Online Workshop: Why Your Symptoms Are A Gift... And The Emotional Root Cause

Why Your Symptoms Are A Gift... 
And The Emotional Root Cause

BONUS: What is Blocking You From Healing

Most people are treating symptoms, and even thoughts and behaviors, but not getting to the core. Because of this, they continue to suffer and feel victimized by their symptoms and life.

If you've tried treating with supplements, diet, energy healing, massage, and everything in between, but still find yourself experiencing symptoms and stuck in unwanted patterns, this workshop is for you!

You will learn:

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    The reason why your body manifests symptoms
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    How to form a supportive relationship with your body
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    Messages from the body for physical symptoms, allergies, and addictions 
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    How resolving the emotional root cause of cravings, triggers, addictions, chronic physical and emotional symptoms eliminates them all
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    Top 3 things I see that block people from healing, and what to do about it

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“When you're told your illnesses are emotional (i.e. "all in your head"), that's different than understanding that your wounded child is trying to get your attention via those symptoms. That was a turning point for me. I've had 3 different instances since the Your Symptoms are a Gift workshop, where I had symptoms come back and I've been able to work through them. The workshop gave me the foundation I need to continue on with this work. If you've been working on yourself for many years, this is the missing piece you need!” - Kelly


“I learned that I have to get to the root of my issues and that this is a journey, there's time to learn and I don't have to feel like a failure because what I tried in the past didn't work. I realized that I haven't failed, I just haven't addressed it yet.

Elicia addresses a component that is missing in so many people. We know we have the physical pains/symptoms, and we know we have the emotional/mental pains and symptoms. This workshop starts the process of joining the two together, into a 
holistic approach to healing and growing.” - Jody

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  • Why Your Symptoms Are A Gift...  And The Emotional Root Cause
  • The Process to Heal Your Inner Child
  • Being Emotionally Empowered
  • Your Triggers Are A Gift: From Reactive to Empowered
  • Take Care of Yourself: Codependency & Boundaries

If you are committed to healing yourself and manifesting who you are and what you truly want, then you have likely had times when you question whether you are making progress and if you are on the right track. The CEH Online Workshop Series also includes Healing Hints, a 17-page workbook that will help you find the blocks and limiting patterns that are standing in the way of your progress. The exercises will also stop the unnecessary suffering caused by discouraging beliefs. This workbook is a vital companion to the Core Emotional Healing workshops and process.