I have worked with hundreds of energetic, emotional, and spiritual healing practitioners over the last 20 years. I also developed the step-by-step process called Core Emotional Healing® (CEH) to heal the emotional root cause of symptoms and problematic patterns. If I had the healing process and network I put together for you, it would have saved me years of suffering, time, and money.

For the first 7 years, I researched and received many healing modalities and practitioners from around the world, and I created online healing directories in Atlanta, San Francisco and Thailand. I continue to use a few different practitioners to support me whenever I need it.

In this video and blog, I share the roadmap and the top resources with you so you can effectively heal your emotional trauma and core wounds that are at the root of your symptoms and patterns. I want you to live an authentic and fulfilled life without all the trials I went through!

If you haven’t already watched the free webinar, the 4 Keys to Effective Healing that I did with my husband, Doug Miller, PhD, you can sign up for that and gain instant access to watch it now. Throughout the webinar, we share with you what’s typically missing from therapy and healing and provide you with the specifics of what’s needed.

And we provide the solution…

The CEH Self Study Program gives you all of the details of the step-by-step healing process so you can heal yourself on an ongoing basis as issues come up for you.

Because we all have strong protections to not feel or even remember what hurt us, we need others who can clearly see our unconscious protective patterns and share with us what they see.

This is the only way to understand what we are actually doing, and why. With the Live CEH 6-Week Class you will have weekly support to apply the CEH process to what is actually happening with you, and learn the exact steps you need to take to heal.

After the 6 weeks, you will have the opportunity to join our CEH 6 Month Group Program where you will be deeply supported and receive individualized direction through every step of the CEH process. In our 6 month group program, you will have weekly access to Doug and I and receive loving support to move through your unconscious protections and blind spots, and to fully heal and release what’s been in the way of your true needs, wants and desires.

Once you begin working with the CEH Self Study, in order to really access and address all that you need to heal, we recommend a few other very carefully selected practitioners who we have used in our own healing:

1. Anna with Maitri Verde developed a plant remedy kit with flower essences specifically to support you while going through the CEH Self Study. They are taken internally and work on the emotional and spiritual level to open your heart, bring up anything that needs to be healed and increase your intuition. Anna has developed a series of flower essences that coincides with and supports each step of the process in the Self Study.

The formulas are used in the same order as the CEH Process: opening, safety, lovingly connecting to your inner child, accessing and expressing your repressed memories and emotions, and taking care of your feelings with self love and healthy boundaries.

The formulas will bring up feelings that correspond to and can be usefully applied to the CEH Process.

The formulas are no quick fix, they are also not stand alone products, but are specifically designed to help facilitate the Core Emotional Healing® Process.

Order the Core Emotional Healing® Support Kit here

2. Sweetheart is gifted at gently connecting you to hidden, lost, scared, and traumatized parts of your Self that you may not even be aware of, while supportively helping you with the process of integration. With Sweetheart’s help through the CEH process, you can more quickly reclaim those aspects of yourself and live a more integrated, embodied life connected to your feelings and true self.

Sweetheart doesn’t have a website. I recommend a 90 minute session for your first session, pay to book with her here:

60-Minute Session $175 
90-Minute Session $250 

You can send Sweetheart an email at sweethearthuffine@hotmail.com with any questions about her sessions.

3. Doug Miller, PhD – My husband and partner in CEH is a Licensed Clinical and Transpersonal Psychologist and Master Dream Interpreter. He brings vast knowledge, experience and a wide range of skills, all applied with powerful intuition and grounded in his professional training.

Private Sessions Include:

Individual and Couples Therapy – Doug’s therapy sessions are interactive, intuitive, very revealing and often include very clear direction for you to follow after the session to further your self-awareness and healing.

Dream Interpretation – Doug’s dream interpretations are revealing intuitive readings, and unlike many other types of intuitive readings, these are grounded in your own subconscious through your dreams. Dream sessions often confirm exactly what you are working on and give you clear and specific direction with your process.

Experiential Therapy – You may be aware that there is some part of you, but aren’t sure what part, that causes you distress or undermines you, e.g., self-judgment, feeling inferior, need to be perfect/successful, anger, self-sacrifice, avoidance, defensiveness, etc… Experiential techniques aim to increase your awareness of these aspects of yourself. Sufficient awareness, really getting to know these parts and where they came from, at the very least gets you well on your way to healing, and can even resolve the problem for good.

Womb Regression – 90-minute session to access feelings, experiences, and life-long contracts and beliefs that were formed in the womb and infancy. This allows you to make an active choice to rewrite your story or break the contracts.

You can book and schedule any of these sessions with Doug here.

If you have any questions, you can email Doug dm@dougmillerphd.com

A couple of other practitioners who we love and recommend for clarity and clearing with your direction.

1. Cathleen Miller – Intuitive Lifestyle Success

Cathleen offers readings and energetic clearing/healing. In her own words,
“My intuitive facilitation addresses all forms of trauma, medical intuitive reading, distance energy work, other lifetime discordance, entity clearing and facilitation, in addition to body mind dysfunction or disconnection alignment support. Since every session is directly addressing the clients specific issues they can range from energy clearing to past life release, quantum field healing alongside intuitive consciousness coaching to support appropriate steps for their unique individual path.”

Book your session with Cathleen here

2. Letitia Watson – Equine Gestalt Therapy

Experience the healing magic of deeply connecting with a small herd of loving horses in our neighborhood in Montezuma Costa Rica! Letitia is a very dedicated and gifted Equine Gestalt Therapist and she, along with her horses, can be described as Shamanic, the way they reveal and teach you about yourself and your relationship to others. The horses, in a way that only they can, will help you see, often for the first time, patterns in your life that are causing you problems. Profound!

Whether you have grown up around horses or never set foot near a hoof, the gates of Horse Spirit Healing are open to all who wish to experience the transformative healing power of horses. Resonance Ranch is acre’s of emerald farm and jungle located next to the sea in the charming town of Cabuya, near Montezuma.

Visit Horse Spirit Healing’s website and see their offerings here.

Beware Of Spiritual And Other Bypassing

Looking for the product, medicine, plant medicine or healer to heal you?

Many of us have learned to be passive in our healing, to take a pill or treatment and all will be fine. Simply put, this does not work with emotional healing and takes the greatest asset to your active emotional healing out of the mix, YOU!

While many different approaches will help your healing process, you will need to do the work in the CEH Self Study and be supported by us to learn to give yourself what you need.

Sora, a student in my CEH 6-Week Class shared this with me about the CEH Process:

“I think all I am listening to, reading about here in CEH is a very important healing tool — we all need to heal ourselves, and also our families. We don’t solve anything by screaming at each other. The CEH process provides so much more. 

As I reflect on this week’s lessons, I came away with a deep gratitude for how well organized and succinct this work is. It makes a lot of sense. With CEH, there is a deep level of work from my perspective inward. CEH is about valuing the emotions – a positive process, I love. Here in this work there is also a wonderful responsibility to do this with tools that can be used over and over – and unlike my feeble attempts to make a boundary, this work suggests ways that don’t offend the other. 

I did feel better after listening to this week’s lessons, organizing my own emotions through the three categories and doing my writing. I sense that learning this process and reusing it over and over is a great tool for healing ourselves… and in terms of the world…one person at a time, beginning with me meanwhile passing it on. Thank you.”

Please let me know if you have any questions about these powerful and effective healing resources!

With so much love,


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