Emotional Healing Retreat - Heal the root cause of your symptoms

Sacred Emotion Retreat

Learn how to release the past, embrace the present and align with your desired future.

Tropical prescription for healing your body by transforming core emotional wounds into unconditional love for yourself. 

Join Elicia Miller and Janet Raftis in Costa Rica
March 11-18, 2018 SOLD OUT

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End your suffering for GOOD even if you've already "tried everything"!

Are you struggling with food, relationships, work, and the lack of financial abundance?

Are you feeling overwhelmed or prone to emotional outbursts?

Do you have chronic symptoms that you just can’t seem to get rid of?

Have you tried every cleanse, detox, lotion or potion and you're still not healed?

Trying to navigate these heavy emotions, feelings, and symptoms can be triggering and overwhelming, and it can cause you to stay stuck in situations and relationships that are unhealthy and stifling.

Because of this, you may even have found yourself trying to numb out with food, alcohol, and distractions. You may feel so out of touch with yourself that you have trouble identifying your needs and desires and instead end up feeling like there just isn’t enough money, love or time.

You can learn the tools that can help you to eliminate chronic symptoms, emotional eating, depression and addictions.

Your inner guidance system is within you and is waiting for you to tune into it.

And as you do so, you will be able to live life in flow, trusting it as it unfolds. You CAN:

Step into abundance and healthy relationships that uphold your best and highest good.
Become clearer and more confident in yourself and your connection to Spirit.

Our Emotional Healing Retreat will help you get to the root cause of your physical and emotional symptoms; improve your relationship with money; provide you with the tools to be empowered in your own healing; and give you confidence, clarity, and a new way of being.

How Our Retreat Can Help You

We will lead you through a process and provide you with tools that will support you on your healing journey and that can serve as a catalyst for permanent change.

Find a way to stop spending money on treating symptoms and instead learn how to identify the root causes of your disease and illnesses.

Learn to eat nutritionally instead of emotionally.

Discover how to move through fear and resistance.

Create a new relationship with yourself in which you value yourself in such a way that all of your needs are met.

I feel at peace with myself, my body and my relationships for the first time ever.

emotional healing retreat

I have struggled with anxiety and depression since childhood. Although I’ve been able to push myself to achieve success in my work, I experienced my life as a constant struggle that exhausted me. I have had issues with substance abuse and an eating disorder that were an ongoing source of shame. I’ve had difficulty connecting with people and have always felt a sense of not belonging or being accepted for who I am. I felt that people only valued me for what I could give them, and I felt unappreciated.

My sessions with Janet and Elicia before the retreat started were a powerful introduction into the work that we did together as a group. It was difficult in the beginning to open myself up to people I didn’t know, but with their support I was able to achieve more in a week than I had in a lifetime of therapy.

The beautiful peaceful environment of the Retreat combined with the wonderful food and the daily yoga helped me deepen my process and I was amazed at what I was able to accomplish. Elicia and Janet complement each other perfectly in their gentle yet powerful approach to deep emotional healing.

I have never before felt such a profound sense of peace and confidence in my ability to manage whatever challenges I face on a day-to-day basis. I came home to a chaotic environment that would have previously had me running for the shelter of my old self-destructive habits. Instead I feel a renewed sense of purpose and strength that has transformed how I am able to approach my day-to-day experience. I feel at peace with myself, my body and my relationships for the first time ever.

I can never thank them enough for the gift of healing that I received through participating in this retreat.


Our Venue

emotional healing retreat
Why we chose The Retreat at Altos del Monte in Costa Rica for our upcoming healing immersion:

First and foremost, we all deserve to be pampered and nourished.

Let’s face it: You’ve been through A LOT.

And we wanted to be sure that you are nurtured and supported in every way.

The Retreat sits on a beautiful and healing property in the mountains of Costa Rica. The bedrock here is bursting with quartz crystals and the tropical flora and fauna surround and hold the space. You can literally feel the frequency and vibrancy of the healing mountain energy.

The resort has luxurious accommodations and each of you will have your own space in which to integrate, process and relax. (We keep our groups small for a more intimate and powerful process.)

There are sweeping panoramic views of mountains, the valley and the Pacific ocean as well as hiking trails that will take you deep within the pulse of the tropical, quartz-filled mountain.

Diane Stobo, owner of The Retreat is a world-renowned chef and cookbook author and she is able to create a menu that is healthy, nutrient dense, nourishing and full of love. Her philosophy is farm-to-fork, “Tico Fresh” cuisine. The effects of eating organic, clean, GMO and chemical free foods has immediate powerful and positive effects on one’s energy level, mental focus, physiology and more. On an emotional level, it supports us by nourishing us on the most basic yet most important level. The menu will be customized to the needs of each of the individuals who join us.

emotional healing retreat
emotional healing retreat
emotional healing retreat
emotional healing retreat

What's Included

emotional healing retreat

2 two-hour group healing sessions per day with Elicia & Janet = 28 hours of group therapy with 2 master healers!

