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One Crazy Broccoli Is Set To Change Your Life

30 real life stories of healing from disease, injury and trauma

Atlanta, GA – November 3, 2015 – More and more people are suffering from serious and/or chronic conditions. Often, the conventional approach used in medicine today leaves them without answers or solutions. As a result many are turning to natural and alternative therapies to change their life – and 30 of them shared their stories in One Crazy Broccoli – My Body is Smarter than My Disease.

Holistic health coach, Candida expert and international bestselling author, Elicia Miller, has seen many of her clients completely turn around their health, just by implementing lifestyle changes that seem simple, but offer powerful results. She chose to share her own struggle with chronic yeast overgrowth by joining the Crazy Broccoli revolution.

“Being happy, healthy, pain and disease free is possible,” says Elicia, “and this book is a power punch of practical real life stories of those who have achieved incredible results in their own bodies.”

The book, One Crazy Broccoli – My Body is Smarter than My Disease, was released October 28, 2015, and in one day reached the #1 New Release and bestseller in Heart Disease and Diabetes on

Elicia is confident that this book – a collection of true stories, all sharing what people went through and how they managed to recover from chronic disease – is a game-changer.

Elicia Miller is a highly sought-after holistic health coach and Candida expert who works with people all over the world who still suffer after wasting time and money on programs that focus solely on diet and supplements.  Elicia specializes in the mind-emotional-body connection.

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