I feel empowered with the tools I have gained over the last few months!”

- Lori Snyder

I'm embodying my true self more.

"I felt so confused in general about life and also how to heal physically and emotionally. The reasons I did the program was to feel a deeper sense of confidence in myself, to heal emotionally at a deep level, heal my Candida and to have a better understanding of my life path. All are happening as a result of this program. :)"

candida cure

I feel more self love, my emotions are settling now, I feel more balanced and I am opening up to more powerful intuitive gifts.

"I loved working with Elicia. I loved the group calls, the Facebook group…all of it. I found it all perfect for what I needed at the time, it all helped me immensely.

The program really helped me get through the very tough deeply buried ‘ stuff' that I wasn’t fully able to access on my own. I was skirting around it, but not getting to the nitty gritty’s!! I feel more self love, my emotions are settling now, I feel more balanced and I am now opening up to more powerful intuitive gifts."

I am so connected to myself again and I feel like I am back in my body vs being out of it.

“I am calmer, more intuitive and I take care of myself first before I do anything else. I listen to ‘my inner voice’ more and am gentle with myself. I am also connected to myself again and I feel like I am back in my body vs. being out of it.”

- Elke

I felt so confused and so stressed all the time.
I allowed myself to be treated badly.

“I had anxiety. I was gaining weight and had edema. I started binge eating and was eating more then I needed to and always felt so sluggish and fatigued.

Now I’m eating less and feeling very nourished and satisfied. I’m eating live food, a ton sprouts, and fruit with absolutely no symptoms. I’m not binging anymore. I have so much energy. I’m running again.

I’m able to think straight and calm my mind. I go on adventures even if it’s just with myself. I’m able to ask for my needs and speak my mind. I’m better at being able to distinguish other people’s “stuff” from my own and not taking their stuff on like I used to. Thank you!”

candida cure

"Your symptoms are a gift" resonated in truth as we unpicked avoidance habits and messages in our suppressed  feelings.

“Elicia, Janet, (and Doug) gently held us in a structured, supportive healing space in a Costa Rica paradise. Elicia’s wise, earthy calm and Janet’s spiritual insights create a generous, focused, harmonious coaching partnership.

Their confidence in the alchemy of listening to, processing, honoring and respecting the un-met needs of our inner children and nurturing their responsible (and angry) expression worked quickly for our collective good. I have come away with awareness, a new mantra, tools, faith in myself to heal and beautiful, life-long supportive friends.”

- Anna

I have been in talk therapy on and off for 15 years and honestly accomplished more and saw my "stuff" more clearly in just 7 days.

"My week at the retreat was more than I ever could of imagined. The power of the retreat is in the gentle guidance of Elicia and Janet, the power of a group of strong women also searching for self-empowerment and the beauty of Costa Rica. Truly grateful for such a life changing experience.”

- Kelly

From codependency and abusive relationships to learning to embrace, love and accept myself exactly where I am right now.


"Elicia accepted me where I was, encouraging me, seeing the good in me when all I could see were the faults and imperfections. 

Since working with Elicia, I am able to embrace myself, love myself and accept where I am right now.

It has only been 9 months and I have made a lot of progress. My family dynamics are shifting; my work relationships are changing in ways I never would have thought possible. I had been in traditional counseling for over 25 years and have not seen these kinds of changes in my life until now by working with Elicia.

It feels great to be this happy. I am looking forward to continuing this journey and being the best I can be!