Emotional Health

Learn how to heal and take care of your emotional needs.

Fear and Support are Our Companions for Growth
Fear is Our Companion for Growth    How the Core Emotional Healing process unfolds over time I want to share[...]
Codependency and Low Self-Esteem
Are you drawn to relationships in which you take care of others and neglect your own needs? Does your self-esteem[...]
Feeling the Loss: My Pregnancy Journey Through Six Miscarriages
Week 8: No heartbeat - again. I thought this time was going to be different. So Many Questions When we[...]
Discovering the Cause of Candida, Breast Implants & Healing Trauma
Healing symptoms and conditions takes more than diets and supplements, it also requires doing the mental, emotional and spiritual work[...]
Emotional Cleansing & Candida Detox
Listen to the Interview on the Emotional Aspects of Healing Candida Posted 18th February 2014 by Jonathan Adams I recently[...]
Sizeism and Self-Love
  My wish is to not notice weight   There is a heavy weight on how big or small a[...]
Emotional Eating: Your Triggers Are Your Teachers
         If you find yourself emotional eating as an outlet when stressed, it is best to view it objectively and learn[...]
Is Negativity Making You Sick?
Is negativity making you sick? Negative energy – burdensome thoughts – take energy from your cell tissue and lower your[...]
Distractions and Addictions: What Are You Numbing?
"Emotional repression underlies all addiction; when we learn to honor, identify and experience our feelings, the need to numb or[...]
Elicia’s Interview After a 30 Day Water Fast
Article Post & Interview From Liz Lee Media Web Design Can you imagine choosing not to eat for 30 days?[...]

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