Online Workshop: Take Care of Yourself: Codependency & Boundaries
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Take Care of Yourself:
Codependency & Boundaries

Learn how to take care of your feelings and true needs so you can create healthy boundaries to be your authentic self!

Tell me... 

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    Is it hard for you to say no?
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    Do you feel obligated to spend time with people you don’t really want to be around?
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    Do you feel responsible to answer the phone or text people back right away, even if you are in the middle of something?
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    Are you a people pleaser? Do you worry people will abandon you or you will hurt them if say how you really feel?
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    Do you find it hard to trust yourself and look to others to make decisions for you?
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    Do you need to be needed?
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    Is it hard for you to take time to care for yourself? Maybe you don’t even know what you want or how to ask for it.
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    Is your self-esteem, self-worth and joy based on things outside of you?
  • What you do for others / people needing you
  • What other people think about you
  • Your image: job/position, how you look, what you have

When you are more concerned with how other people feel than how you feel, and you aren’t able to set healthy boundaries, you end up not feeling loved, valued, safe, and supported.

And you aren’t being your true self.

People with codependency issues put themselves last, do not take care of themselves, their needs or emotions. Their emotions are internalized and can manifest as Candida symptoms, yeast infections, rashes, headaches, anxiety or depression, digestive issues, autoimmune, eating disorders, addictions and other chronic symptoms and patterns.

In this online workshop you will learn:

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    How to recognize codependency
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    How to address the root cause of codependency, and many of your chronic symptoms
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    Why it’s hard to speak up, say how you feel, and ask for what you want - and learn to do this more, eventually with no effort
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    How to take care of yourself and release guilt 
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    How to set healthy boundaries to feel safe and supported so you are empowered to freely express your true self

Learn how to take care of your feelings and true needs so you can create healthy boundaries to be your authentic self!

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