Koh Samui has a worldwide reputation for its detox spas and resorts. The trend was established some twenty years ago and sadly the establishments that followed ‘Spa Samui’ have been slow to change. There seems to be a “one size” fits all mindset which is a limitation. People are not machines to be fixed, they all have differing health challenges and these need to be individually addressed.

The majority embark on fasting and detox programs with weight loss in mind. They believe the programs will provide rapid results. Some do not lose weight and they are disappointed when this happens, the detox specialists need to ask themselves why.’ Why” is a useful question that needs to be repeatedly asked? In this case, why is the person overweight? Low functioning thyroid conditions have reached epidemic proportions. If someone has a hypo functioning thyroid gland then it is unlikely that they will shed weight as swiftly as somebody who does not. Perhaps, ‘the faster ‘has started to build up fat around the belly. This is a sign of metabolic syndrome. Insulin has started to lose the key to enter cells and so blood sugar levels begin to rise. All these conditions can be identified in an efficient health- assessment prior to the program. Once a condition has been identified a program can be designed that is specific to the individual’s needs. For instance, somebody with low blood sugar will find fasting difficult, so a light raw foods diet might possibly be a viable alternative. 


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