Negative ThinkingIs negativity making you sick?

Negative energy – burdensome thoughts – take energy from your cell tissue and lower your immune system. Negative thoughts are toxic. Negative interpretation of experiences in your life, including your self-image, fears and attitudes, will make you sick.

Healing from illness involves self-empowerment, awareness of your thoughts, habits and behaviors and letting go of the past memories to live in the present moment.

3 Depleting Dis-empowering Behaviors

  • Complaining
  • Blaming
  • Judging

If you catch yourself complaining about how life is, or people are, negatively affecting you, stop complaining, do something about it and focus on the positive.

If you catch yourself blaming other people or things outside yourself, such as your ex or the economy, take responsibility for how you have created your situation from past choices and focus on what you can do now to change your thoughts, beliefs and actions to move you in a positive direction. Develop an attitude of gratitude to shift your focus and raise your energy.

If you catch yourself judging and criticizing other people, remember the power of the word, what you speak is what you create. Avoid gossiping, act with compassion and understanding that we are all doing our best based on our own life experiences and perceptions. Speak with love and kindness.

Think positive empowered thoughts for greater personal power, harmony, health, energy and happiness.

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