Essence Blossoming Journey

Transformational Photoshoot for Growth & Expansion

EXCITING NEWS! I brought together all of my inspired passions and innate gifts, photography, marketing, and helping others discover and profoundly manifest their gifts.

You can now book a Transformational Photoshoot with me to reveal what you want to embrace in yourself. During the process together, I will help you access and express your essence so you can carry it with you and show the world who you really are.

While we work together, before, during, and after the shoot, I see and reveal your essence. Our energy together will help you to manifest your vision and launch you into what you are wanting to create for yourself and/or business.

Together, we will pick the best location for your essence, vision, and where you feel your best.

My Transformational Photoshoots are an Energy Process + Photographic Revelation to reveal and realize your gifts, so you can more fully embody your vision.

elicia miller
With my powerful intuition, I very quickly see your potential, and what you need to embrace within yourself to move you forward. Throughout the process of working together, I hold space for your essence and unique vision, and infuse it with active support and a palpable energy. I record your transformation through an intuitive professional photoshoot.

Imagine having photos that reveal insights to you like a Tarot Card and Vision Board provide. 

You can see your potential in the photographs, like looking into your first true mirror. I will continue to actively support you as you bring this new revelation into all areas of your life.

From the moment I met Elicia, I could feel her grace and healing power. When I realized that she offered special photoshoot sessions meant to bring out your essence within, I was an immediate yes. I am an artist stepping into bigger spaces for myself, and I saw the photoshoot as an opportunity to get to know in greater intimacy my resistance around being in the main character energy.

For that reason I have never paid for professional photos of myself. But I knew from the moment we met that with Elicia, I would feel safe to be vulnerable and experiment with being the focal point. She saw me in ways I wasn’t allowing myself to see. Her enthusiasm and sincere intent in showing me the person she saw humbled me incredibly.

She gifted me with something much more valuable than a set of professional photos. She allowed me to love and accept myself, as I am now. I am grateful to know and work with Elicia, and I can’t wait to work with her again.

— Hai

Client Metamorphosis

Client Metamorphosis

Elizabeth hired me for her headshot for her playbill for her new and first off broadway play. She’s starting a new career at age 70 and is inspiring others to view aging differently. Working together through the process helped her embrace and express her mastery, creativity and joy.

The photoshoot was at her and her husband’s “retirement” home in Costa Rica right before she left to work on her play in NYC.

Kimberly Collage

Elicia found the core of my being — my essence of life and the imperative need to share its joy!

She is simply amazing, she made me so relaxed and happy and confident!!!!

What an incredible experience working with Elicia! Not only did she capture the true essence of my being, she also made the entire photoshoot an absolute blast. Her creativity with my home in the jungle with his floral surroundings was mind-blowing, transforming my home into a magical backdrops. What impressed me the most was how she immediately put me to ease (yes, I was nervous).

Elicia recognized and highlighted my talents and amplified my new feeling of confidence and mastery in my craft.

The final results exceeded all my expectations. I highly recommend Elicia for anyone seeking not just amazing photos but also a genuinely enjoyable and uplifting experience.

— Elizabeth

Kimberly’s first photoshoot unleashed her confidence, which helped her create her website and market her course for moms of special needs kids, as well as her Grateless Writing Course for trauma healing.

Riding her success, Kimberly then wanted to offer retreats for families with special needs kids, and we captured her evolution in new photos of her leading a retreat. The photos once again helped her to create and market her retreats. And then, Kimberly hired me again to shoot her sold out retreat!

Kimberly Collage

Dylan’s photoshoot told his incredible story of being a sperm donor and finding out about and meeting many of his 96 biological kids. The photos helped him launch his advocacy work on social media. Dylan immediately got interviewed and published in the NY Times and even bigger things are now following.

One year after his photoshoot, his donor advocacy, and my photos of him, are featured in People Magazine!

Dylan Miller People Magazine 1
Dylan Miller People Magazine 2
Dylan Collage

Hai wasn’t embracing her power or stepping into who she is as an artist. Her full name means Ocean Phoenix. Throughout the process before, during and after her photoshoot, I revealed to her the powerful energy in her that she was rejecting from her childhood conditioning, that is now available to her to embrace and embody.

Hai now sees that she is a medicine woman and recognizes the energy that she carries within her. Her art is enhanced by this new knowing, along with her connection with nature. A few days after our photoshoot Hai started to move forward with an important art project, and she is also feeling stronger boundaries around her value.

Hai Collage

Mikaela did a sunrise beach photoshoot for her upcoming Yoga Retreats and online Human Design courses, which she used right away. She filled her retreat and courses, while the variety of photos also gave her more social media content.

