Emotional Root Cause

Discover the emotional root cause of illness, emotional eating, addictions and unhealthy patterns.

What Most Healing Practices Are Ignoring
Most Healing Practices Are Missing: Self-Empowerment & Self-Healing Are you still suffering and struggling with your physical and emotional health,[...]
Candida Overgrowth, How It Really Begins
Candida overgrowth occurs when we have lost our power, our will, and our ability to take care of our needs.[...]
Emotional Root Cause of Candida: Victimhood
Article originally posted on BeWellBuzz If you have suffered from a systemic yeast overgrowth, know that while diet and supplements[...]
Elicia’s Story: Self-Worth Through Candida
Like a fish in the water not knowing it’s wet, I had no reference point for what worthy was. How[...]
Why and How To Love and Listen to Your Body
For the first 30 years of my life I was disconnected from my body. I was living in my head,[...]
Discover the Cause of Your Disease – How to free yourself from the doctor, medication and sickness
If you have chronic symptoms and are taking medications or natural supplements to treat your symptoms, keep reading. The answers[...]
Angelina Jolie Breast Cancer: Prevention Through Self-Awareness
There is a war on cancer and war creates fear. Angelina Jolie feared it so much that she removed her[...]
Healing Systemic Candida: Emotional Detox
The Emotional Cause of Candida Feeling is Healing! When I was healing myself from systemic Candida I committed for the[...]
Affirmations for Candida, Eating Disorders, Addictions
Affirmations for Re-Programing Subconscious Beliefs Louise Hay says that everything is an affirmation. That means that every statement we use,[...]

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