Online Workshop: Your Triggers Are A Gift From Reactive to Empowered
Elicia Miller

Your Triggers Are A Gift
From Reactive to Empowered

Learn how your triggers can heal your past and provide the guidance you need for stronger boundaries and greater self-love.

Do you ever wonder why:

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    Certain people piss you off?
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    Some people you don’t even know hurt you?
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    You flip out when your partner doesn’t listen?
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    You don’t feel heard or supported?
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    You experience fear and/or anger in response to certain politicians?
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    All it takes is a text message from family to set you off?
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    You take someone cutting you off in traffic as a personal attack?
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    When people don’t respond to you right away you feel uneasy?
Emotional Triggers

When you feel a strong emotional charge, you may think what is happening is caused by someone else, people doing things “to you” and making you feel angry.

There are gifts in your triggers - they are healing opportunities!

What you feel in response to what is happening may actually be related to your past. Some or a lot of your fear, frustration, and resentments are being triggered from unexpressed past hurts and traumas. 

If a trigger is in response to something that is happening currently, your trigger can energize you to take action.

In this online workshop you will learn:

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    How to recognize when you are triggered
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    Why physical symptoms, cravings and binges are responses to triggers
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    The source of triggers
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    How to better respond to triggers
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    How to use triggers to heal yourself
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    How valuable triggers really are!

You will walk away feeling empowered and grateful knowing that triggers show you what you need to address to free yourself from your past hurts, symptoms and cravings, and that triggers guide you in strengthening your personal boundaries.

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