Finally, break free from your symptoms…
even if you’ve tried everything!

You’ve been suffering far too long. I did, too, until I learned these tools, and now my life is better than I ever imagined…

Get the CEH Self Study + Elicia’s Live Support
in the CEH 6-Week Class starting FEBRUARY 2ND!

Get the CEH Self Study + Elicia’s Live Support
in the CEH 6-Week Class starting FEBRUARY 2ND!

Tell me, as a child…

Did you feel pressure to be perfect or shamed just for being yourself and expressing your feelings, leading you to repress your true emotions?

Did you have to fight for your father’s attention, leaving you to feel that you aren’t deserving of the attention you desire?

Did you have to compete with your siblings to earn your parents’ love and feel that, no matter what, you’d never be good enough?

Were you a target for the “mean girls” because you didn’t fit society’s definition of beauty, leading you to cope with binging and purging?

Were you always picked last on the school playground, creating the belief that you don’t belong and are not wanted?

Did you experience or witness physical, sexual, emotional or verbal abuse? Feel betrayed by someone you loved, creating a block to intimacy?

Like you, I can relate with many of these painful childhood experiences. 

And like you, I didn’t realize that these experiences created deep emotional wounds, and that these wounds were the cause of my physical and emotional symptoms.

These wounds are what led me to stay in unhealthy relationships with emotionally unavailable men.

They led me to rely on food for comfort, fasting to feel better about myself, alcohol to numb the pain, and kept my true purpose hidden from me.

It took me 10 years of dedicated focus on my healing, working with the best practitioners and healers around the world, to learn how to heal my wounded inner child and take care of my emotional needs on an ongoing basis.

Unfortunately, most of us weren’t taught to listen to, honor, and embrace our emotions.

We were shamed, ignored, and not listened to.

I suffered unnecessarily for years because I didn’t know how to listen to and take care of my feelings.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

I’m here to help you know and feel that…

You are enough.
You matter.
Your feelings matter, and
You are valuable.

“Before the CEH Self Study program I dealt with depression from time to time, heavy symptoms of candida and bloating, as well as skin problems and self worth issues. I tried many diets, supplements, and energy healing. It all helped a little bit, but I didn’t fully understand what was causing my symptoms.

During the Self Study program, many wounds of my past showed up all at once. My process was a constant up and down and very emotional. I was journaling before, but I used an entire journal during the program because I had to process so much.

So much suppressed anger showed up. I used your workbooks together with journaling and I focused heavily on healing and processing my emotions during this time and did almost nothing else in my spare time.

I never really knew what was the root cause of all my symptoms and now I have a better understanding of it and what to do about it. I could eat the cleanest raw vegan diet for years and I got help from an energy healer. He healed my chronic fatigue, but many symptoms stayed the same. There was almost no improvement in my candida symptoms or acne.

Through the Self Study, I learned I was in fact an emotional eater but didn’t recognise it because I am really skinny. I was also not aware that I had to deal with codependency. I always felt guilty when I was not able to make others feel good. I felt guilty when I put myself first. I also learned that anger is not my enemy and I don’t have to suppress it. I can use this energy to protect my boundaries.

I suppressed my emotions for a long time which caused my depression. I was afraid of anger, because I didn’t want to become like my father (rageaholic and abusive). But all my suppressed anger from childhood trauma showed up and it was heavy for me to deal with it. I realised suddenly how much I was manipulated by my parents to believe I am not good enough and never will be for them.

I let this all happen and didn’t stand up for myself because I didn’t know how. I still have to learn how to protect my inner child. The trigger workshop was very helpful, but I was not prepared that the whole process could be that intense. 🙂

Since completing the CEH Self Study, my life long, sometimes heavy acne has reduced greatly and it is almost gone! I feel more self-love and take care of my emotional needs. My histamine allergy is almost gone. Yesterday I ate so much cacao and walnuts and nothing happened! I am so happy that I can eat so many foods again that I really like to eat. Emotional eating is also gone. I don’t have to put something in my mouth when I’m upset.

My depression and lack of self worth often blocked my creative energy. Now I have so many ideas for paintings and creative projects.

Thank you so much for this program, Elicia! I prayed for help to understand my symptoms and finally heal myself. Shortly after my prayer I discovered your work and I knew it was the right thing for me, because you went through all this stuff yourself and healed from it.”


