Are you someone who constantly says yes even when that means putting someone else’s needs first?

Maybe you're suffering from digestive problems, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, autoimmune disease, eating disorders, emotional eating or a poor body image.

Do you criticize anything you do that doesn’t turn out “perfect”?

Maybe you're hiding in your business and struggling to make money.

Or you have emotional outbursts or meltdowns.

And deep down, you're secretly waiting for someone to save you.

Online Workshops

I’m guessing that you tried everything under the sun and read every book to find something that works — and you are still stuck in your symptoms and/or patterns.

That’s because even the most powerful modalities alone don’t address the root cause of what’s causing your physical and emotional symptoms.

You've tried:

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    The Candida Diet
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    Liver Flushes
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    Raw Foods
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    Energy Healing
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    Hiring Coaches
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    Forgiveness Work
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The truth is your old hurt and emotional traumas are at the root of your chronic symptoms, destructive behavior and feelings of inadequacy.

This is not who you are.

Elicia Miller Prayer

Although it doesn’t always feel like it, your symptoms are there to teach you.

They can lead you to a life where you can have healthy relationships—with food, family, romantic partners, healers you work with and - especially with yourself.

You can end unwanted patterns, physical symptoms, emotional eating, codependency, and perfectionism for good.

Once you heal the original pain, and cultivate your inner support system, you will transform into your beautiful true self.

You can do it, and I'll show you how... 

Join a LIVE 120-Minute Online Workshop!

Have access to me during the workshop for personalized support and advice.

CEH Online Workshops

New Live Workshop Coming Soon!

What a huge blessing this was, one of the best gifts I have given myself ever.

"...words can't describe how grateful I am for Elicia. The tools she teaches are something everyone in this world should have - something that would change humanity for the better.

I learned my emotions/feelings are my super power!! Learning to trust this part of myself was HUGE. The process put me back in touch with how deeply intelligent I am in a way I didn't fully realize. It was a part of me just crying out to be embraced fully. Trusting my own anger, sadness, etc has given me so much strength and transformed everything in my life.

My symptoms have improved, my marriage has improved, I truly LOVE & honor myself!! I feel like I am truly the person I was born to be, the person I was when I first came into this world. Coming back home to myself has been the greatest gem of this work." - Alana, Studio Owner

IMPORTANT: These workshops are all very beneficial on their own, but in order to get the most out of the workshops, I recommend that you to start with "Why Your Symptoms Are A Gift" so you can understand the basic emotional/physical connection of your symptoms. Because I recommend you start with this workshop, I have priced it at just $25. You can purchase "Why Your Symptoms Are A Gift" in the workshop library linked below.

Missed a previous workshop?

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Get instant access to previous workshop recordings in the Core Emotional Healing® Online Workshop Library!

Previous workshops include:

Why Your Symptoms Are A Gift... And The Emotional Root Cause with bonus: What is Blocking You From Healing, The Process to Heal Your Inner Child, and more! 

A holistic approach to healing and growing...


​“I learned that I have to get to the root of my issues and that this is a journey, there's time to learn and I don't have to feel like a failure because what I tried in the past didn't work. I realized that I haven't failed, I just haven't addressed it yet.

Elicia addresses a component that is missing in so many people. We know we have the physical pains/symptoms, and we know we have the emotional/mental pains and symptoms. This workshop starts the process of joining the two together, into a holistic approach to healing and growing.”


I am now aware of my emotions and better able to articulate what is triggering them...

“Elicia is wonderful to work with. She is very intuitive and passionate about inner child work. Elicia is able to lift the veil covering the reality of your repressed emotions and offers a safe and supportive environment for you while you start to find a true expression of yourself.

Because of the program I am now aware of my emotions and better able to articulate what is triggering them and what I am actually feeling.”

- Debbie

Healing past wounds...

“I have a deeper level of awareness of the wounds I sustained in childhood and all the ways I learned to detach, distract, and numb myself away from my pain.

I am now starting to connect to my anger; giving myself permission to be angry and seeing why I am so angry and how it has affected my entire life.”

- Cassandra

I have so much more energy!

“I have so much more energy now, I can really see my triggers for what they are and I connect with myself on such a deeper level.”
- Greer

I truly believe Core Emotional Healing® is the missing link in the journey of healing from recurring gut issues. 

"Working with Elicia has allowed me to open up to the signals my body is giving me  as well as my emotions, and really learn how to process them in an effective way."
- Jocelyn

More workshops will be added soon!

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About Elicia

Elicia Miller

Hi, I’m Elicia.

I suffered for 15 years with Candida along with every imaginable symptom. The physical symptoms like bloating, brain fog, and sluggish digestion were bad enough. But just as bad were the other symptoms—an unhealthy relationship with food, terrible body image, emotional eating, binging, and eating disorders. I suffered from crushing perfectionism and every addiction besides gambling. Alcohol, drugs, food, sex, shopping, work, helping others and not myself…these things ruled my life and made it impossible to see the real reason I couldn’t clear up my chronic physical symptoms.

After trying every imaginable healing modality I finally came to realize that the core of all my issues was something no healer or self-help book could give me.


Once I discovered the root cause, those addictions melted away one by one.

The shopping stopped (I even sold everything). I stopped abusing alcohol (and myself).

I stopped getting into unhealthy relationships with men and met my soulmate.

I was able to launch multiple businesses.

Elicia Miller

And not only did my physical symptoms go away, I started to feel inspired and fulfilled everyday.

I would love for you to experience this kind of freedom and happiness.

That’s exactly why I created the Core Emotional Healing® process.

These online group workshops are designed to help you understand what it takes to fully heal and support you as you learn how to take care of your emotional needs.

I’m an expert at seeing your blind spots and where you need to set boundaries so you don’t get stuck and suffer.

With love and joy!


As a doctor, it's so important that I bring my patients the best possible resources, and I fully trust Elicia to provide that!

"Elicia is my go-to-person for any questions I have about the most challenging cases of Candida. She fully understands the mental, emotional, and physical aspects of this illness, and all the different ways it can present."
- Dr. Kim D’Eramo MD 

It’s honestly true when Elicia says your symptoms are a gift. 

Randeep's Candida Story

"Like many of you, I had consulted various doctors, natural remedies, started having guided meditations to release past memories, but none of this was enough. My symptoms flared up as a warning sign. I contacted Elicia and received the correct guidance I needed to follow to get me on my path to healing."  - Randeep

My practice was able to thrive because I had more confidence in myself and I was able to better manage boundaries.

"As a result of doing this work, I became much stronger in every area of my life. My practice was able to thrive because I had more confidence in myself and I was able to better manage boundaries. I can hold more space for others from a more loving and open place. The release of the "heavy" emotions created space for positive and dramatic shifts within my life.

I began to value myself more and that became reflected in my business, my relationships and my health. I raised my rates and began to earn a prosperous living as a healer, I began attracting people into my life who respected my boundaries and who honored my time and my energy and my physical symptoms began to disappear." - Janet Raftis, Janet Raftis - Energy Healer & Intuitive Development Coach

This woman is a blessing in my life, and because of Elicia my life is forever changed!

“She not only helped me to reach inside and pull out so much negativity and trauma that I have been holding onto but she also played a major role in helping me learn to love and value myself. She was a blessing from above at a time when I had nearly drowned in my own devastating sorrow and self pity and I'm beyond grateful for her Divinely inspired inspiration and education! Love you Elicia! Xoxo”
- Jara

It's time to transform into your
beautiful true self!