Me Too Solutions for Sexual Harassment

#MeToo: Solutions for Sexual Harassment

I’ve been really inspired by the #MeToo movement on Facebook in response to Harvey Weinstein to start raising more awareness around what causes sexual harassment and how to heal from abuse.

Here’s what I wrote on my Facebook wall:

Me too. Now let's start talking about solutions.

  1. Stop gawking and stop allowing your partner to gawk, it feels yuk. You can look but can't touch is a part of the objectification of women and larger problem.
  2. Address how you feel loved - is it through sex and being desired? Are you objectifying yourself?
  3. Restore your personal boundaries - you must address when they were broken and when you were originally shut down, objectified, disregarded used and abused.

Yesterday, I posted something else after reflecting on my life and all the harassment I received before I did my own emotional healing.

This inspired me to do a Facebook Live Video yesterday. I invited Doug to join me for the male perspective as well as his experience with sexist male conditioning.

#MeToo Solutions: Healing from Abuse, Sexist Male Conditioning and Restoring Boundaries

Watch our Facebook Live Video HERE.

By watching our video you will hear about:

• How to turn the “Me Too” campaign into a discussion about solutions

• How these unwanted situations can come about due to repeated patterns from our childhood wounds

• How to restore your personal boundaries so you can speak up for yourself and say no to unwanted situations

• What male conditioning is and the role it plays in sexual harassment and assault

• How men can be activists to change the patterns in our society

• Some of our relevant personal experiences in our relationship and lives

• And much more!

We hope that this video sparks discussion and helps you learn more about the importance of restoring your personal boundaries from when they were violated in your past in order to feel safe and empowered now. 

We’d love to connect with you - leave your feedback or questions in the comments!

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