When you’ve been struggling as long as you have – with physical symptoms like Candida, digestive and autoimmune problems, food sensitivities, or unsupportive relationship patterns, self-doubt, anxiety and depression, eating disorders, insomnia…

It feels like you will never escape.

You may have tried diets, supplements, traditional therapy – and when that didn’t work, you tried some not-so-traditional approaches like acupuncture, hypnotherapy, EFT, Reiki, meditation, cleanses and detoxes – you even started using essential oils and bought healing crystals.

And still, your symptoms persist. 

You’ve had enough and you want them to be gone.

But you don’t know how.

You’re overwhelmed looking for alternatives to stop the suffering. Your frustration grows as you try each new thing. You’re asking questions like, “I know my symptoms are emotional but I don’t know how to address the emotional cause. I see my therapist every week, I’m doing affirmations, meditations, and energy healing but nothing is shifting. What am I supposed to be doing? How can I finally find relief from my symptoms?”

I’ve been there, and what I’ve learned is… 

All these symptoms are pointing to something you may not even be aware of, and these symptoms keep you from having what you really want in life and being fulfilled with your relationships.

And these symptoms will never truly go away until you address the emotional root cause.

You’re here for a reason.

When you address the root cause of all the symptoms you are experiencing, you will express your true self and your gifts.

“When you’re told your illnesses are emotional (i.e. “all in your head”), that’s different than understanding that your wounded child is trying to get your attention via those symptoms. That was a turning point for me. I’ve had 3 different instances since the Your Symptoms are a Gift lesson, where I had symptoms come back and I’ve been able to work through them.

The process gave me the foundation I need to continue on with this work. If you’ve been working on yourself for many years, this is the missing piece you need!” 


It’s time to end the cycle of negative self-talk, chronic physical symptoms, emotional eating, and unsupportive relationship patterns – for good!

Welcome to The Core Emotional Healing® 

Self Study

The Core Emotional Healing® process was developed from the culmination of 10 years of intensive training, my own personal healing, empathic intuitive gifts, and working with clients privately, in group programs online, and in retreats.

And now, this process is available to you in the form of a guided, step-by-step self-study program that addresses the emotional root cause of symptoms and suffering.

The CEH Self Study includes lessons on the five key steps in the Core Emotional Healing® Process in video format, making it easy for you to utilize the lessons on-the-go. The program also includes Inner Parenting Guides for each of the five key steps to give your inner child the support he or she needs as you go through the program. AND you’ll also get downloadable worksheets and workbooks to make sure you take action! 

In The Core Emotional Healing® Self Study, you will learn:

The difference between “being emotional” and releasing repressed emotions, and how to release them
Why physical symptoms, cravings, and binges are responses to triggers
How to heal your wounded inner child and give yourself the love you’ve always needed
Why it’s difficult for you to speak up, say how you feel, and ask for what you want – and learn to do this more, eventually with no effort
How to develop a supportive inner dialogue and loving self-talk
How to set healthy boundaries to feel safe and supported so you are empowered to freely express your true self
How to have more confidence in yourself and make clear decisions
And so much more!

Enroll now with two easy payment options!

“This helped me realize that the lack of love and acceptance I experienced as a child created unhealthy patterns and behaviors I carry out in search of that love and acceptance today.

The information Elicia provides prompts reflection on those behaviors and patterns and how to get to the core of healing – loving and accepting my inner child in the way that she needed and still needs for me to live as my authentic self and create the life I want to live.”


Here’s what you get in The Core Emotional Healing®

Self Study Program

Video Lessons on the Five Key Steps of the Core Emotional Healing® Process, including over 8 hours of lessons and nearly 100 pages of action-oriented workbooks:

CEH Lesson #1: Why Your Symptoms Are A Gift… And The Emotional Root Cause

Learn the reason why your body manifests symptoms, how to form a supportive relationship with your body, and the top 3 blocks to healing.

CEH Lesson #2: The Process to Heal Your Inner Child

The key to healing, being authentic, feeling good about yourself and having inner peace.

CEH Lesson #3: Being Emotionally Empowered

Learn about the purpose of all your emotions and how to release repressed emotions so you can embrace and take care of your feelings, heal yourself, and feel safe to express your truth.

CEH Lesson #4: Your Triggers Are A Gift: From Reactive to Empowered

Learn how your triggers can heal your past and provide the guidance you need for stronger boundaries and greater self-love.

