Emotional Healing Program Review - Cassandra’s Testimonial -Elicia Miller

Emotional Healing Program Review – Cassandra’s Testimonial

emotional healing

Emotional Healing and being aware of wounds from the past.

Cassandra's Testimonial

My life before joining the Express What’s Repressed program included a lot of reading, learning and discussing emotions and healing without actually allowing myself to feel the emotions I was thinking about all the time! I was “getting” a lot of it on a “brain” level but needing to find a way to go deeper.

My main reasons for joining the program were to learn about Inner Child work, emotional healing, and to start learning about how to release the behavioral addictions that I had developed throughout my life that were either killing me slowly or just making me miserable.

Because of the program I’ve been able to give up sugar for the longest period of time in my memory. I have a deeper level of awareness of the wounds I sustained in childhood and all the ways I learned to detach, distract, and numb myself away from my pain. I am now starting to connect to my anger; giving myself permission to be angry and seeing why I am so angry and how it has affected my entire life.”