Emotional Health Healing Celiacs, Migraines and Much More - Review

Emotional Health: Healing Celiacs, Migraines and Much More – Angelica

emotional health healing celiacs

Emotional Health: Healing  Celiacs and Migraines While Learning About My Defenses and Triggers !


I have been searching for some kind of "answer" during my whole life.

I've always felt a connection with God and the Divine, but I knew something in my life, inside me was missing. I tried for years to fill up that space by studying spirituality, becoming a certified angel card reader, an archangelic light practitioner, and started studying Reiki as well.

Those practices were all wonderful, but I still felt something was missing, and my physical body started manifesting its unhappiness. Migraines, Celiacs disease, and ultimately, candida. So, my main reason to join Elicia’s Express What’s Repressed program was to dig deeper and explore inner child work (an area totally new to me).

The process can get really intense.

It showed me many, many, things I had buried. It brought me back to many why's, but also to many discoveries.

I had lots of "ah-ha" moments, but it requires consistency and lots of willingness.

It is not easy, mostly because I grew up hearing how I was part of a caring, loving, family, but then realized that I was emotionally abused. I had to take a break from my family and my husband, for some days.

I realized that it is those rock-bottom moments that we all need in order to get up again. It's like keeping dust and trash under a rug, it can hold so much. But at some point, all that trash will come out, we had no clue it was still there, and then we have to face it. Working with Elicia allowed me to "clean the rug" before it totally exploded, it was wonderful.

I was very inspired by my group's stories and felt very supported when I got to share on the calls and the Facebook group. I also kept great resources that Elicia shared in the group. It is really good to know that many others are in the same process, and that we were all there for each other!

The most significant improvement was to be able to recognize a trigger (still working on that), journaling about it and knowing that EVERYTHING has a cause.

I definitely feel more self-love, and connection with my inner child.

That little one was craving my company and care, and once we were connected again, we will never go back. We will never take crap from anyone, and she knows I got her back!I also feel that I am more compassionate with my own child, and my children at work.

My biggest aha was when I learned about my defenses and my triggers... and their causes. Most of my cravings (triggers) are almost textbook to me.

It was challenging for a while to communicate with my mother without getting triggered, but I am at a point now where I feel that I can handle her criticism, disapproval, etc.

- Angelica

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