Don't Change How You Feel; Listen to Your Emotions

Don't Change How You Feel; 

Listen to Your Emotions

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What if you took a moment to stop, feel, and talk to your emotions?

What would actually come from that conversation? Would you find out information about your real needs and desires? Would you actually start to process some of the things in your life holding you back? 

Do you take the time to truly listen to your emotions?

They speak to us in so many ways, but most of us are too distracted or too hurt by past un-felt emotions to really stop and listen. We miss the opportunity to start feeling, which is the only way to start the healing.

There is a current standard of belief that our thoughts create our emotions. This can be true in some cases, but it is not always true, and it is just not that simple. This type of logic keeps people "in their heads" and disconnected from their bodies.

When science and rationality became the dominant worldview of the intellectual West during the “Enlightenment” period, thought was given a higher status than emotion. This ideology can be seen today in the current practices of coaches, teachers and courses that promote how “changing your thoughts will change your life”.

Unfortunately, they are missing the whole picture. Understanding your emotions, why you have them, and what purpose they serve is the key to really shifting your life. Advising a person to simply change their thoughts, and to not take things personally, denies the reason those uncomfortable emotions showed up in the first place.

When you feel an emotion, it does not necessarily mean that there was a thought that created it.

Here are eight examples showing that it's not always our thoughts creating our emotions, and why our emotions are so valuable:

baby crying
  1. Babies cry because of an emotional and physical need, not because they are thinking.

  2. Trauma: We get physically and emotionally hurt from abuse, neglect, accidents, illness, etc. Not because of how we are thinking, but because by nature we are emotional beings.

  3. We then repress our pain from the trauma because we were taught to not feel bad and to not talk about it.

  4. Our repressed emotions, stored in the body, get triggered from other people and situations that are similar to the original trauma for us to FEEL to release the original trauma. Often, our repressed emotions create our physical symptoms and unhealthy patterns.

  5. Someone you love dies, and you cry because you care about them. Crying helps you process painful events. You may always miss them, but the grief is not created by a thought.

  6. Someone is abusing you, so in response, you become angry to protect yourself and to stop the abuse. The emotion of anger is a natural instinct, and it arises to protect you from danger: it's not created by a thought.

  7. Empathic people feel others' emotions, typically without awareness. They don’t create this experience with thoughts; they just feel what someone else is feeling.

  8. Our intuition lies within our bodies​. We may have a thoughtful intention, for example, to enjoy socializing with a certain crowd of people, but not feel the same desire on a gut level.

The thing that most courses, teachers and coaches in the field of healing do not offer these days is the process for identifying and releasing repressed emotions, and listening to your own intuition in order to truly heal yourself. This involves knowing your core emotional wounds, patterns and physical symptoms in order to finally realize your true potential. This is the reason why I developed my Express What's Repressed Course.

In my own personal healing journey, I learned that my physical symptoms, addictions, and emotional triggers were there as messengers for me to connect back to my core self and begin the healing process. The path to true healing--even from the physical symptoms and relationship patterns caused by trauma--is through learning how to feel deep into the emotions that we need to converse with. This conversation with your most guarded emotions can take place once you learn the tools to navigate your emotions, and you have the right support available to help you move through your process.

Isn’t it time you start the conversation and become emotionally available to yourself?

There are lots of different practices out there to help you begin this process, I can only speak from my own experience, and my own journey. I know that the tools I have developed actually help people shift, and empower them to feel and understand their emotions in order to make huge positive changes in their lives.

If you are ready for that journey, and want to make sure you are supported in a loving and nurturing way, then please join me for the next Express What's Repressed. Sign up by scrolling down the page HERE.

Here are two recent client testimonials from my last 60 day program that ended last month:


Gabby's Testimonial

Life before this program was turmoil. I was having issues from every angle possible. Family, Health, Trauma, Anger, Grief etc. I felt like I was spiraling and I couldn’t get my feet sturdy on the ground. My Candida and Sibo and Hashimotos were creating a life for me that I couldn’t handle. All of my repressed emotions were feeding my symptoms within. I knew I needed help and that I couldn’t do this alone.

Elicia has been a blessing. She is such a wonderful person to talk with. She makes it so easy to open up to her and explore issues that you haven’t even realized. This program isn’t a walk in the park. Its dark and heavy at times, but leads you to a beautiful place. Elicia has been there to hold my hand and help me through, even when I didn’t think I could make it.

