Feeling is Healing – Candida – Sadness & Shame - Elicia Miller

Feeling is Healing – Candida – Sadness & Shame

Feeling is Healing - Candida – Sadness & Shame

Sadness and ShameEmotions that are trapped, numbed (with food and alcohol/drugs) and repressed weaken your organs and emotional body; creates an acidic and parasitic environment where Candida thrive and grow, which in turns represses your personal growth.

Sadness and shame are both forms of anger. Anger is stored in the liver and results in liver stagnation. Chronic emotional stress is a cause of candidiasis since such emotional stress disturbs your digestion. A properly functioning digestive system is essential to healing Candida, as well as other illnesses and dis-ease.

When you feel sad, cry. Tears cleanse your eyes and sinuses, and release toxins and excess tension from your body. After a good cry you will feel lighter and more focused within yourself.

Answer these questions in your journal:

  • What people, behaviors or ideas take me away from my authentic self?
  • What am I ready to let go of that is not aligned with my intentions and soul’s desires? 

If you don’t cry, you won’t be rejuvenated and if you don’t let go of the outdated/unsuitable people, behaviors and ideas you will feel cut off from your flow.

When you feel ashamed, acknowledge your guilt, correct your behavior and discover where the shame originated. Shame results from internal guilt about something you’ve done wrong or have been convinced is wrong. While anger helps you to restore your boundaries from other people’s behaviors, shame will help you to protect your internal boundary from your own behaviors.

Answer these questions in your journal:

  • What do I need to do to restore my integrity?
  • Do I believe other people’s opinions and criticisms of me?
  • Do I respect and honor other people’s boundaries?
  • Do I respect and honor my authentic needs?
  • Do I brand myself with shame titles (I am an alcoholic, I am ugly, I am fat, I am a loser, I can’t stop smoking, I am a bulimic, etc)?

Allow your shame to help you strengthen your inner boundary, make healthy choices, develop your self-esteem and authentic self-respect.

Feeling is healing.

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