Mikaela Collage

Eros’ Sacred Touch photoshoot gave him the confidence to create, launch and market his new personal business and new line of intimacy tools.

Eros Collage

Rhiannon used her photos to create and launch her website and therapy business. One of her photos reveals her personal power, which has helped her embrace her power and wisdom.

Rhiannon Collage

Elicia’s photographs supported me in not only witnessing but embodying my power as a professional in the mental health field. I am so grateful for her generosity as she provided a variety of edits and poignant marketing suggestions that supported me in building my website as well.

Elicia is a masterful photographer who draws out your most authentic and empowered self through her photoshoots. She creates a comfortable, directive, intuitive, precise and supportive environment for your essence to shine through. Elicia utilizes her keen eye to capture your moments of magic, embodiment and truth.

If you are looking for authentic, intuitive and beautiful visual branding then book a transformational photoshoot with Elicia!

— Rhiannon

Susan contacted me to update her professional profile photo for her old website, and I told her what I saw for her moving forward. She had just created and sold-out specialized training retreats for therapists, and this is what she needed to embrace for herself. I also saw her doing some fun ones as she was recently single after being married for 30 years. At that time, Susan was in resistance and felt very uncomfortable doing anything for herself.

After holding the energy and vision for her, she stepped fully into it and we had a lot of fun choosing a variety of outfits and props for many different photos to reveal her essence.

Susan Collage

I did a shoot for a couple in a new relationship last year. The photos revealed their scared union. They got engaged and married in the same year.

Graduation Collage

Graduation photos helped a young woman to see and embrace who she is as she enters a more mature stage of independence.

Graduation Collage

Two different maternity photoshoots, in the 8th month, show how the mothers infused their babies with love, power, tenderness, wildness, dance, beauty, and family support. They both just hired me again to recreate the shots with their babies.

Graduation Collage

Claim your authority, voice, power and expression!

Claim your authority, voice, power and expression!

The entire process working with me before, during, and after your Transformational Photoshoot will feel like a dance movement, a gentle motion that moves you into your vision.

Elicia’s energy is so soothing, supportive, open, and expansive for the process she led me through. I felt really held and safe to go into a place that made me uncomfortable.

As we began the process together, I felt a lot of anxiety around looking at the details of how to move it forward, for example, looking at my wardrobe and props, and sending Elicia photos of them along with answers to her questions about my intentions.

Each time I spoke with Elicia, or heard a message from her, I started to energetically land in the space and the vision for the shoot.

I saw myself in the photoshoot and felt comfortable in my own skin. I imagined Elicia pointing a camera at me and started to feel comfortable, at ease and grounded with the process.

— Hai

As you can see, what I do is to help my clients birth something new for themselves.

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The Investment

Essence Blossoming Journey Investment $2,500 USD*
Can be made in payments, to be paid in full the day of the photoshoot
6 Payments of $444 USD
12 Payments of $222 USD

Your Investment Includes:

  • Custom Essence Questionnaire to help you get clear on what you are embracing within yourself, wanting to move towards, and to prepare for our visioning session together.
  • 60-Minute Visioning Session to clarify your essence and your vision that wants to be expressed, consultation on image ideas based on the purpose and online marketing needs, how and where you will use them, plus location ideas that suit your essence and vision.
  • Ongoing Communication leading up to the shoot for outfits, makeup, hair, props, and clearing any resistance and blocks.
  • 2-Hour Photoshoot co-creating it together, in flow and trust as it unfolds. I’ll be lifting you up with my vision, energy, encouragement and excitement, helping you feel comfortable and at ease. I’ll suggest movements and poses while we move together in a fun magical dance.
  • 100-200 Final Edited Essence Branding Photos to use on your website, social media, newsletters, and for personal energetic support.
  • 60-Minute Follow Up Consultation to talk about your process, what you see in the photos and which ones may take a little more time for you to embrace. I will also help you with placement and other ideas of how to use the photos to help you move forward with your vision and attract what you want.

*Investment for my Transformational Photoshoot Process does not include travel, accommodations, hair or makeup. You can come to me in Costa Rica. If I fly to you, you would pay for my transportation and accommodations, in addition to my fees.

Ready to Book Your Essence Blossoming Journey?

I offer a free 30-minute call to answer any questions, and to see if it’s the right fit and time for you. Contact me today to schedule your free call.

Elicia’s Essence Blossoming Journeys have been the key to providing the confidence and energy to move clients forward in their calling and career. Elicia is so gifted at helping others see and realize their gifts.

— Doug

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