It's been so nice having people to talk to going through similar situations. Not even specifically the same, just like minded people that want to be better and deal with their issues. You bond in a way that you didn’t think was possible. I felt totally comfortable in group calls and on Facebook sharing my stories and my problems and gaining the support I needed to deal with it.

I now have more self love. Learning my worth and how to feel strong and empowered. My brightest aha was when Elicia’s helped me during a private session and connected where my anxiety comes from and showed me ways to address it so I can have my life back and feel joy.

I feel that this program and helped me to find my purpose and what I am truly meant to do. Clearing your mind from the thoughts that you have had and creating boundaries to eliminate negativity really opens up your mind. I have a new relationship with myself and I’m excited to see where I can take it.

Going through tough situations can feel so lonely. It is so hard to get out of your own head and think clearly. This program has helped me to find and speak my truth and ease my anxious mind.


Nicole's Testimonial

Before taking the Express What's Repressed program I was numbing myself with food and distractions. The main reason I joined was to become more in tune to what my body needed and how to work through my anger.

The process was liberating, working with Elicia is amazing. She has the ability to help you work through your problems and gently guide you to the answers you know within yourself.

The group calls helped me face the discomfort I felt when seeing others express their emotions. It opened me up to my family, especially my children. Before I would try to take my children's pain away when they were upset. Now I can sit with my children and talk them through their emotions and truly appreciate what they are feeling.

My most significant improvements - I am no longer over eating and my sugar cravings are gone. I have a better understanding of my triggers and how to deal with them, and I take more time to myself to do what I enjoy. 

My biggest insight was realizing the intensity of the shame I felt as a child and how it affects me.

I started dreaming again, more vividly and it has opened up my intuition. After the second week I did a ton of anger releasing, that weekend I sold several paintings. I am seeing steady improvements in my business.

Realizing the amount of self hate I felt in the past and being more open and trusting to friends. It is ok to be comforted by others and understanding that I am safe to tell them when I am feeling hurt.

You can read more reviews of my core emotional healing programs here:

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Expressed What’s Repressed 

Express What's Repressed

​Your symptoms are a gift! ®

Your symptoms are showing you what's in your unconscious and needs to be addressed. Your body is always talking and is the only thing that doesn't lie! Are you listening?

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Your unexpressed emotional responses from your childhood are internalized and held in your body resulting in various physical illnesses.

As a result of interactions in your childhood in which you did not receive what you needed or were mistreated, you internalized emotions such as grief, sadness and anger that are held in your body. Other layers of emotion such as hopelessness and despair maintain negative patterns in your life. The chronic nature of these unexpressed emotions result in physical symptoms.

By understanding and appropriately interpreting the physical conditions, the original emotions can be addressed and expressed. In other words, your physical symptoms are a gift that you can refer to and that can help you heal the emotional wounds of your childhood. As this occurs, your physical symptoms can also be healed.

With Love,​

I have been searching for some kind of "answer" my whole life.

emotional health healing celiacs

The most significant improvement was to be able to recognize a trigger (still working on that), journaling about it and knowing that EVERYTHING has a cause.

I realized that it is those rock-bottom moments that we all need in order to get up again. It's like keeping dust and trash under a rug, it can hold so much. But at some point, all that trash will come out, we had no clue it was still there, and then we have to face it. Working with Elicia allowed me to "clean the rug" before it totally exploded, it was wonderful.

Read more reviews HERE

Give yourself the best gift you could give. Learn how to safely process your emotions and embrace who you really are!

Join me in a safe space with other women, where you are honored for who you are, where your experience and feelings are validated and where you are loved unconditionally.

Sharing in a safe group where you are seen, heard and supported heals shame. You will learn how to heal your pain with compassion, re-parent your inner child and embody your authentic self. You are now safe to feel and be who you really are.


Express What's Repressed
60 Day Online Program

Elicia's "Express What's Repressed" 60 day online group core emotional healing program offers a similar process as the retreat. Two months of support from the comfort of your home.

Sacred Emotion Retreat Costa Rica

Sacred Emotion Retreat 
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About the Author

Elicia is a Candida Expert and Founder of Core Emotional Healing®. She is the author of Detox 101 and coauthor of One Crazy Broccoli and What’s Left to Eat. Her new book, Your Symptoms Are A Gift, is scheduled to be released in 2020.

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