I’ve been on Facebook since it was born in 2005. In 2008, I wrote an article for a Social Media Marketing eBook on Facebook marketing and predicted that it would replace email, newsletters, Eventbrite, Flickr and most forms of advertising.

Facebook has been the central point of focus in my personal and business life for the past 8 years and today I decided that I am ready for my next major detox: to delete my Facebook account.

I am grateful for Facebook for keeping me in touch with my friends, family and clients; and for all of the magical connections that appeared just when I requested them.

Why I am Deleting my Facebook Account

Weapons of Mass DistractionTo me, detox is an individual process of awareness of what each person needs to release that is the source of their personal stress. The thing, or behavior, to detox is usually an addiction, distraction and/or attachment.

When you are disconnected from your self you are disconnected from divine inspiration and guidance. There is magic when you let go of your plans and stay present to the signs and flow of life. You can feel the excitement of where Spirit wants to take you and when you release any expectations of the outcome you will experience ecstatic synchronicities and perfect timing.

I have experienced that magical flow and ease when I lived in Thailand. From a solid foundation of trust and faith and by staying present, opportunities and resources would come to me, without working hard or pushing.

Since returning to the US I started to use Facebook more and more, and lately have found myself attached to looking at, posting and responding to, Facebook throughout the day. The more I am “out there” the less I am “in here” and in the present moment to listen to, and follow, my guidance.

When I feel the source of stress I know it’s time to let it go. I stopped watching TV/media 12 years ago, quit my corporate sales career 6 years ago, stopped going out drinking, shopping / consuming and sold all my belongings 4 years ago, shaved my head 3 years ago and now it’s time to release this Facebook identity/addiction/distraction to allow for a deeper connection to Self/Spirit along my path.



Connect to Yourself

So many problems from addictions to relationship struggles stem from a disconnection from our self.

During a phone (US) / Skype (Outside of US) session you will connect with the 3 aspects of your soul: will, love and intelligence. 

I’ll intuitively guide you into journaling exercises to help deepen your connection with the innermost parts of yourself. 

You’ll gain journaling tools, techniques and exercises to use on your own.



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