How Journaling Changed My Life and Business

How Journaling Changed My Life and Business

13 years ago, after leaving an abusive, 3-month marriage, I was desperate to uncover why I kept finding myself in toxic relationships. I needed to know why this was happening, and I also needed a way to process all of the repressed emotions (depression) I was feeling.

Two months after ending the marriage, I attended a 3-day weekend workshop at a self-awareness center that used experiential processes such as psychodrama, gestalt therapy, NLP, breathwork, and more. This kind of healing work was brand new to me. The workshop experience was so eye opening and powerful, I thought, “What else don’t I know?” So I dove into my healing head first, taking every course they offered, and soon, I found myself assisting in the courses once a month.

After 3-years of deep, intensive transformational work at the center, anything that wasn’t aligned with me started to blow up and fall away, including family and friends. I also walked away from a 10-year highly successful corporate job in tears and without a plan or savings.

At that point, I was deeply connected to myself and felt secure within, so I trusted that everything was going to work out. I was inspired with a plan to create my own business, and the name, ePowerMe, came through me - and with that, I knew whatever I was meant to do with it would come to me.

The center would encouraged everyone to journal about our thoughts, feelings and experiences. And that’s when I hit a wall… I had a major block with journaling and I was much more comfortable thinking than writing.

A month later, I received an email that said, “Do you want to inspire others to become self-aware and take care of themselves? Become a journaling facilitator!” I had a whole body YES! I knew right away that was what I needed personally and it was perfectly aligned with my mission:

To inspire and empower others to be responsible for their health, happiness, and joy. To teach them to know, listen to, and support themselves.
Elicia Journaling at Desk
You know the saying, we teach what we need to learn? I knew that my own journaling block was showing me that I needed to learn it and teach it. I spent everyday for 3 months journaling, learning 100 different techniques, and writing about just as many different topics. I even used some of the techniques to create my business, my first workshop, and my marketing plan!

I started teaching “Journaling for Self-Awareness Workshops” in my living room and felt the happiest I ever felt in my life.

Journal writing launched my business and I continued to use it to empower myself through my healing journey and every business evolution. 

Although my business changed over the years, I’ve stayed true to my first love - teaching journaling and creating many different workshops and courses based in journaling exercises.

But then, 6 years into my business, things took a turn. I went into survival mode and a deep depression after my first miscarriage and heartbreak from a man who wouldn’t commit to me. After allowing myself to just be with these feelings for few weeks, I picked up my journal and asked my Higher Self, “What do I need to do?” And just like before, it came right to me and I wrote, “Teach Journaling”.

Teaching journaling always connects me to my heart, as I help others connect to their heart and intuition. 

In the years I’ve been teaching journaling, I’ve discovered that many people are like the Elicia from 13 years ago - they have blocks that keep them from tapping into their inner voice with journaling.

If you’ve tried journaling and just can’t bust through your blocks or get into a consistent journaling practice, I have great news…

It’s not you - it’s your technique!

I’m excited to be going back to my first love, and instead of teaching it in my living room, I will be teaching about journal writing online.

My clients have experienced so many benefits from journaling, including:

  • Major brainstorming breakthroughs where ideas and action plans flow with ease, empowering them to keep going when they feel stuck
  • A deeper connection with their inner child and Higher Self, providing much needed comfort and guidance in difficult times
  • Releasing blocks by processing their feelings in written form to feel them more completely, allowing them to find resolution and true forgiveness (for themselves and others!)
  • Opening to their intuition and spiritual channeling
  • Forming a new love and appreciation for their body by uncovering and addressing the triggers and symptoms they had been ignoring
  • Developing healthy boundaries and a strong voice that enables them to express their needs and ask for what they want - in their personal and professional relationships
  • Clarity around their life purpose, dreams, desires, and manifestations
Journaling is the best way for you to give yourself what you need.

You can be your own coach.

Only you can:

  • Know what you want and what’s best for you
  • Process and respond to your feelings
  • Design your life
  • Make the changes you need
Whenever I think I have writer's block, when nothing is coming to my mind, I just start writing and new ideas and ‘aha’s come out.

Ready to see what journaling can do for you?

Check out my workshop, The Power of Journaling. In this workshop, I teach different ways you can use journaling for clarity, healing, resolution, answers, and to take action. You'll also get a journaling workbook with the benefits, steps, topics, and techniques to use for life.

Lots of love!

About the Author

Elicia is a Candida Expert and Founder of Core Emotional Healing®. She is the author of Detox 101 and coauthor of One Crazy Broccoli and What’s Left to Eat. Her new book, Your Symptoms Are A Gift, is scheduled to be released in 2020.

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