Detox 101

As I release my first book in the Detox for Smarties Course Series, Detox 101: 5 Steps to Design Your Personal Detox Plan, I would like to dive deep into the meaning of detox. Most people associate detox with depleting and I like to think of it as releasing what is in the way of absorbing what our bodies need.

When we are congested with old impacted waste, mucus, parasites, Candida and chemical toxins our cells become depleted and aren’t able to absorb the nutrients from the organic plant-based foods we eat. So cleansing our cells is the first step to replenishing them. Going above and beyond that is to feed your cells liquid minerals.

Vitamin supplements have never been my thing and I feel like most are not absorbed and come in such an unnatural form and combination. I love whole foods, and getting my vitamins and minerals from whole food sources. When I was healing from systemic Candida I knew it was important to replenish the minerals that the over-acidic Candida condition striped my body from and I sourced a high-quality liquid mineral supplement.

This year I discovered HUmineral, their products are formulated with care, for infants to elderly and all derived and manufactured in the USA, are mostly RAW, Sprouted, Vegan, Organic and/or Chemical free.




The minerals that HUmineral deal with are HUMIC/FULVIC Acid Minerals, which are naturally occurring plant nutrient minerals (organic soil matter), found 40 feet below ground. In warmer climates, where rivers are frequently flooded, a thick layer of silt forms – this igneous rock is full of plant nutrients that feed the cell. Fulvic Acid contains major trace mineral elements. These minerals are a “SMART” mineral supplement because they allow and encourage storage of vitamins and minerals and overall bioavailability.

I like their liquid mineral that colors my water brown, is tasteless, and makes me think that I am drinking in all the goodness of Mother Earth.

Most immediately notice energy, a regulated system from aiding in better sleep to better stamina at workouts. A powerful Immune System aid; Benefits include; increased energy, increased stamina, balanced cell life, pH balancer, regulated hormones, muscle stimulation, alkalizing, detoxifier, aids in good cholesterol, antioxidant provider, fights free radicals, regulates immune system and overall wellness at the cellular level.



RAW 60ct Vegetarian-Cap + RAW 8oz Liquid Mineral + 8oz HUmic/Fulvic Skin Spray + RAW 2oz Zeolite Detox

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