Nona's Candida & AsthmaFifteen years ago I was diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), which I realize now, began while my mother was pregnant with me and severe abuse was a daily part of my life while I was a child. Since my PTSD diagnosis, I have been diagnosed with a number of illnesses but the one that has impacted the quality of my life most negatively was Asthma. My Asthma attacks manifest in severe coughing, and in the past few months have been occurring frequently throughout the day and would keep me awake at night.

I have also felt sure that Candida was making a huge negative impact on my health but I never realized the extent repressed feelings make on our health and Candida until I talked with Elicia. We began our session with Elicia giving me very helpful suggestions on how to begin my program to address my Candida with diet, but this was only the beginning. Elicia told me that Asthma is a symptom of smothering love, an inability to breathe for oneself, feeling stifled, and suppressed crying.

Elicia suggested that I begin to get in touch with the feelings I have suppressed all of my life by doing inner child work. As soon as we finished our conversation I had some lunch and added some variety to my diet, which Elicia had recommended. A few minutes after I ate I had a severe bout of coughing and chalked it up to the effect of the new food I had eaten. Then I remembered a brief thought I had after I ate. This thought made me uncomfortable and I decided to explore the thought using Elicia’s suggestions. Moments after I got in touch with those feelings, the coughing fit stopped. My Asthma symptoms improved within hours of my first conversation with Elicia and now I use this tool every time I feel an attack beginning and it always stops the attack or makes the attack much milder. Elicia is so right, every symptom and illness is gift.  


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