CEH Lesson #5: Take Care of Yourself: Codependency & Boundaries

Learn how to take care of your feelings and true needs so you can create healthy boundaries to be your authentic self!

Inner Parenting Guides to give your inner child the support he or she needs as you go through the program. With these guides, you will deepen your connection with your inner child, inner parent, heart, and intuition. You’ll get messages, journaling prompts, and images to strengthen and deepen your relationship with your inner child.

Worksheets and Workbooks (over 100 pages!) for taking action, including identifying and clearing limiting beliefs, how to identify and process the source of your triggers, exercises addressing low self-esteem, an in-depth journaling guide, and more.

Alana said, “My symptoms have improved, my marriage has improved, I truly LOVE & honor myself!! I feel like I am truly the person I was born to be. Coming back home to myself has been the greatest gem of this work.”

Karen said, “I am currently only halfway through the CEH process, but I have already experienced such huge and empowering shifts. I feel that victimhood is being rooted out of my life, with only empowerment and purpose being left in its place. My inner fire is being stoked and burning away the dampness and sadness of feeling disempowered, sad, and small. And my Candida symptoms have disappeared.”

And Abi said, “Unlike other therapy I’ve tried, Elicia invites taking ACTION. She takes you through the process step-by-step, giving the action steps and outlining what to do next once we uncover the issues. The CEH process has been a gift.”

The CEH Self Study Program Schedule


Introduction and Overview of Core Emotional Healing®


Why Your Symptoms Are A Gift… And The Emotional Root Cause


Bonus: The Power of Journaling


The Process to Heal Your Inner Child


Inner Parenting Guide: Feel More Connected and Loved


Being Emotionally Empowered


Inner Parenting Guide: Feel Emotionally Supported


Your Triggers Are A Gift: From Reactive to Empowered


Inner Parenting Guide: Feel Seen and Valued


Take Care of Yourself: Codependency & Boundaries


Inner Parenting Guide: Release the Responsibility to Please Other People


Continuing Your Healing Journey


Your CEH Self Study Program Includes These Powerful Bonuses


Healing Hints 17-Page Workbook

This 17-page workbook will help you find the blocks and limiting patterns that are standing in the way of your progress.

The exercises included in the workbook will stop the unnecessary suffering caused by discouraging beliefs.


The Power of Journaling

A 2-hour video lesson and 33-page workbook with 16 different journaling techniques guaranteed to bust through your journaling resistance and blocks!

Journaling brings us to our truth, which keeps us aligned, greatly reducing unnecessary suffering and always leading us down the right path.

By committing to the CEH process, you will feel:

More self-love, self-awareness, self-compassion, and self-worth
Clarity and confidence with what you want, personally and professionally
Safe speaking up for yourself to set healthy boundaries
Empowered in relation to your triggers, symptoms, and cravings
Deeply connected to your heart and intuition
Loved and supported
Joy and ease

If you’re ready to heal and be who you were born to be, the CEH Self Study was created for you. 

When you purchase the program below, you’ll get an email with access to the entire CEH Self Study, all the videos and workbooks within minutes so you can get started right now!

“I found Elicia’s blog after googling “Emotional Cause of Candida”. I had been struggling with a systemic candida infection including yeast infections and a thrush rash around my eyes for about 6 months. When I discovered that the energy of victimhood was related to this, it made total sense. I had been sensing this victimhood inside of myself for a while and hadn’t known how to shift it.

I am currently only halfway through the CEH process, but I have already experienced such huge and empowering shifts. I feel that victimhood is being rooted out of my life, with only empowerment and purpose being left in its place. My inner fire is being stoked and burning away the dampness and sadness of feeling disempowered, sad, and small.

Here are some of the shifts that I have made:

My love life is better than ever: I spoke up for my truth and ended my relationship with my beautiful soulmate because he wouldn’t let go of his addictions. And then, he quit drinking and committed to healing his wounded inner child alongside me. Now, we live in separate apartments only 20 feet apart and have the perfect combination of independence and togetherness. I have stopped over-giving and he is now showing up to support me and give to me, like the goddess that I am.

I ended a codependent relationship with a long-cherished mentor after I realized that she was always asking more of me than I could give and that I was never really being honored and seen for the gift of who I am. My inner child illuminated that this wasn’t a healthy relationship for me and that my needs were never being heard and honored. It was painful to let this relationship go, and I know it is essential for my health and well-being.

