Detox and Lose Weight After giving thanks to all of the delicious meats, stuffing, pies, wine and spirits over the holiday you may be feeling tired, bloated, foggy and puffy.  

You don’t have to wait till January 2013 to break your habits and addictions; you can eat a 3-7 day cleansing diet anytime to reset your body, lose weight and your cravings.

Fruit CleansingSample Cleansing Diet Plan

If you’d like to try a cleansing diet but aren’t sure where to start, here are some ideas.

  • Reduce and eliminate drugs, nicotine, alcohol, coffee and sugar. 
  • Cut out all meat, fish and dairy products. If desired, you can also cut out tofu and other meat alternatives, as well as beans.
  • Don’t eat any processed foods or simple carbohydrates.
  • Stick as much as possible to raw, organic fruits and vegetables as the main part of your food. If you want juice, make sure it is freshly squeezed and not from a bottle.
  • The point of a cleansing diet isn’t starvation. Go ahead and eat when you are hungry, again sticking to raw, unprocessed foods as much as you can.
  • Journal to set your intentions during and after the cleanse. Write down what you are really hungry for. 
  • Rest, do yoga, take walks and salt baths.
  • When you come out of the cleanse, don’t go back immediately to eating as you used to. Start by gradually adding in more cooked foods. After a week or so of transitioning back to a more regular diet, you should be able to start eating more meat and processed foods again. However, maybe you’ll find you don’t have the taste for them anymore after your week of healthy eating!

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