These are powerful sessions in which we dive deep into the patterns of the past that are holding you stuck in outdated behaviors and coping mechanisms that no longer serve you.

Janet and Elicia are both intuitive facilitators that will help you to see through your defenses and connect to your inner wisdom.

The sessions include guided meditations, exercises and journaling activities. Each woman is given the space and attention to express herself and have her needs met during each gathering.

Far infrared amethyst BioMat therapy

Each day you will be provided with the opportunity to relax and restore on one of our BioMats. These mats use amethyst crystals and far infrared technology to soothe and detoxify the body. (For more information, click HERE.)

emotional healing retreat
emotional healing retreat

Seven nights of luxurious, private lodging

Choose from three different types of accommodation. Each room is private and has a panoramic view of the mountains and/or the Pacific in the distance.

· Premium Casita: The Premium Casita is located just below the main house and features breathtaking and unobstructed views extending from the valley to the Pacific Ocean and across the Nicoya Peninsula.

· Junior Suites: The five Junior Suites are all corner rooms with differing views.

· Deluxe/Superior Rooms: Two of the Deluxe rooms are located within the Yoga House with views of the garden (hummingbirds abound!) and the other one has a view of the Nicoya Peninsula.

All organic, farm-fresh meals 

Each meal will be served al fresco overlooking the Los Altos del Monte range. Much intention is given to the food served here. Diana and her team take pride in their culinary creations and utilize only the cleanest, freshest and most nutrient dense ingredients.

Vegan options, raw choices, fish, and meats are prepared from their gardens or are locally sourced. They place a strong emphasis on living foods while offering a menu customizable to your needs.

Everyone’s dietary restrictions will be taken into account and accommodated.

emotional healing retreat
emotional healing retreat

Dream interpretation

Elicia's husband, Doug Miller, is a Clinical and Forensic Psychologist with a busy practice in Atlanta, Georgia. For the retreat, while he does not participate in the groups, he offers his presence and support, along with dream work. The context and depth of healing that occurs during the retreat often evoke very meaningful dreams.

Doug draws from his life-long love, study and awe of the human mind and soul, often with a Jungian and other perspectives, to help you gain the gift of insight offered to you by your unconscious through your dreams. He will be available outside of group session times to provide insights into your dreams.

Daily yoga practice

Yoga is a powerful way to integrate the work that you will be doing throughout the week. Though it’s not required, we highly recommend you take advantage of this offering.

emotional healing retreat
emotional healing dance

Special Body Integrated dance

Local facilitator/Body Centered Counselor, Sol Gonzalez, will lead us through a body awareness process mid-week. The four-hour process incorporates movement, sound, dance, breathing and meditation to help us integrate body, mind and spirit; deepens our connection to our Selves, one another and the World; and offers a space for finding stillness, contentment and abundance with life. This work will help to integrate the processes you experience throughout the week.

Airport transfer

One shuttle provided in each direction from SJO to and from THE RETREAT; will need to be coordinated.

THE RETREAT is the brainchild of Celebrity Chef, two-time best-selling author and Health and Wellness Life-Coach, Diana Stobo. Diana’s goal was to create a transformational wellness center, literally “Heaven on Earth”, where every day people could come to escape the chaos and stresses of their lives and take an opportunity to reset their internal sense of balance in a nurturing and gentle environment.

emotional healing retreat

What Is Included

•  2 two-hour group healing sessions per day with Elicia and Janet

•  Daily infrared amethyst BioMat therapy

•  Seven nights of luxurious, private lodging

•  All organic, farm-fresh meals + late afternoon smoothie

•  Dream interpretation with Doug Miller

•  Daily yoga practice

•  100% pure therapeutic grade essential oils and Bach flower 

•  Special Body Integrated 3 hour dance release

•  Airport transfer

•  One follow-up video group conference call

emotional healing retreat

Learn how to release the past, embrace the present and align with your desired future.

Secure your spot now!

What Is Not Included

  ✘   Your round-trip airfare from home to Costa Rica

  ✘   Additional spa and massage services

  ✘   Additional classes and excursions offered by The Retreat that are not facilitated by Janet & Elicia

  ✘   Other non-included items would include souvenirs, shopping, personal phone calls, laundry and tips.

  ✘   Personal, medical or travel insurance

The all-inclusive pricing is as follows:

Premium Casita


Junior Suites


Deluxe Suites


*Important: If you have not previously worked with Elicia, you will be required to purchase and complete a Private Inner Child & Core Emotional Healing® Session prior to participating in the retreat. Click  here to learn more about this session.

What people are saying

An inspiring and life changing experience.

I was very impressed with the knowledge and insight from Elicia and Janet, the compassion they shared with everyone. They created a very safe environment – they were never judgmental or condescending, always supportive.

I am very grateful for the week I spent in Costa Rica with the women in this group. Group time was powerful, bonding and healing. The facility, meals, and staff were excellent.“


I was beginning to lose myself and you guys and the retreat helped so much to bring me back

I felt so confused and so stressed, I allowed myself to be treated badly. I was tired all the time. I had anxiety. I was gaining weight and had edema.

