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Important: Elicia is currently offering free 30-minute assessments for healing practitioners and non-practitioners interested in her next Express What's Repressed 60 Day Program starting in April, and for those interested in becoming certified in Core Emotional Healing® through her certification program starting in April (application and completion of EWR is required), as well as anyone interested in her March 2018 Sacred Emotion Retreat in Costa Rica with Janet Raftis, or her workshops in Atlanta with her husband, Doug Miller PhD.

There are limited number of spaces available for non-practitioners in Elicia's April Express What's Repressed 60 Day Program and you must qualify with Elicia in Feb or March.

If you are interested in the programs and events listed above, please fill out the information below. After we review your application, we will contact you to schedule your free 30 minute assessment with Elicia.

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