Emotional Health from disease to love and respect – Jen’s Review

Emotional Health: From Disease to Love, Honor & Respect – Jen’s Review

Emotional Health from disease to love and respect

Emotional Health: Going  from Disease to Love, Honor and Respect for Myself & My Inner Child


"My process has been illuminating...it's been like going from black and white to technicolor."

"My process has been illuminating.

I feel like working with Elicia has allowed me access to deeper levels of of what happened, how it continues to effect me and how I have the choice to release these feelings and patterns and live from an authentic place. Through this work I can drop the baggage and live freely.

The Facebook group and calls have been critical.

So much awareness comes through sharing my process, deeply listening to and supporting other members process.

It has been a very challenging and nurturing experience to do this in group and I feel critical to accessing the power of this work.

I am now able to connect with my little one. To recognize her as a beautiful living breathing part of myself who needs and deserves all the love, attention, honor, respect that she wasn't given back then and that it is my one and only job to nurture her back to life.

That most of the diseased ways of feeling and expressing myself are actually her desperate ways of trying to get my attention. I learned the tools to let her speak and feel safe in order for all of me to flourish.

I also feel this work has given me greater access to my intuition as I'm able to access deeper aspects of myself and allow the messages to come up and be heard.

It's been like going from black and white to technicolor."

- Jen

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