What are your New Year Intentions?

healing takes courageCourage is my wish for all of you in 2016

“The fires of purification are your friends. Be not afraid. Or hold fear close and enter anyway.

That is courage” – Make Magic of Your Life

Elicia’s Year in Review

My personal word for 2015 was Rebirth,

With Rebirth came the Re-brand and the launch of my new website, the fourth from Liz Lee Media, focusing on Candida and emotional healing.

It also came with mourning my fourth miscarriage.

I discovered the cause of my depleted hormones and compromised immune system by reading the book “The Naked Truth About Breast Implants, From Harm To Healing“.  Dr Susan Kolb removed my breast implants and silicone-filled lymph nodes and she helped me detox from the silicone and other toxic chemicals.

The birth of my Candida Home Study eCourse came and was successfully delivered. This helped clients to have access to a self paced course where you get clear with your mindset before you attempt the diet. Delving into the lessons helps you to raise your awareness of what is causing your symptoms, explore your belief and any resistance to healing yourself, and set your intention in order to stay committed to the diet and healing process.

My husband and I renovated our house with the help of a Feng Shui Consultant, Betty Fowler with Energized Spaces

I hired a business mentor, Monica Shaw, and joined her Money Club to take my business to the next level and expand my reach.  Isolation is the enemy of wealth and health. I traveled to Ft Lauderdale, Savannah and NYC for her business intensives that left me ready to serve you even more!

I created my 6 Month Group and Private Programs, and have been delivering them around the world through zoom online video meetings.

I created an Emotional Healing and Your Inner Intuitive Course with Janet Raftis during our Candida Retreat in Costa Rica.

Now I am part of an international best selling book, as one of the co-authors for “One Crazy Broccoli” and wrote a recipe in a new book “What’s Left to Eat” to be released in the beginning of 2016.

I also went viral, creating live video workshops.


Healing MagicMy Word for 2016 is MAGIC!

My life is getting more and more magical.

This is the result of living with intention and being comfortable in the unknown, releasing triggers and repressed emotions to be able to listen to the wisdom of my internal guidance system, and express my true loving nature.

I don’t need to work hard anymore. There is no struggle. I’m in the flow of life with synchronicities and things are magically happening without me “making them happen”.

The work I do with my clients feels like magic. Things shift and happen fast for those who are committed to the process.

In addition to my word, Kelley Hagen Knight pulled a card for me – and 2 flew out – of her Connect and Free oracle deck.

Confirmation + Sacral ChakraConfirmation + Sacral Chakra

She wrote a personalized intention for me:

I am on my highest path. Living in full creativity, my life is an expression of my most aligned self. This is the truth of who I am.

For only $10 Kelley will write your personalized intention using the Connect and Free oracle deck. Also included is a live online meditation at 7pm EST New Year’s day and if you can’t make it you’ll get the recording. Sign up HERE.

Reflect on your 2015 and set your intention for 2016 to create MAGIC!

Happy 2016

With Love & Joy!

Elicia Miller, Candida Expert, Candida Coach


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