Online Workshop: The Power of Journaling

The Power of Journaling Online Workshop

Listen to your gut, what is it telling you? Reconnect to your true feelings, wants, and needs through journal writing. You will learn how to connect with your innermost wisdom to change your life!

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If you’ve avoided journaling in the past and feel like no matter what you just can’t do it, it’s probably because you are living in your mind and looking outside of yourself for comfort. You may also not know what to write about and/or feel self-conscious about your writing. Don’t worry, you’re not alone! 

Be your own boss, counselor, healer, intuitive and life coach! All you need is a pen, some paper, and a desire to take care of and love yourself…

We’ve been taught to leave ourselves, to find direction outside of ourselves, and to abandon our true needs. Journal writing is a way to reconnect to ourselves, to look and observe our inner world the same way we do the outer world. Journaling is an effective empowerment tool to help work through problems, emotions, and to move towards positive change.

Like “writing yoga”, journaling quiets the mind while also tapping into our subconscious. It’s can be an active form of meditating. 

Our minds create stories, worries and fear. Our inner voice is our truth. Journal writing brings us to our truth, which keeps us aligned, greatly reducing unnecessary suffering and always leading us down the right path.

Effective journal writing goes beyond recording your life.

With the new perspective on journaling you’ll get in this workshop, you’ll develop new personal and psychological tools and practices. You will be inspired to turn to journal writing to design your life, relieve stress, and to gain insights, clarity, and breakthroughs.

In this online workshop you will learn:

  • Why journaling works
  • Background and benefits of journaling
  • Journaling topics - what you can journal about and how to use journaling
  • 4 steps to clear your journaling blocks
  • 16 journaling techniques - including a unique perspective you may not have previously tried

You'll also get a journaling workbook with the benefits, steps, topics, and techniques to use for life!

Journaling is a free, and always available, tool for self-awareness, self-healing, and self-empowerment. Instead of looking for someone else to help you, ask yourself by writing it down! All of the answers, ideas, and ‘aha’ moments are within you, waiting to come out on paper and be known. Write it down, be conscious of how you live, how you feel, what you want, and what you can change.

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Elicia Miller is a Certified Journaling Facilitator and has been creating and teaching Journaling Workshops for over 10 years. The journaling exercises Elicia has created have changed the lives of hundreds of people through her Candida Home Study Program and Core Emotional Healing®  Online Workshop Series.

After completing your purchase, you will receive an email right away with access to the recording - over 2 hours of powerful content! You will receive both an audio and a video file that you can download and listen to (or watch) again and again, as well as printable PDF workbook.

Journaling Workshop

"This was really helpful as I’ve been doing a lot of journaling again and this gave me more focus. I already started creating separate journals and asking the questions you provided to gain clarity with my truth. This is exciting for me. Thank you! 💜" - NaCole


“Working with Elicia has opened me up to new ideas and possibilities. I’ve also learned the power of journaling, through Elicia’s exercises and free-form. Journaling is a tool that we all have with us at all times, and through it can learn so much about ourselves, our patterns, our triggers and our desires. I feel empowered with the tools I have gained over the last few months!” - Lori


"The journaling exercises helped me get clearer in my thoughts, and more in tune with my body. I feel much more at peace with my body and confident in my ability to heal from within.” - Courtney


“I have left behind so much resistance, pain, suffering, anger, fear that it is amazing to look back over the process and see all that I have released and how freeing it is to live my truth. The faith I have in my own healing ability, in joy, in love is immeasurably useful in my own coaching practice. Thank you Elicia! Love and blessings.” - Toshia

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