This Thailand retreat is different than anything you’ve done before!

Eight years ago I listened to a strong calling to move to Thailand. After struggling for so long with trying to pay my bills doing what I loved – teaching self-awareness and healing – I was still experiencing chronic digestive problems, emotional eating, and relationship struggles… I knew I had to do something different in order to truly heal and begin living a life I love. I decided to make a drastic change. I filed bankruptcy and sold everything I owned, packed 2 pink suitcases and took off to Thailand. Once I was there I was guided to a very special island, Koh Samui. Koh Samui is a special place that helped me to connect to my true self and start healing on a deeper level than ever before.When I landed I found out that there were 14 detox retreats on the island and 30 different healers. It was my paradise! Everything I loved on one beautiful tropical island.I was inspired to research everything it had to offer and write a guidebook to help others find what they were looking for. The only thing was…During my research – after my third 7-day fast with juice, shakes, pills, colonics, zappers, massages, saunas and yoga – I discovered I had systemic candida and those programs were not making any difference.I had tried everything, spent years and thousands of dollars going away to detox retreats that focused on the physical cleanse and even some that included Reiki and hypnotherapy. While each of these experiences had benefits and provided temporary relief, none of them helped me get to the root of my symptoms, emotional eating and relationship struggles – or taught me how to heal myself on an ongoing basis. I even spent $5,000 on a retreat that actually made my symptoms worse!I’ve known clients who went away to the Chopra Center and other posh retreats and while they came back feeling refreshed – they went right back into dysfunctional relationships.Retreats don’t work UNLESS you get to emotional root cause of your symptoms and patterns!After exploring what was out there, and finally getting to the emotional root cause of my own symptoms and patterns, I put together my Core Emotional Healing model to help others. I now work with my husband, Doug Miller PhD, who is a Transpersonal and Clinical Psychologist with a holistic orientation. We offer a complete solution that provides lifelong relief to those suffering from chronic symptoms, issues with food, relationships, work, or lack of financial abundance and fulfillment.If you feel like you have tried every therapy, healing treatment, detox, and you still haven’t found the solution – this is the answer you’ve been searching for!FINALLY – A retreat that actually heals.

Join us in Thailand!

Core Emotional Healing Retreat

Our Core Emotional Healing Retreat is different from anything you’ve seen and tried, and here’s why… First of all, nothing changes until you change your relationship with yourself.We will lead you through a process and provide you with tools that will support you on your healing journey and that can serve as a catalyst for permanent change.You will feel supported and safe so you can learn how to move through fear and resistance.This process will help you to value yourself, while giving you the clarity and confidence to assure your needs are met.This retreat is for those who want to heal their emotional wounds and negative conditioning from the past and step into greater personal freedom, clarity and empowerment, and healing professionals who are interested in doing this work.

Click here to learn more about what you can expect at the Core Emotional Healing Retreat.You’ll finally receive the relief from painful emotions and limiting beliefs that keep you in problematic relationship patterns, chronic physical and emotional symptoms, emotional eating and other addictions, a lack of fulfillment and direction, and more. We’d love to lead you through this profound transformation so you can heal and begin living a fulfilling, authentic life. Join us for the Core Emotional Healing Retreat, December 1 – 6, 2017, on the beautiful island of Koh Samui, Thailand! 

If you are interested in attending our Core Emotional Healing Retreat, click here to schedule a free assessment.And if you have any questions about this experience, we’d love to answer them – click here to contact us now.

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Elicia & Doug

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