Emotional Root Cause heal the root cause of illness and patterns

Emotional Root Cause

Discover the emotional root cause of illness, emotional eating, addictions and unhealthy patterns.

What is the CEH Process?
What is the CEH Process?Core Emotional Healing® (CEH), is a fully developed healing model and system for addressing the deep[...]
Core Emotional Healing FAQs
Core Emotional Healing® FAQsThese are questions that have come directly from clients in my CEH Support Group, those who are[...]
How To Heal the Emotional Root Cause of Candida
How to Heal the Emotional Root Cause of CandidaIf you are suffering from Candida and you’ve already tried diet and[...]
Emotional Healing Happens a Little at a Time
Emotional Healing: Messages from our Body, Nature, Pets, and Dreams In November 2018, Doug and I led our client, Anna,[...]
Is Comparison Blocking Your Gifts?
Is Comparison Blocking Your Gifts?Self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy are some of the most common issues I see. These feelings[...]
Trust Issues: Blocking Your Healing and The Support You Need
Saying How You Feel & Boundary Backlash 14 years ago, I began to heal my childhood wounds and reconnect to[...]
How Core Emotional Healing is Different From Other Therapies
How Core Emotional Healing is Different From Other TherapiesThe internet can be a wonderful thing. It has made so much[...]
Symptoms Are Gateways Into Your Unconscious
Healing Turning Points: Itching, Hives, and Self-Neglect This post is the fourth in a series called Healing Turning Points: Transforming[...]
Emotional Healing & Codependency
Emotional Healing & Codependency Last week I was faced with some things that really made me practice what I preach.[...]
Working with Triggers Can Clear Your Blocks to Manifesting
What The #MeToo Movement Was Missing When the #MeToo movement erupted, I reflected on my life. On my sexual abuse,[...]
The thing nobody is talking about
The thing nobody is talking about... I just started my Express What’s Repressed Core Emotional Healing Program for healing practitioners[...]
Why Retreats Shift You More Quickly
Why Retreats Shift You More Quickly I’m now back “home” in Koh Samui, Thailand, where my retreat research began 8[...]
Are you a health coach?
Are You a Health Coach?I recently had the honor of being a guest on the Health Coach Academy's Podcast with[...]
How Emotional Support Can Heal Your Body
How Emotional Support Can Heal Your Body My husband Doug Miller, PhD and I recently hosted another episode of “The[...]
Emotional Cause of Bloating
Emotional Cause of Bloating At first, my clients come to me to heal their chronic physical symptoms, and then they[...]
What Most Healing Practices Are Ignoring
Most Healing Practices Are Missing: Self-Empowerment & Self-Healing Are you still suffering and struggling with your physical and emotional health,[...]
Candida Overgrowth, How It Really Begins
Candida overgrowth occurs when we have lost our power, our will, and our ability to take care of our needs.[...]
Your Symptoms Are A Gift: Radioshow with Janet Rafits
Your Symptoms Are A Gift: Radioshow with Janet Rafits Janet Raftis, Energy Healer and Psychic Medium Elicia Miller, Candida Expert[...]
Elicia’s Story: Self-Worth Through Candida
Like a fish in the water not knowing it’s wet, I had no reference point for what worthy was. How[...]
Why and How To Love and Listen to Your Body
For the first 30 years of my life I was disconnected from my body. I was living in my head,[...]

About the Author

Elicia is a Candida Expert and Founder of Core Emotional Healing®. She is the author of Detox 101 and coauthor of One Crazy Broccoli and What’s Left to Eat. Her new book, Your Symptoms Are A Gift, is scheduled to be released in 2020.

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