Emotional Health

Learn how to heal and take care of your emotional needs.

Emotional Healing & Codependency
Emotional Healing & CodependencyLast week I was faced with some things that really made me practice what I preach.After spending[...]
Working with Triggers Can Clear Your Blocks to Manifesting
What The #MeToo Movement Was Missing When the #MeToo movement erupted, I reflected on my life. On my sexual abuse,[...]
What The #MeToo Movement Was Missing
What The #MeToo Movement Was MissingWhen the #MeToo movement erupted, I reflected on my life. On my sexual abuse, all[...]
Next Level Experiential Therapy
Next Level Experiential Therapy I am always looking to innovate and better my practice and find the most effective way[...]
Are you a health coach?
Are You a Health Coach?I recently had the honor of being a guest on the Health Coach Academy's Podcast with[...]
Fear and Support are Our Companions for Growth
Fear is Our Companion for Growth    How the Core Emotional Healing process unfolds over time I want to share[...]
Don’t change how you feel; listen to your emotions
Don't Change How You Feel; Listen to Your Emotions​What if you took a moment to stop, feel, and talk to your[...]
Are you stuck in your emotional cage?
Are you stuck in your emotional cage?The story of a dog named Girl reminds me of the emotional healing process[...]
Benefits of Processing Your Emotions – Emotional Health
Being emotional versus processing your repressed emotionsYou may think you are feeling your emotions because you are an emotional person.[...]
Dear Sweet One – Emotional Heatlh
Dear Sweet One, I love you. You are safe. It is safe to feel. If you feel sad, cry. If you[...]
Codependency and Low Self-Esteem
Are you drawn to relationships in which you take care of others and neglect your own needs? Does your self-esteem[...]
Feeling the Loss: My Pregnancy Journey Through Six Miscarriages
Week 8: No heartbeat - again. I thought this time was going to be different. So Many Questions When we[...]
Repressed Anger is a Four Letter Word
Repressed Anger is a Four Letter WordI didn’t learn how to tap into my repressed anger until I was in[...]
Discovering the Cause of Candida, Breast Implants & Healing Trauma
Healing symptoms and conditions takes more than diets and supplements, it also requires doing the mental, emotional and spiritual work[...]
Emotional Cleansing & Candida Detox
Listen to the Interview on the Emotional Aspects of Healing Candida Posted 18th February 2014 by Jonathan Adams I recently[...]
Sizeism and Self-Love
  My wish is to not notice weight   There is a heavy weight on how big or small a[...]
Emotional Eating: Your Triggers Are Your Teachers
         If you find yourself emotional eating as an outlet when stressed, it is best to view it objectively and learn[...]
Is Negativity Making You Sick?
Is negativity making you sick? Negative energy – burdensome thoughts – take energy from your cell tissue and lower your[...]
Distractions and Addictions: What Are You Numbing?
"Emotional repression underlies all addiction; when we learn to honor, identify and experience our feelings, the need to numb or[...]
Elicia’s Interview After a 30 Day Water Fast
Article Post & Interview From Liz Lee Media Web Design Can you imagine choosing not to eat for 30 days?[...]

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