Emotional Healing Inner Child Work Review with Elicia Miller

Emotional Healing – Teresa’s Testimonial

Emotional Healing -  Making  Positive  Changes with   Inner Child Work in Elicia Miller's  6 Month Program

Teresa's Testimonial

When I signed up for Elicia's 6 Month Private Program was determined and felt ready to make some positive changes (I was already implementing a few: I had quit smoking, enrolled in a singing program -singing is my passion- and started decluttering my home) but I found that my old patterns/beliefs still got in the way and I lacked the tools and the support to turn them around. As for my health. I suffered from monthly yeast infections, mild PMS and anxiety. While working with Elicia and learning more about nutrition, repressed emotions and the inner child work, I discovered that I also experienced bloating, and that it had a lot to do with my low energy levels, sluggishness and mild mental fogginess.

The whole process was bumpy (is there any process that isn’t??) and pleasant. There were times of overwhelm, times of upsurging enthusiasm (especially in the beginning), times where it seemed as if nothing much was happening or as if I was stuck (or even going backwards), and times where everything seemed to unfold naturally and effortlessly. Now that I see it with some perspective, I realize that it was beautiful.

I have experienced very intense moments of presence (especially in solitude, or rather with myself) that are very dear to me and I don’t think I’ll ever forget -in my mind, they are deeply connected with this program and this process. I believe the inner child work has been absolutely key in those experiences, and the journaling exercises in the Home Study have been very helpful in strengthening the bond with myself.

Working with Elicia was reassuring. Her unwavering enthusiasm and trust were very nourishing and in turn they allowed me to trust my gut and be less scared of making mistakes. She helped me reconnect with my innocence and thus be more understanding and less blaming towards myself (owning mistakes becomes much easier this way!). I felt supported and accompanied. Having a space (both with the group -through calls and FB- and in private -calls and email) where I could express myself and be accepted, respected and even understood (never judged) has been tremendously healing.

The 3 most significant improvements from emotional healing

– The yeast is gone and my microflora is healthy!
– I eat as healthy as ever, and I enjoy and appreciate food as much as ever. I even enjoy cooking, which I felt extremely lazy about before!! And I love shopping for groceries.
– My body awareness is more fine-tuned.
– Increased awareness of my thoughts and beliefs, of how much they contribute to shaping my life negatively if left unchecked and positively when they are aligned.
– I’ve gained distance from the negative thoughts.
– I thus believe more in myself (I feel more confident and happier).
– I trust my gut more. I still have doubts but, overall, they have less power over me. I’m able to make better and faster decisions, and to question myself less once they’re taken. I think I trust Life more.
– I savor life much more. Getting in touch with my inner child has helped a lot: she’s the one who knows how to enjoy life best! Moments of wonder have become more frequent.
⁃ I feel more grounded and much less guilty and ashamed about my thoughts, feelings and emotions. I respect myself and I respect them, even when they’re not ‘nice’. I think this makes me a more whole person

During the program I felt supported and understood. I broke the loneliness. I am in the journey of reparenting myself -that has been a huge change, and a way of reclaiming my power. It has positively affected my relationships, both with myself and with others. I have more confidence in myself and trust in life. I eat healthier than ever, and I’ve learned to enjoy cooking for the first time in my life. I enjoy every meal and I shop, cook and eat with plenty of gratitude -I feel privileged. I have a sense of freedom and connectedness to life that I hadn’t felt for many years. Boundaries. Validation for how I feel, what I sense and perceive: very reassuring. I know trust myself, let myself be, it doesn’t really matter that much whether I’m right or wrong: I feel how I feel. Connection with Nature greatly enhanced. Solitude: really being with myself. Great tools and resources (books, practices, exercises). A great map. I feel well equipped now, though still on the journey. I feel more grounded and more myself.”

Thank you!!!


About the Author

Elicia is a Candida Expert and Founder of Core Emotional Healing®. She is the author of Detox 101 and coauthor of One Crazy Broccoli and What’s Left to Eat. Her new book, Your Symptoms Are A Gift, is scheduled to be released in 2020.

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