I have more energy for my purpose. Having candida is exhausting! I used to experience so much brain fog, confusion, and depression/sadness. I felt heavy. Even though I love and teach yoga, I had stopped doing yoga due to lack of energy. And because I haven’t had much energy, as a business owner, I had been barely scraping by financially. Now, I am regaining more and more energy every day. I have been getting up early to do yoga. I have taken up the book that I am writing again. And magical new opportunities and projects are coming to me. I know that I am entering into the right momentum and energy to create my own success.”


Here’s how it works…

After you complete your purchase, you will receive an email within minutes that contains a link to a password protected program page with ALL of the program videos and workbooks.

I’m giving you immediate access to the complete program because everyone’s healing journey is unique and each individual may feel an urgency in addressing different steps of the healing process.

And to be sure that you are fully supported in implementing the lessons and tools, the program materials will also be delivered via weekly emails over a 8-week period. This is perfect if you want to take a more guided, step-by-step approach to the Core Emotional Healing® process.

Meet Your CEH Guide, Elicia Miller

Elicia Miller is the Founder of Core Emotional Healing® and Candida and Inner Child Expert.

Elicia created the Core Emotional Healing® process as the culmination of 10 years of intensive training, her own personal healing, empathic intuitive gifts, and working with clients privately, in group programs online, and in retreats. Based on her personal and professional experience, she developed a guided step-by-step process to address the emotional root cause of symptoms and suffering.

Elicia provides insightful, direct, compassionate guidance to inspire and support others to be responsible for how they feel, ask for what they want, and to set healthy boundaries. She helps others feel safe and supported so they are empowered to freely express their true selves.

She is the author of the ebook Detox 101 and coauthor of the books, One Crazy Broccoli and What’s Left to Eat. Her new book, Your Symptoms Are A Gift, to be released in 2022, is an inspirational guide to help readers realize the emotional connection to their symptoms. The book details the Core Emotional Healing® process to help anyone heal from physical, emotional, and relationship challenges.

Along with her husband, Psychologist Doug Miller, PhD, Elicia offers Core Emotional Healing® Online Group Programs and Private Healing Immersions for individuals and couples.

Experience true, lasting relief!

It’s time to finally break free from your physical symptoms, put an end to self-doubt & self-sabotage, and uncover your unique purpose.


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  • 5 Lessons (30+ Videos)
  • Inner Parenting Guides
  • Worksheets + Workbooks
  • Bonus: Journaling Lesson + Wkbk
  • Bonus: Healing Hints


Get started today for just $67

$67/mo for 6 months

  • 5 Lessons (30+ Videos)
  • Inner Parenting Guides
  • Worksheets + Workbooks
  • Bonus: Journaling Lesson + Wkbk
  • Bonus: Healing Hints

Have you ever wondered why you are the way you are or why you do the things you do…

Like, why you say yes to doing things that stress you out?

Why even a single dirty dish in the sink sends you over the edge?

Why one tiny typo in a project at work sends you reeling in self-doubt?

Why one unreturned phone call leaves you feeling hurt, sad, or even jealous?


It’d be easy to say that this is just the way it is – it’s how you’re wired and you just need to accept it.

But the reality is, you shouldn’t accept it because that’s not really who you are…

At the very least, it’s not who you want to be.

I have good news… you don’t have to accept it!

All of these symptoms are gateways into your unconscious wounds that have created these patterns.

That’s why your symptoms are a gift. Your symptoms are messages for you that there is more, there is more for you to heal, and there is more for you to feel, and more for you to receive, and more for you to be!

My symptoms were a gift because they flared up when I was stuck in a pattern. Even after focusing on my healing for 8 years straight, my candida yeast flared up to alert me that the relationship I was in wasn’t good for me and was triggering the childhood wounds and patterns that still needed to heal. My symptoms were my pain expressing itself.

Once I listened to my symptoms and did more healing to address my core wounds, my candida symptoms went away, I stopped emotional eating, my addictions ended, and I met my soulmate and experienced true love and support for the first time.

I have continued to heal the layers as they come up and more and more I’ve been expressing my true authentic self and gifts that were hidden. I helped my husband and his adult children heal and we are now all getting the love and support we need. 

That same support is available to you through the CEH Self Study!