Now, I’m eating less and feeling very nourished and satisfied. I’m eating live food, a ton sprouts, and fruit with absolutely no symptoms. I’m not binging anymore. I have so much energy. I’m running again. I’m able to think straight and calm my mind. I go on adventures even if it’s just with myself. I’m able to ask for my needs and speak my mind. Even months later, the Costa Rica retreat has been still integrating and helping me.


I was finally able to see my vision for myself, not everyone else’s vision for me. 

Thank you both so much! I made some huge transformations/revelations and am continuing to transform. The exercises that I participated in during the retreat allowed me to connect with myself in a way that I have been unable to do so-up to this point in my life.

When I got back from the retreat I left my job in corporate wellness, I knew it was time to take the leap to pursue my own passion… in the way that I wanted to pursue it. It is truly an amazing experience and Elicia and Janet are truly amazing beings.


From feeling overwhelmed with sadness and grief to hope, gratitude and an abundance of joy.

Before the retreat I struggled with depression and anxiety. I was an emotional eater and lacked energy and drive. Coming out of a recent divorce and trying to unearth who I was and am and how that all came together.

The retreat was a life changing and supportive experience. Magical, beautiful, freeing. I am more confident, and able to give myself compassion. I am learning to trust my intuition. I take better care of myself with diet, exercise and allow myself to feel freely and deeply.


I honestly accomplished more and saw my “stuff” more clearly in 7 days than 15 years of therapy.

I have been in talk therapy on and off for 15 years and honestly accomplished more and saw my “stuff” more clearly in just 7 days. My week at the retreat was more than I ever could of imagined. The power of the retreat is in the gentle guidance of Elicia and Janet, the power of a group of strong women also searching for self-empowerment and the beauty of Costa Rica. Truly grateful for such a life changing experience.”


The Retreat was absolutely wonderful! It is by far the best thing I have done for myself. 

I had been working with Elicia for almost a year and have been in some very unhealthy relationships. Since working with her I have made a lot of positive changes in my life. I was still have some issues with anxiety, feeling unlovable and like I just don’t fit in.

Even though each of us worked on some very deep and painful issues, we came through them stronger each time. I feel like I made friends for life. When I got back I felt like I fit in for the first time, I DO belong and I feel it! The retreat was just absolutely wonderful! I could not recommend working with Elicia and Janet enough.


I have come away with awareness and faith in myself to heal.

I won't say it was easy to explore hurts and give painful feelings a voice, but it was worth the journey. Elicia, Janet, (and Doug) gently held us in a structured, supportive healing space in paradise.

We clarified our hopes with personal intentions, fed our bodies nourishing food, bonded by witnessing each other’s vulnerability and shared courage through tears, laughter, yoga and cathartic meditation and rituals.


I feel alive and peaceful in a new way, this retreat was the catalyst.

"I have to say that this retreat was the catalyst for some of the deepest healing I've been able to do yet. I’ve been lucky enough to do quite a bit of inner personal work on myself in my life. Janet and Elicia provided such a safe space and environment that I felt safe to work on some very uncomfortable issues that have been wanting my attention for years.

I feel alive and peaceful in a new way and I credit it to the retreat: the material, the environment, the group synergy and Janet and Elicia’s facilitating skills. I’m a new woman.


I cannot thank you all enough for what I gained through this experience.

Not only did I feel the shift in my own being, but I could sense it in each woman there. This week was transformational and inspiring.

I cannot thank you all enough for what I gained through this experience.


Meet your facilitators 

Janet Raftis

Janet Raftis is an energy healer and psychic medium with over 12 years experience helping others to heal and release outdated patterns of belief so that they may transition out of areas in which they feel stuck and into the life they truly desire.

Janet works with sensitive men and women who are looking to heal through energetic means and step into their intuitive gifts.. She offers a wide range of services to meet all of her clients needs. Janet's Bio

Elicia Miller

Elicia Miller is the founder of Core Emotional Healing®. Drawing from her own years of intense healing and therapy, Elicia applies an emotionally embodied approach in which she helps clients tune into the movements of emotions and energy that are the source of their physical symptoms and psychological issues.

Through various techniques, her intuition, and her healing gifts, she helps clients quickly and effectively heal the root cause of their physical and emotional symptoms, addictions, compulsions and other distractions.

Many of her clients have engaged in various types of healing approaches, e.g., medical and spiritual, but because they bypass the embodied and emotional work, have not healed. Through Elicia’s approach, she helps them remove the emotional blocks that limited healing, and helps the client live more authentically and re-connect with their inner guidance and gifts. Her additional focus on teaching clients how to use their intuitive skills and bring these gifts into their day-to-day life is how she helps clients become empowered in the world and serve as models for others. Elicia's Bio

Here's a glimpse of the retreat with us.

Can't make it to Costa Rica?
Begin healing at home with Elicia's support instead...

Elicia's "Express What's Repressed" 60 day online group core emotional healing program offers a similar process as the retreat. Be supported for two months from the comfort of your home.