Jill's Testimonial - Elicia Miller

Jill’s Testimonial

Jill's Testimonial

This program significantly helped me, I am so happy I committed to it. It was well worth the time and money. Elicia was always there to offer her honest, loving support and guidance with whatever we were going through. It’s great to have a mentor who is so in integrity, professional and relatable. Because of that, I felt very comfortable trusting her.

I really enjoyed being in a group dynamic as well and felt very supported and safe to be vulnerable with people who were on a similar track. As a result of the program, I am able to tap more deeply into my inner child to release old patterns and beliefs. I’m embodying my true self more and have a greater sense of confidence in myself and to go after the things I want in life. And I feel clearer emotionally.

There were also times when I couldn’t believe how fast the Candida was dying off because of the emotional releasing. I know in my core I don’t have too much longer to go with healing the imbalance in my body!