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identifying repressed emotions



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The key to your health - and happiness - might be something you can’t even see.

Are you suffering from digestive problems, chronic fatigue, anxiety, depression, autoimmune disease, eating disorders, emotional eating and/or poor body image?

Do you criticize anything you do that doesn’t turn out “perfect”?

Are you secretly waiting for someone to save you?

Do you constantly say yes even when that means putting someone else’s needs first?

Are you hiding in your business and struggling to make money?

I’m guessing that you tried everything under the sun and read every book to find something that works—with little success.

That’s because even the most powerful modalities like the Candida diet, liver flushes, raw foods, biofeedback, energy healing, reiki, coaches, EFT, even silent 10 day retreats alone don’t address the root cause of what’s causing your physical and emotional symptoms.

The truth is your old hurt and emotional traumas are at the root of your chronic symptoms, destructive behavior and feelings of inadequacy.

This is not who you are.

I want you to know that it really is possible to heal your body and transform your entire life.

Although it doesn’t always feel like it, your symptoms are there to teach you.

They can lead you to a life where you can have healthy relationships—with food, romantic partners, and even healers you work with.

You can end unwanted patterns, physical symptoms, emotional eating, and perfectionism for good.

Once you heal the original pain, you will transform into your beautiful true self.

You can do it.

identifying repressed emotions

It all starts with giving yourself the love and support you didn’t get before.

Work this powerful cannot  be done alone because you can't  see your own defenses and all the little ways you hide.

That’s why I created the Express What’s Repressed 60 Day Core Emotional Healing Program.

I will help you to safely uncover and release your personal pain blocking your healing, growth and intuitive gifts.

Emotional eating, unhealthy relationships, codependency, anxiety, depression, perfectionism, cravings . . . they all stem from a wounded inner child who doesn't feel good enough, lovable, safe or valued.

I will lovingly guide you in processing and releasing the pain from past experiences.

During this process you will receive the gifts from those experiences, honor yourself, value your heart, follow your intuition, and love yourself unconditionally.

Heal Your Wounded Inner Child to Get the Love & Life You Want

Client Story: Stefanie's transformation from working with Elicia to heal her wounded inner child and set boundaries to feel empowered, confident and worthy of love in order to break old relationship patterns and attract people who are supportive.

Discover how to:

Reconnect with and heal your wounded inner child – the one who doesn’t feel good enough or lovable.

Heal the root cause of your symptoms, addictions and unhealthy relationships by safely releasing repressed emotions.

Stop being so obsessed with getting everything right and being perfect. Start to understand that you are enough.

Have a healthy relationship with your emotions and eliminate your cravings and addictive behaviors.

Define success for yourself. Stop attempting to follow in the footsteps of others.

Get to the bottom of and put an end to past pain, limiting beliefs, emotional triggers and self-sabotaging patterns.

Set and maintain healthy boundaries across all aspects of your life.

Tune into and follow your intuitive voice.

Love and respect yourself by recognizing and honoring your own needs.

Core Emotional Healing Process from a Client's Experience

Interview with Elicia Miller and Jocelyn Robinson

Be Heard, Seen, Held & Supported Like Never Before

60 days of healing! Receive two months of support to make significant progress so you don’t fail. You can embark on this journey from anywhere in the world. You’ll also have access to a community so you feel less lonely and finally feel understood.

Be supported daily to move things once and for all so you can get your life back, change your identity, get to the root of your stress, and save money on health care, therapy, and trying new things that don’t work.

Receive valuable lessons, exercises and meditations for you to learn and reference whenever you need to, so you are empowered through your emotional healing process during and after the program.

identifying repressed emotions

Hi, I’m Elicia.

I suffered for 15 years with Candida along with every imaginable symptom. The physical symptoms like bloating, brain fog, and sluggish digestion were bad enough. But just as bad were the other symptoms—an unhealthy relationship with food, terrible body image, emotional eating, binging, and eating disorders. I suffered from crushing perfectionism and every addiction besides gambling. Alcohol, drugs, food, sex, shopping, work…these things ruled my life and made it impossible to see the real reason I couldn’t clear up my chronic physical symptoms.

After trying every imaginable healing modality I finally came to realize that the core of all my issues was something no healer or self-help book could give me.

Once I discovered the root cause, those addictions melted away one by one.

The shopping stopped (I even sold everything). I stopped abusing alcohol (and myself).

I stopped getting into unhealthy relationships with men and met my soulmate.

I was able to launch multiple businesses.

identifying repressed emotions
identifying repressed emotions

And not only did my physical symptoms go away, I started to feel inspired and fulfilled everyday.

I would love for you to experience this kind of freedom and happiness.

That’s exactly why I created the Express What’s Repressed 60 Day Core Emotional Healing Group Program.

This group experience is designed to help you move through the beginning stages that I see most people struggle with.

I’m an expert at seeing your blind spots and where you need to set boundaries so you don’t get stuck and suffer.

With love and joy!

identifying repressed emotions
Express What’s Repressed provides you with the foundation to begin your own emotional healing:

Five 2-hour live interactive video workshops to start safely releasing your repressed emotions.

