Empathic, Intuitive People Get Candida To Release Physical, Mental & Emotional Toxins

I am highly sensitive, intuitive and empathic. I didn’t know what that meant before my journey with Candida.

Candida was there to teach me to feel. I was numbing my emotions and my sensitivity my whole life until I was forced to not eat or drink anything that numbs. Giving up sugar, starch, coffee and alcohol for a couple of years helped me to finally feel, heal and sense what, and who, was good for me or not.

In order to break free from past karma, there is much to be released in the body.  My physical body, my emotional body and my mental body had to release their toxins before I could step into my life’s purpose and mission. I released toxins from previous lives, many old feelings of failure, regret and loneliness.

The clients who come to me are also sensitive, intuitive and empathic. They heal Candida to step fully into their purpose as healers, artists and helpers. In order to vibrate their love and joy out in the world they have to release the fear.

candidaEmpaths, please know that the fear you feel is not yours. You were not born with fear, you came into a fear-based society, you are so empathic you took on that fear. You are fearless and courageous, anytime you don’t feel that look around and see who you near you, reject the fear, it is not yours.

Allow the dark emotions to surface and release. You must protect yourselves so that you stop collecting so much negativity from the people around you.

Your energy is aware of all vibrations around it, and subconsciously, it wants to help the people around it. You are relieving them of what is ailing them, but by doing so you are not enabling them to walk their own negativity, learn to release it and learn to feel their own positivity.

Cleanse yourself first, then afterwards, help cleanse those around you, but not by taking what they are doing into your own energy field. Teach others to connect with their reality, by showing your own vibration and make them aware of who they really are, of who they really could be.

healing candidaCall on your higher self, the light being within you, to shed it’s every illusion that you have believed.

With Love & Joy!



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