Inner Child Session

Initial Inner Child & Core Emotional Healing Session

Get right to what you've needed your whole life with this very personalized session.

Go deeper in one session than you can in years of therapy as we uncover what you were taught you needed to be—and how you now hide who you really are—in order to feel loved. You will start by filling out a detailed questionnaire ahead of time (saving us a session of me asking you about your history and all your relationships). Next, during our 60-minute private Zoom video session, I use my intuitive gifts and years of experience to help you see what is causing you to feel the way you do.

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In this single session you will begin the process to re-parent your wounded inner child and develop a healthy ego where love and approval come from within. This is the basis of having deeply fulfilling relationships, with yourself first, then with others. You’ll come away knowing how to create a safe space and begin to allow you inner child to feel, process and release repressed emotions. This is the cornerstone of healing the physical symptoms that are limiting your ability to enjoy life. You will develop a healthier relationship with your body, emotions, food, and sense of Self as you let codependency and negative self talk fall away and learn to fall in love with yourself!

I’ll help shed light on what's been hidden in your unconscious and causing you to suffer—and how to release it. I will lead you through a powerful guided meditation to connect and bond with your inner child deeper than you ever have before.

The audio recording of our session is yours to keep and listen to whenever you need an extra boost to get back on track.

Inner child session

I dedicated 10 years of my life, living and researching around the world, to fully heal myself from chronic physical symptoms, low self-esteem, perfectionism, addictions, emotional eating, codependent relationship patterns with men, friends, healers, and more. I learned that no matter what I did, nothing changed until I developed a new relationship with my emotions and my wounded child who didn't feel good enough, safe or lovable. I’d love for you to experience that freedom too.

This initial inner child session is highly recommended as an add-on to my
Express What’s Repressed 60 Day Program

***Once you pay, I will email you the emotional healing questionnaire to fill out, along with limiting beliefs to highlight. Please email me your completed forms to schedule your 60 minute initial inner child session. All sessions will be recorded and sent via Dropbox for you to keep.