Recordings of all calls so you can review the workshop material whenever you need it.

Meditation guidance to help you re-parent and heal your wounded inner child.

Journaling exercises, lessons and worksheets that teach you how to look inside for emotional healing and support.

My support for 60 days in the private Facebook group so you always have the guidance to move you forward during your healing process.

30 minute private session at the end of the program, to ensure that you are integrating the practices you learned in your daily life.

Ready to live the symptom-free life you dream of?
Ready let go of overwhelm and experience more playfulness and fun?
Ready to discover your true gifts and share them with the world?

Last Program I Am Offering Before I Teach Practitioners:
Live Calls: Oct 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th & Nov 1st  2017

2-Hour Group Calls Start at:
1pm Pacific, 4pm Eastern, 9pm UK, 6am (next day) Sydney

Limited Spaces Available - Get Started Right Away

Please note, in order for this program to work for you, you must have a strong belief in your ability to work through your own fears.

You have the power to change, one choice at a time!

Will you do whatever it takes to shift out of your patterns?

If yes, I can’t wait to work with you in this program! 

The Express What’s Repressed Core Emotional Healing 60 Day Program gives you the tools to become your own best support system.

I’m grateful that therapy revealed that for me, but things were moving very slow for me, I felt I’m not getting the answers I need.

“Before finding this program, I was working with a therapist, for the first time ever in my life, and have just started to discover that my so-called “normal” childhood, was not so normal as I believed it to be my entire life. I’m grateful that therapy revealed that for me, but things were moving very slow for me, I felt I’m not getting the answers I need. So then I found Elicia and her program while literally google-ing how to release repressed anger.

I wanted to know how to “deal” with it in a healthy way, as well as a way to go deeper into understanding my emotions and how to work with them. I watched the webinar and read a few of her posts and they all really spoke to me. And although my financial situation was not so great, I knew that if there’s anything I should spend money on, it’s on programs like this. So I put therapy on a break and engaged full force. I believe it's with support like this that you can start to heal yourself and eventually become financially independent too.”

identifying repressed emotions


What a huge blessing this was, one of the best gifts I have given myself ever.

...words can't describe how grateful I am for this program. The tools are something everyone in this world should have ~ something that would change humanity for the better.

I learned my emotions/feelings are my super power!! Learning to trust this part of myself was HUGE. The process put me back in touch with how deeply intelligent I am in a way I didn't fully realize. It was a part of me just crying out to be embraced fully. Trusting my own anger, sadness, etc has given me so much strength and transformed everything in my life.

My symptoms have improved, my marriage has improved, I truly LOVE & honor myself!! I feel like I am truly the person I was born to be, the person I was when I first came into this world. Coming back home to myself has been the greatest gem of this work.

My biggest breakthrough was when I finally let go of my need to live according to my parent’s desires and to follow the path that felt true to me. That's when everything changed!

identifying repressed emotions


"Before joining Elicia's 60 day group program my life was in absolute disorder and despair. I knew that many things weren't right but I didn't have a clue how to figure it all out and how to put it all into perspective. I felt divinely guided, yet cloudy, and couldn't find my way through the muck of what was blocking my intuition.

I had worked through many physical disorders but upon uncovering one disorder only led me to another underlying disorder and it felt like a never-ending cycle of uncovering one problem after the other. I was surrounded by darkness most of my life and felt I could never escape the horror that constantly haunted me. I felt utterly helpless and hopeless in just about every role in my life. It was a horrifying feeling.

In the beginning of the program a lot of resistance came up. Elicia was so helpful in assuring me that she could help me wherever I was and encouraged me that who I was and what I was able to put forth was enough.

She was there for me individually, responding almost immediately to my many emails, as obstacles were thrown at me from every angle. As time went along, the process grew easier and more natural until it was almost as if a switch had flicked on inside of me and everything just made more sense. There was never any judgment from Elicia...EVER...only love, acceptance and empathy for who I was and the pain that I have endured in my life.

There were so many inspiring posts and stories shared on the calls and in the Facebook group that helped me to feel like I wasn't in this alone. The encouragement and support offered by the group was overwhelming. It was so nice to learn through others experiences as well as my own and it allowed for more opportunities of growth.

60 days later, I feel like a completely different person. I no longer live with feelings of shame and self-hatred towards myself. I have only love and appreciation for my experiences and challenges and a better perspective of how they have allowed me to become who I am.

I am so much more acquainted with my emotions and how to feel aligned with my true desires that come from within. I have been able to discern what is and isn't serving me and to realign my life in a way that allows me to be true to who I truly am.

I eat when I am hungry and rarely eat when I'm feeling emotional. My eating habits are so much healthier and I don't feel as though I have to eat all day just to get through the day. My Candida seems to be calming down and I hardly notice any irritation in my bowels.

My biggest breakthrough was when I finally let go of my need to live according to my parent’s desires and to follow the path that felt true to me. That's when everything changed!

I feel free! I feel like my mind is open and I am so much closer to the life that I was meant to live. Everything is changing. My entire life has been turned upside down and I'm grateful for the positive changes that I know will come along with this change. I feel well on my way to a life of abundance and joy and that is nothing short of a miracle!

