Physical Parasite Cleanse

Parasites DetoxParasites normally live within an organism to take away all the nutrients and feed on the organism. They tend to become harmful if they to reproduce, creating hundreds of parasites. They also excrete waste products that can make people very ill. A lot of people experience illness especially in the intestinal area cause by parasites. 

There are a lot of reason why you do a parasite cleanse. You can be infected by parasites in many ways. You can acquire parasites inside your body by eating foods that are improperly cooked or drinking tainted water. There are several parasites that can live inside the human system such as pinworm, roundworms, and tapeworms. In some other cases, parasites can infect you through your own pets. If your pet at home is infected by parasites it can be passed on to you or one of your family members. A lot of parasites live inside the colon and they survive because of the waste products that are present on the wall of the colon. If these parasites are left untreated it can multiply and spread all throughout other organs in the body. They can lay their eggs that can cause other health hazard.

Additional advantages of parasite cleansing are simply making the body healthier and free from other kinds of illnesses. There are numerous symptoms for you to determine if your body is infected by intestinal parasites. Symptoms such as bloating, diarrhea, constipation, gas pain, rashes and fatigue can be linked on having internal parasites. Many patients have reported quick recovery from pain after parasite cleansing. The colon plays an important role inside the body that is why there is a need to clean the colon from these internal parasites.

The colon absorbs nutrients from foods before it can actually pass thru the lower intestine for elimination. You can assure that your body can take all the nutrients that you need by eliminating parasites from taking nutrients away from your body. It can also prevent you from poisoning your internal organs by the preventing harmful debris that parasites produce. You can only prevent their harmful debris from invading your system if you will only eliminate them from your body.

Your body cannot function in its optimal level until parasites have been removed from your system. When there is an organism that is feeding from your body’s nutrients that is the time that you will experience symptoms of having parasites. Make sure to conduct periodical parasite cleansing to increase the optimal function of your body at its best. Cleansing is easier than suffering from illness brought about by these intestinal parasites. 

Parasite Cleansing Herbs

You will find plenty of parasite cleanse kits in the health food store, such as Paragone and Parastroy.  Look for the 3 combo worm killer:

1) Balck Walnut powder

2) Wormwood

3) Clove 

Symbolic Parasite Cleanse

I like to do a physical parasite cleanse when I am symbolically taking my power back from other people.   

Louise Hay on Parasites

Giving power to others, letting them take over. 


I lovingly take back my power and eliminate all interference.




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