Healing Candida Home Study Review – NaCole's Story of Healing
healing candida home study review

Healing Candida Home Study Review

NaCole's Testimonial

Give yourself this chance to empower your life.

The Home Study has really opened my eyes over and over again.

It's truly incredible loving myself and nurturing myself in ways I never have.

I see my fears pop up and I become obsessed with finding another way out of this Candida mess believing I can treat only the symptoms and then I'm hit with the truth it's more than treating symptoms. I've been treating the symptoms for years off and on without any relief.

Elicia's home study delves deep into the root causes of Candida for those of us who can't seem to shake it off through diet.

It makes so much sense that my body has trapped energy and pain which has made me sicker and sicker. I'm currently suffering from hidden hyperthyroidism and severe heavy metal toxicity.

BUT, what I'm really suffering from is repressing emotions and using defense mechanisms to ignore the pain that is deep within me. I've tried so many diets, detoxes, psychologists, psychiatrists, supplements and healers to heal what has felt broken in me my entire life.

Nothing has worked completely.

I've learned tools along the way but I am still suffering from a 4 year chronic yeast infection, bloating, brain fog, food intolerances and I eat perfect for Candida.

It should just die right?


Elicia has been such a blessing to help me understand and remind me when I forget that my Candida is emotional.

I can't lose the weight completely because I'm hanging on to things deep down in my core. Just like I can't seem to get rid of these other ailments completely until I release.

I'm still in the middle of the Home Study and know there is so much more to learn and even more important Elicia's program helps me find myself and get in touch with my truth, my needs and releasing the traumas and old emotions that keep me stuck.

The Candida Home Study is incomplete without Elicia's 60 day program Express What's Repressed which she gives lots of her time giving us tools to heal our inner child.

It's like bread and butter. That's a bad analogy for Candida. They go together like peas and carrots. (Thanks Forrest)

I've needed both and the transformation in the past 3 months has been astounding.

I hear all the time how I glow, how much I've changed, I'm lighter and so many more nice compliments.

I'm not even through yet! I can only imagine what a rockstar I'm going to be after releasing so much more and Candida will no longer be my right hand man.

I'll be free.

I'm loving this Home Study and adore Elicia. She answers all of my questions and guides me back gently when I'm way off track in old beliefs. She's really magical.

Give yourself this chance to empower your life.

It's truly incredible loving myself and nurturing myself in ways I never have.

Love You!

– NaCole

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