“Elicia addresses a component that is missing in so many people. We know we have the physical pain/symptoms, and we know we have the emotional/mental pains and symptoms. Core Emotional Healing joins the two together, into a holistic approach to healing and growing.

I learned that I have to get to the root of my issues and that this is a journey. I realized that I haven’t failed, I just haven’t addressed it yet.”


“I have left behind so much resistance, pain, suffering, anger, fear that it is amazing to look back over the process and see all that I have released and how freeing it is to live my truth. The faith I have in my own healing ability, in joy, in love is immeasurably useful in my own coaching practice. Thank you Elicia! Love and blessings.”


“Listening to the lessons, I experienced a sense of freedom and liberation. I feel so free lately, I don’t have fear and that’s very big for me… to know that just by listening to a lesson is huge – to be able to be uplifted without seeing a therapist thereafter. I feel free and joyous lately, today I’m saying if I am actually dreaming because I feel good from my mind and body…I use to cry and feel frustrated. Not this week! A miracle.”  


“Working with Elicia has opened me up to new ideas and possibilities. I’ve also learned the power of journaling, through Elicia’s exercises and free-form. Journaling is a tool that we all have with us at all times, and through it can learn so much about ourselves, our patterns, our triggers and our desires. I feel empowered with the tools I have gained over the last few months!” 


As a doctor, it’s so important that I bring my patients the best possible resources, and I fully trust Elicia to provide that!

Elicia is my go-to-person for any questions I have about the most challenging cases of Candida. She fully understands the mental, emotional, and physical aspects of this illness, and all the different ways it can present.”

Dr. Kim D'Eramo, MD

Frequently Asked Questions

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How long will I have access to the CEH Self Study program?

Forever! When you sign up for this class, you will have lifetime access to the CEH Self Study program content.

Please note: if you select a payment plan and default on your payment, your access will be revoked until payment is made. If you are having difficulties making your monthly payment, please contact us so we can help.

How is this different from traditional therapy & others like hypnotherapy, EFT, Emotion Code?

After 10 years of my own fully dedicated effort to heal, using every traditional and alternative therapy and healing modality I could find (even moving to Thailand for 2.5 years) something was still missing. It wasn’t until I was able to identify the source of my strong emotional triggers and painful patterns, which allowed me to feel what was repressed, that I was able to heal the root cause of my symptoms. Not only did I learn how to take care of my emotions, I also learned how to use them as an important source of guidance. While many therapy approaches claim to offer this, and some do to some extent, most are not as focused on the core emotions.

Through my own healing and gifts, I was able to see into the source of my clients’ symptoms, triggers and patterns. Core Emotional Healing (CEH) was birthed after I worked with dozens of groups on retreats and online. I used my intuitive gifts, seeing and feeling the truth, drawing from my own personal healing experiences and years of training.

My husband, Doug Miller PhD, a Licensed Clinical and Transpersonal Psychologist, further developed the model with me. I took what I had developed in my group programs, refined it, and created the Self Study to give more people the crucial process that is missing in so many other approaches. I continue to use this process to support myself as deeper layers and patterns emerge, as do my clients. In one sense, the Self Study teaches the emotional skills that we did not receive in our families and culture.

The CEH Self Study helps you heal your wounded inner child and reparent yourself. You are provided with specific steps that will allow you to trace your symptoms, triggers, and patterns back to the childhood wounds and neglect that are actually causing them, and resolve them once and for all. No longer caught in the old ways, you will more clearly and confidently speak your truth. You will also learn how to support yourself in specific ways to get your needs met in your current relationships and life.

The lessons include videos (with audio versions as well) walking you through the process, along with workbooks that provide you with the skills and tools to help you take care of your emotional needs on an ongoing basis.

The CEH Self Study is a complement to therapy and other healing modalities since you still need to work with practitioners, including me if you choose, so that you can really look at what needs to be addressed.

How CEH is different from Teal Swan's Completion Process?
Teal’s process is similar in getting in contact with the source of triggers, and being with those emotions. Where CEH differs is in the process that heals your wounded inner child and how you take care of yourself now.

My approach is to help you stand up for your feelings from the past, which is you expressing your feelings and voice, which is what you need to take care of your feelings in the present. From what I’ve seen, Teal’s Completion Process recreates what happens, sometimes bringing in a third party support, or having your parents act in a different way than they did to recreate what you actually experienced. While this may be “corrective,” it doesn’t provide the experience of you taking care of your own feelings, which is what all (re)parenting should help with.

