Emotional Healing vs therapy for 30 years – NaCole's Story of Healing
emotional healing vs therapy

Emotional Healing vs Therapy for 30 years

NaCole's Testimonial

Getting in touch with my deepest self and being guided on how to consistently release not only anger but great sadness. Overall, this has been an extremely healing journey of honest self awareness and working with Elicia has been very inspiring.

Elicia is intuitive, gentle and loving which is exactly what I needed and still need.

My biggest improvements so far are self love/care, weight loss (which to me means loss of emotional baggage as well), and really becoming AWAKE. Awake to my little girl and what we've wanted in life all along.

My process so far has blown my mind. With 30 years of therapy under my belt I've learned about where my feelings come from most of the time, tools for coping with anxiety and depression, cognitive therapy, an awareness of my thoughts but therapy hasn't touched what this group has in me.

Releasing the beast within. 

My main reason for joining the program was because of Candida and 2 people I respect recommended Elicia. I also related to everything she said on our first one on one chat and everything her your website. I had tried everything and felt hopeful.

My life before joining Express What's Repressed was unfulfilled. I was living day in and day out suffering from Candida and unaware of my truth....not knowing who I am or what I want. Well, those things were being pushed down and ignored constantly.

I love the FB group and group calls. It helps me because I relate so much to everyone sharing, allowed me to feel safe and vulnerable because others were vulnerable, it set off triggers in me when hearing others share which made me more self aware, it gave me an outlet between calls to get feedback, love, and support.

Express What's Repressed has affirmed what I already believed to be true about myself deep down but, was too afraid to trust myself and believed what I felt was wrong about myself because of my lack of self love. And that is I am intuitive and a healer myself. The group has allowed me to trust what I want and to seek the independence I have always craved.

My biggest aha moment was realizing I was an emotional eater and not just a pig. Learning that my eating, shopping, sex, staying busy were all symptoms of not feeling okay or safe in my own skin.

I'm so glad our paths were linked by not just 1, but 2 mutual friends. It was definitely meant to be and an honor really to hear and share this vulnerability with you and the other women in the group. I know I'll never look at myself again with those old beliefs to the extent that I had been. I am enough. I am amazing. I am so lovable. I only know this because you have guided me to love my inner child. What a huge gift!" 

– NaCole

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