Thank you Elicia! You're work is beautiful and Divinely led and I am forever changed for having had this experience and opportunity in my life! I love you!"

I was able to put EVERYTHING into perspective, not go to that ugly place, I was able to work through all that was presented to me, and not have a freak out!!!

“The old Mersa (before Express What's Repressed), should have been very judgmental of the fact that I wasn't able to make it for the last call. I would have been telling myself, "There you go again not finishing what you started!". But yesterday, though I wanted to make the call, but so much was going on, puppy, kids, husband and a 19 year old daughter about to get her period. Yesterday was truly a day that would have triggered me into becoming a raging lunatic... ‘I never have time for Mersa! I am always there for others, no one is considering my time….’ and ‘You are all taking me for granted.’...

identifying repressed emotions


But Elicia, I have to honestly say that yesterday was one of my best days ever...I was able to put EVERYTHING into perspective, not go to that ugly place, I was able to work through all that was presented to me, and not have a freak out!!!

I am calmer, able to rationalize and not focus on my fears. For the past few weeks I have been able to cut out processed foods (potato chips are my weakness!), sugars and dairy. I believe that I have been more receptive to my needs and taking care of ME first.

I have also found that I started taking my pottery class at the same time I had reached out to both you and Janet. And the hardest part for me in this class was always ‘Centering the Clay.’ I started a new class on Tuesday and wouldn't you know it, centering was so easy because I found the right "Teacher" to guide me.

I know I have said this so many times, but Thank You... For putting this group together, this is just what I needed to set me on the path to getting to know and re-parent Mersini again. Again, thank you for the work that you do. You are truly a gift.”

I feel more connected to myself, my intuition, and to the forces beyond that I believe are guiding me. I feel more open to life, feeling deeper, and feeling more love and peace.

“My life before Elicia’s 60 day program was challenged, painful, and felt sad. My life also felt like I was in a process of trying to heal and working towards healing, but kind of spinning my wheels at the same time, and moving very slowly towards my goals.

A lot of the emotions I am challenged by are from childhood and have been unprocessed so an analytical, psychotherapeutic approach was never helpful. I also feel something has opened up within me and I am feeling more and feeling deeply. I feel it is also tied to love greater love, more abundance, deeper richer living, more connection to living from more health, and the health and wisdom of an adult / healthy embodied adult. I also feel confidence emerging in me from doing this work.

I feel more connected to myself, my intuition, and to the forces beyond that I believe are guiding me. I feel more open to life, feeling deeper, and feeling more love and peace. I also feel more trust emerging. I am feeling I am beginning to live more from my heart than the pain and fear of my past and from the wounded child.

Elicia is loving and supportive, and extremely wise, gracious, and patient. She feels so easy and safe to work with. Elicia is fully with you in the moment in a really beautiful way, listening fully to you in the moment like I have never experienced before. And she is drawing on what you are presenting and she is feeling deeply on what is best to help you in that moment. I felt her coaching, guidance, and support was very unique in this way. She is beyond special.

The calls were extraordinarily rich; every sentence to me was a gem and full of wisdom and applicable knowledge, information, tips, and support to explore. The Facebook group was also wonderful to have a space and a group of woman to connect with.  - Adriana

This supported 60 day core emotional healing program will shift you quickly!

So many people think they’ve done the inner work, but this is a course that teaches you how to actually heal your inner child yourself and be supported in order to move through any resistance that may be in the way.

Even though I had figured out how to heal myself from codependency, addictions, and years of Candida, I didn’t have this structure that’s in the 60 day program. I learned what was needed over my own 10 year journey and finally put together a group program that offered the experience of being heard, seen, valued and loved unconditionally.

identifying repressed emotions
Inner child healing

You get all of that in the group program on top of how to heal your inner child, the one who doesn't feel good enough and lovable. This unique experience will shift you quickly. The Facebook group is full of supportive people waiting to share your struggles, cheer you on, and celebrate with you.

Next Program:

Live Calls: Oct 4th, 11th, 18th, 25th & Nov 1st 2017

2-Hour Group Calls Start at:
1pm Pacific, 4pm Eastern, 9pm UK, 6am (next day) Sydney

Limited Spaces Available - Get Started Right Away

Private Inner Child Session

Know what you need right away! I’m offering a very limited number of private sessions only for members of the Express What’s Repressed day program. These sessions are completely customized to you. You’ll start with a detailed questionnaire that you fill out ahead of time. This will allow us to quickly delve into the life changing work using my intuitive eye and years of experience. You’ll leave this session feeling seen, heard, and loved unconditionally. This is how you leave physical and emotional symptoms behind and step into your most powerful, energetic self!

P.S. The Express What’s Repressed 60 Day Core Emotional Healing Program is Level 1 (the first step) of the process to re-parent yourself. As you start to connect with and start heal your inner child, you will need to continue to be supported to learn more loving and compassionate ways of being with yourself. As your process unfolds you’ll begin to understand your triggers and boundaries. That’s why I offer a Level 2 group and private programs as well as the retreat to continue to support you in your journey.

With lots of love,

identifying repressed emotions