How Emotional Support Can Heal Your Body

My husband Doug Miller, PhD and I recently hosted another episode of “The Intimacy Hour” on United Intentions Radio.

How The Right Support Can Heal Your Body

In this episode, we share what Core Emotional Healing is in relation to physical symptoms. We talk about the wisdom in our bodies and how each specific physical symptom has a correlating specific message to us see what direction we can go to heal and grow.The idea of there being emotional information in our physical symptoms is not new. The late Louise Hay first popularized these ideas in her book You Can Heal Your Life, and this was groundbreaking! Michael J. Lincoln, PhD, substantially carried this work forward in his encyclopedic book Messages From The Body. In Messages From The Body, Dr. Lincoln lists thousands of symptoms and describes the psychological and emotional causes, including specific dysfunctional childhood family dynamics. While hugely informational, just reading the interpretations of the symptoms is like reading the label on a prescription bottle, without taking the medicine.To truly heal many recurring physical symptoms requires addressing the Core Emotional Complex.Your symptoms are a gift because they show you your blind spots – something you typically aren’t consciously aware of that needs to be addressed. On it’s own, and in combination with physical treatments, Core Emotional Healing can be the missing piece providing complete healing for many disorders including; mood, digestive, autoimmune, eating disorders, low self-esteem, codependency, addictions and perfectionism. Core Emotional Healing also improves all relationships.In working with my clients, I’ve discovered that they are unable to fully heal through traditional methods like holistic medicine and cleanses, and many therapy approaches, because they they don’t address the core emotional wound.This is why the Core Emotional Healing work is so important.It is critical to go back to become aware of how you didn’t get the emotional support you needed to stop repeating the pattern. Check out the full episode below…CLICK HERE TO WATCH “How The Right Support Can Heal Your Body”

How The Right Support Can Heal Your Body

The support you need is available to you NOW!Join Us In Thailand!Get immersed in deep healing to reclaim your authentic self at our 5-day Core Emotional Healing Retreat on a beautiful island in Thailand Dec 1-6, 2017.Doug and I will lead you through this life-changing process. You will benefit from the power of experiential therapy in a group setting.You will learn to clearly express your true needs in an empowered and calm way, assuring that you get what you really want.

This retreat is for those who want to heal their emotional wounds and negative conditioning from the past and step into greater personal freedom, clarity and empowerment, and healing professionals who are interested in doing this work.You’ll finally receive the relief from painful emotions and limiting beliefs that keep you in problematic relationship patterns, chronic physical and emotional symptoms, emotional eating and other addictions, a lack of fulfillment and direction, and more. Click here to learn more about what you can expect at the Core Emotional Healing Retreat.We’d love to lead you through this profound transformation so you can heal and begin living a fulfilling, authentic life. Here’s what people are saying:“I truly believe core emotional healing is the missing link in the journey of healing from reoccurring gut issues. As my lifestyle and diet changed, and I took on the core emotional healing work, my dysfunctional patterns and mindset in relation to myself, others, food and life itself changed. My life is changing and it’s an amazing feeling to detach from victimhood and be in control of my health and mindset. I’m healing now, and I know it’s thanks to working with Elicia Miller.” – Lynn BeeJoin us for the Core Emotional Healing Retreat, December 1 – 6, 2017, on the beautiful island of Koh Samui, Thailand!If you are interested in attending our Core Emotional Healing Retreat, click here to schedule a free assessment.And if you have any questions about this experience, we’d love to answer them – click here to contact us now.Lots of love,

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