Hello from Costa Rica!

We made it! My husband Doug and I deconstructed our lives and house in Atlanta to live in Costa Rica for 6 months.

Costa Rica Beach

From the outside looking in, it might seem like I’m just off on an extended vacation, but this trip signifies so much more for me…

6 years ago, I experienced one of the most painful moments of my life. It felt like I would never escape the painful symptoms and patterns that were keeping me stuck in relationships that weren’t just unfulfilling, but incredibly toxic.

But then something wonderful happened…

I hit rock bottom.

Yes, rock bottom is a wonderful place to be. Rock bottom is where you have to be in order to rebuild a strong foundation. It’s where the most significant turning point of your healing journey will happen.

Healing our emotional wounds is a journey that is unique for each person and full of twists and turns and surprising realizations.

While we can be mostly healed from our past, our growth continues and as we grow, different aspects of ourselves are brought to light, which can bring up new aspects of early wounds. This is just a natural part of the healing process.

But one thing that is true for me, and has been for all the people I’ve helped, is that you never forget that point – the point in your life when you finally said, “ENOUGH!”

I call this the “Healing Turning Point”.

If I hadn’t gone through that painful experience, if I hadn’t hit my rock bottom, I wouldn’t be where I am today – living my purpose in a beautiful location with the man of my dreams.

This trip has inspired me to put together a blog series all about Healing Turning Points. Over the next month, I’m going to share my own story along with the stories of 3 of my clients.

Healing Turning Points: Transforming Pain Into Self-Love is an inspiring and powerful series intended to show you that you are not alone and that rock bottom, while painful and scary, can be the most beautiful moment of your life!

I know that you will see some of yourself in each of these stories, and my sincere hope is that they help guide you to your own Healing Turning Point.

Click here to read Healing Turning Points: Transforming Pain Into Self-Love Part 1 now.

I can’t wait to hear what you think!

Sending you so much love from Costa Rica,

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