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The purpose of Elicia’s Detox World Tour was first to capture my experience and reviews of the detox programs offered at health resorts, starting at Thailand retreats and continuing around the world to inspire you to detox, as well as, provide information about which resources are healing and changing lives.  After spending 2 years in Thailand researching retreats and through my own personal healing journey, I found that the resources that are making a difference are the ones that are changing people’s awareness.  My mission is to inspire you to retreat into yourself to become aware of the things you need to detox to be yourself.

 Physical Detox

Emotional Eating

Toxic Thinking 

Which Detox Retreat is Best for You?



Alcohol and Smoking


 Physical Detox

What are you using it for?


A physical detox is a great way to prevent and heal disease, kick-start a new healthy lifestyle and reconnect with your self.  After researching over 20 Detox Retreats in Thailand including juice fasting, raw food, meditation and yoga I’ve learned that most people are using them for the wrong reason or they think they will help solve their problems.  The majority of detoxers are using the retreats as a fast weight-loss program or to counteract their toxic lifestyle.  Will a detox retreat really help?  Yes and no. You will lose weight as the result of not eating anything for 7 days, but if you don’t change what is causing the weight gain, or toxic lifestyle, than you are right back to where you started or back to the retreat to yoyo again. Remaining dependant, unaware and powerless keeps the retreats in business and your unhealthy patterns repeating.  If you want to change something I suggest changing your self-awareness first. The word “detox” is a common term used to remove the toxins from the body but I refer to it as removing the toxins in our minds, body and spirit that are in the way of our natural state of being; which is healthy, happy and joyful.  What I’ve learned from my personal detox journey is that nothing changes until you change your awareness by removing subconscious toxic thoughts, beliefs and emotions first.

Emotional Eating


 Emotional Eating

Detox your subconscious and repressed emotions


If you want to change something you must get to the root cause.  For those who are using food, alcohol and drugs and, like most people, you know what is healthy but you don’t want to give up what comforts or numbs your emotions then I would suggest a subconscious detox before a physical detox.  It’s the negative emotions (wounded child) that you are feeding and you must understand what caused them in the first place (when your subconscious was being formed age 0-5) and feel them to release their control.  This is not something you can typically do on your own since we are dealing with the subconscious (below your conscious mind).  No physical detox program ever changed my life; it was only though subconscious work was I able to shift my reality to be more me, free, happy and healthy from the inside out.


Negative Thinking



 Toxic Thinking

Detox your old story


Your physical state is a reflection of your thoughts and emotions. What are you thinking and feeling to create your reality?  Whatever you believe is true.  If the story that you tell yourself about your health and body is what you don’t want, you will keep creating what you don’t want.  Thinking you have no energy or time to work out, that you are fat or depressed will not help you change. Thinking, believing and feeling yourself as you want to be will create the change.


Also, if you eat a raw, organic plant-based diet, meditate, do yoga and workout everyday because you have to be perfect while holding onto judgments of others and pain from the past, than you will create disharmony in your body.


“What you do in terms of action is far less important than the thoughts you think, the way you feel, your vibrational balance, or the story you tell. When you take the time to find vibrational balance, the physical effort you apply will yield you wonderful results, but if you do not tend to your vibrational balance first, there is not enough action in the world to compensate for that misaligned Energy. From your place of alignment, you will feel inspired to the beneficial behavior, just as from your place of misalignment, you are inspired to detrimental behavior.” -Abraham-Hicks


If you are new to observing and controlling your thoughts a mental detox is something you may need someone to help you with.  You can start by writing down your thoughts and empowering yourself by questioning and reversing the negative ones.  I also offer personalized sessions  to help you become aware of the thoughts and beliefs keeping you from creating what you want and to learn how to use journal writing to support yourself in all areas of your life.


Detox World Tour


 Which Detox Retreat is Best for You?

Depends on what your intention and goals are


Thailand Detox Retreats at Health Resorts will help you:





Prevent Disease

Kick-start a healthy habit


Thailand Detox Retreats at Health Resorts will not:

Heal your disease or correct your condition

Detox mercury (especially if you still have filings)

Help you permanently lose weight (unless you change the cause)

Help you change negative behaviors, patterns and a toxic lifestyle


Thailand Health Retreats for Physical Detox Programs, Juice Fasting, Raw Food, Meditation and Yoga

*Elicia has experienced


Koh Samui

*The Spa Resorts

New Leaf

*Samui Wellness Spa

*Absolute Sanctuary

*Health Oasis

Natural Wing

Samui Detox

*Dharma Healing

*New Body & Mind

*Samahita Yoga-Thailand




Koh Phangan

*Ananda Wellness Resort

*Agama Yoga

*Wat Kow Tahm

*Monte Vista

Orian Healing

Yoga Retreat

The Sanctuary





Atsumi Healing

Phuket Cleanse

Dr Richard Cracknell’s Wellness House



Chiang Mai

*The Spa Resort

*Natural Life Retreats



Self Healing



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