Online Workshop: The Process to Heal Your Inner Child
Elicia Miller Inner Child

The Process to Heal
Your Inner Child

The key to healing, being authentic, feeling good about yourself and having inner peace.

Your inner child has all the power - he/she is the keeper of your unconscious emotional wounds and limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck.

Your inner child also possesses your gifts and is waiting for you to connect to your truth.

When you do connect and listen to your inner child, you release patterns that are not serving you and keeping you stuck in your symptoms.

That’s when you truly heal.

Learn what it takes to heal your wounded child on an ongoing basis and take care of your true self so that you can have what you truly want.

You will learn:

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    The difference between inner child and wounded child
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    Why you disconnected from your inner child
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    Ways to connect to your inner child
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    Signs of a wounded inner child
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    How to access and express her/his feelings on an ongoing basis
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    How to take care of her/his needs on an ongoing basis
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    How to develop self compassion on an ongoing basis
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    The Core Emotional Healing process and how it unfolds 
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    Handouts, recommended books, products and resources

After completing your purchase, you will receive an email right away with access to the recording - over 2.5 hours of powerful content! You will receive both an audio and a video file that you can download and listen to (or watch) again and again, as well as printable PDF handouts.


“This workshop helped me realize that the lack of love and acceptance I experienced as a child created unhealthy patterns and behaviors I carry out in search of that love and acceptance today. The information Elicia provides prompts reflection on those behaviors and patterns and how to get to the core of healing - loving and accepting my inner child in the way that she needed and still needs for me to live as my authentic self and create the life I want to live.” - Leah 

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  • Why Your Symptoms Are A Gift...  And The Emotional Root Cause
  • The Process to Heal Your Inner Child
  • Being Emotionally Empowered
  • Your Triggers Are A Gift: From Reactive to Empowered
  • Take Care of Yourself: Codependency & Boundaries

If you are committed to healing yourself and manifesting who you are and what you truly want, then you have likely had times when you question whether you are making progress and if you are on the right track. The CEH Online Workshop Series also includes Healing Hints, a 17-page workbook that will help you find the blocks and limiting patterns that are standing in the way of your progress. The exercises will also stop the unnecessary suffering caused by discouraging beliefs. This workbook is a vital companion to the Core Emotional Healing workshops and process.