Repressed EmotionsThe Emotional Cause of Candida

Feeling is Healing!

When I was healing myself from systemic Candida I committed for the first time to a very strict Candida diet with no sugars in any form (including fruit, grains and alcohol) for over a year. In giving up all of the things that feed Candida I was actually giving up all of the things that suppressed, numbed and comforted my emotions. Committing to healing from a Candida condition is committing to feeling and dealing with the emotional parasites. And like I always say, “feeling is healing”.

If you are healing from a Candida condition giving up the sugars and starches is the first step but that is not actually what is causing the Candida. Once you give up what feeds it you start to take your power back from it by starving it. Your will to heal becomes stronger than your desire to self-medicate. The next step is to get in touch with your thoughts and emotions that are creating the toxic environment.

The yeast energy is really sticky. It’s like a conglomeration of emotions, all those emotions that we push down and suppress. It’s sorrow, guilt, shame, anger, grief, insecurity and self-doubt. It’s fed by sugars because we try to feel better with the sugars; we try to self-medicate with the sugars. The yeast steals our power. Clearing has to take place on an emotional level. It’s about learning to stand in your power and not falsely medicating.

When the energetic boundary is strong and there is a completeness in the power you don’t a) self-medicate and b) the sugars don’t latch on.

An emotional detox is multidimensional; it happens with your own conscious awareness and focus of your thoughts, visualization, meditation, belief, prayer, subconscious and energy healing. It’s about forgiving yourself and others to release the past, reclaiming your energy from other people and living more fully in the present. This is the approach I take with my clients.




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