It is the difference between having a passive approach to your own feelings, waiting for the outer world to take care of you, versus an active approach that can also help you set boundaries regarding emotional neglect and abuse. While a passive approach is appropriate for young children who are completely dependent on their parents to meet all of their needs, as adults we have to take responsibility for getting our own emotional needs met in all of our relationships.

Along these lines, an adult who has a lifetime of learned emotional self-neglect requires a more active therapeutic approach than simply reparenting them as though they were a child who needs emotionally good parenting. So in CEH, reparenting means the adult self using adult resources to actively stand-up for the vulnerability of the (wounded) inner child. The CEH Self Study also provides you with the skills and tools to help you take care of your emotional needs on an ongoing basis.

What kind of healing modality do you use?
The modalities I use are emotion-based, inner child work, psychodynamic, uncovering unconscious patterns, and healing the emotional wounds, experiential and skills development.
I previously bought some of the workshops that are included, can I get a discount on the Self Study?

YES! If you’ve previously purchased two or more of my workshops, please contact us for a special discount on the full Self Study program (you’ll also get all of the program bonuses!).

I know this is what I need, but I truly can’t fit it into my budget at this time. Do you offer scholarships?

Part of my business mission is to support those who need it most. While I can’t provide scholarships to everyone who asks, if you are facing financial difficulties, please contact me.

Can the program be done sooner than 8 weeks? I’m looking forward to learning how to really delve deeply into my childhood in order to get to the real root cause of my symptoms and how to pinpoint and feel the emotional pain that’s causing them.

My Self Study isn’t an 8-week program where you will be done in 8 weeks. The components of the program are delivered over 8 weeks so you know what’s available to you. Even though you’ll have access to all of the lessons and material right away on the password protected program dashboard, you will be applying these lessons in your life over the years. 

The most effective way to get to what you haven’t been able to do on your own in order to fully heal your symptoms is to be supported through the program and process. Learn about our group program here.

Are the components of the CEH Self Study the same things that were included in your old Candida Home Study?

The CEH Self Study information is NOT in my Candida Home Study. I developed the CEH process after I created my Candida Home Study program.

After creating the CEH Self Study Program, I “retired” The Candida Home Study as it was not designed to help you heal on an emotional level.

The CEH Self Study Program will give you what you need to fully heal on an emotional level.

Will the CEH Self Study Program give me everything I need?

That depends on if you have been in therapy and how aware you are of your childhood wounds and repressed emotions. Once you have a connection to your inner child and you have the emotional awareness, the CEH Self Study gives you the process that you need to learn how to process and release your repressed emotions, reparent your inner child, and take care of your triggers and emotional needs on an ongoing basis.

As you move towards your repressed pain and connect with your wounded child, it’s important to work with a skilled practitioner to help you see when you are getting stuck in your defenses, protections, projections, and resistance.

I’d rather get personal ongoing support, can I work with you privately?

Definitely! I offer a couple of ways to get ongoing support…

Along with my husband, Doug Miller PhD, I have a CEH Group Program that is offered as a 3 or 6 month program. This includes access to the Self Study Program, our private Facebook Support Group, and 3 group calls each month. This program is proven to be THE most effective and fastest way to address the root cause of your symptoms, patterns, and struggles in life. Registration requires application.

When I was struggling, I would consistently reach out for support with teachers and healers until I shifted whatever pattern I was stuck in. It was only with support that I saw drastic changes in my body and life.

We all need someone skilled and experienced to teach us how to treat ourselves, our emotions, and our inner child, sometimes completely differently than what we learned from our parents. We’ll teach you how to give yourself what you need.

You can learn more here.

In addition, I offer in-person Core Emotional Experiential Therapy Private Immersions with my husband, Doug Miller PhD, in Costa Rica.

Enroll now with two easy payment options!

17 years ago, I began to heal my childhood wounds and reconnect to my true feelings. Through healing, I was no longer numb, my defenses and protections dropped, and I was able to feel things in my body.

This didn’t happen overnight, and it certainly wasn’t always comfortable or easy, but it allowed me to express my true needs, tap into my inner wisdom and guidance system, and finally uncover my personal power, unique gifts, and soul purpose.

You deserve to feel loved and valued. The world needs your unique gifts. And that is why I created the Core Emotional Healing® Self Study.