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I am always looking to innovate and better my practice and find the most effective way to heal. While I’ve loved leading my 60 day online program, I found that a lot of my clients still had lingering issues or too much resistance.So I began doing Experiential work in-person with my husband and Licensed Psychologist, Doug Miller, PhD.And to our delight, we found that our workshops provides the most effective, efficient and lasting shifts – even more than my 60 day online program and working weekly for 2 years with me in my Level 2 program!Developed in the 1970’s, Experiential Therapy is a therapeutic approach that encourages clients to identify and address hidden or subconscious issues through activities such as role playing, guided imagery, the use of props, and a range of other active experiences. Doug received formal training in Experiential Therapy in the 80’s and 90’s and first co-lead an experiential retreat in the early 90’s! Over 13 years ago, I began my emotional healing journey with an experiential workshop and it shifted me so much that I participated and assisted in courses for 4 years straight. So I’ve come back to what got me excited about this work in the first place! Three years ago, I created my own experiential process working with the inner child, emotional triggers and shadow projections. And I’m excited to publicly announce it today.This process works!In contrast to talk therapy that occurs gradually in the mind of the client and in subtle aspects of the therapeutic relationship, Experiential Therapy brings the contents of the client’s mind outside into the world, where they can be more clearly witnessed along with associated emotions and other related unconscious aspects. This awareness itself is healing.Bringing our skills and experience together, Doug and I developed Core Emotional Experiential Therapy (CEET), a unique 4-hour process. In the session, the client engages in a comprehensive experiential healing of childhood and other causes of their current issues. While core issues are addressed in substantial depth, the wide-ranging process also provides a general clearing that allows for new possibilities to emerge on multiple levels. The results are phenomenal! Like with Anna:


“I truly feel like I accomplished more in 3 days during the workshop than I would have in years of talk therapy.Doug and Elicia make an amazing and perfect team. They are so supportive, intuitive, fun/funny, and loving. What more can I say? They’ve created something really unique and valuable that leverages their greatest gifts and truly heals people.I seriously feel like a huge weight has been lifted and I’m so thankful to you and Doug.You guys were so sweet and gentle with me, and I feel like the clarity that I gained was priceless, and laying out all of the objects on the floor was key to the clarity I gained. Working through all of that was so great – I can’t even put it into words.For me, the key was to understand why I am a perfectionist and so driven to “succeed” vs just being happy where I currently am…once I understood that I just was able to let it go. I have been home with my kids ever since the workshop, and I am for the first time aware of my inner child and have let her come out to play with my kids and had SO much fun with them. I know that I still have so much work to do and this is just the beginning, but I feel like a totally different person.I’m letting work stuff just roll off my back, I’m doing what I WANT to do, I don’t feel that pressure that I’ve carried around for so long anymore. The difference that I’ve felt since the workshop has been incredible. I also feel clarity around my relationship with my husband and have been much more supportive of him, which feels good.One of the coolest things that I also realized is that I am literally talking to all of my kids’ inner children right now. What an amazing power that is. I have been so loving and goofy and fun with them ever since the workshop. I cry just thinking about it. I love playing with them now and see them as their little inner child selves. Woah.THANK YOU and I can’t wait to take the next step(s) of this journey with you guys.” -AnnaWould you like to have a lasting transformation like Anna?Our next Core Emotional Healing® Intensive Weekend Workshop is April 13-15 in Atlanta and we still have spots available. Women, men and couples are welcome, 4 people max. The 3-day workshop and 7-day retreat provide added time and the power of the group for greater support and processing. If you can’t make our workshop or Costa Rica retreat, we also offer a half-day for individuals, and full-day for couples, private healing immersions in Atlanta.Reply if you are interested in joining our workshop, immersion or retreat, and let us know if you have any questions.Lots of love!

P.S. Join us Monday 6pm EDT on “The Intimacy Hour” radio show on FM 99.1 in Atlanta, United Intentions Facebook Live or We’ll be talking about “Next Level Therapy”. Reply with any questions to be answered on air (we use fictitious names).

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