Emotional Eating If you find yourself emotional eating as an outlet when stressed, it is best to view it objectively and learn from the trigger. It is common to use food and alcohol to numb and comfort emotions, however in reality this prolongs and worsens the problem. Let go of the guilt and instead try to pick up your journal and write about your needs. By simply understanding the emotion and somehow communicating to yourself what that trigger is, the craving will subside. This is the empowering practice known as self-awareness in which you act as the observer, followed by reflection and resolution.
         In order to stop the habit of emotional eating you must discover the source of the craving. Try to evaluate when the craving starts and why it is there. Approach your behavior with a curious mind. Once you feel a strong craving come on, mentally stay attached to that feeling and stay away from the kitchen. It is never too late to start this process, even right after a binge may be the time for self-inquiry. Try not to be irrational or guilt-stricken; understand that acceptance is the first step to truly loving yourself.
         When you emotionally eat, you suppress valuable information. Also, emotions that are not felt and released become buried and absorbed by the body which can cause serious illness. Emotions are the most reliable indicators of how things are going on in our lives. Once you can get in touch with your emotions, the healing process can begin and your needs can be fulfilled. 
Here is a list of a few ideas to start the journey away from emotional eating:

  • Don’t try to control your emotions; let them flow through you and accept them.
  • Identify your negative self-talk and replace it with positive affirmations.
  • Focus on what makes you happy and why it does.
  • Enjoy life; don’t work too much.
  • Own and stand up for your feelings.
  • Set boundaries and say no to those who drain your energy and do not support you.
  • Rejuvenate your energy with alone time and intentional clearing of others’ energy you have taken on.
  • Write in your journal and ask yourself how you feel and why? What can you do to resolve that emotion?

Discovering and resolving your core issues by learning to deal with emotions will reduce or even eliminate the habit of emotional eating. For example, issues like fear of abandonment, low self-esteem, victimization, and materialism in place of spirituality could be sources of the problem. While discovering what your issues are can be uncomfortable, accepting them and being patient with yourself and your resolutions will lead to deeper self-awareness. The elimination of emotional eating can actually be the gateway to emotional responsibility and self-empowerment.

Article published on BeWellBuzz.com

Monique’s Success Story

MoniqueElicia has helped me on an incredible level to bring deep awareness into my life for healing and transformation. I truly think everyone needs an Elicia in their life. She helped me to understand that my trigger foods like yogurt and nutbutters only feed my condition of Candida. These foods caused me to bloat, feel ugly and be terribly irritable. Understanding that I am using just a spoon in the kitchen on a hunt for an unsatisfactory result.

Her advice was first to work on a subconscious level, to become aware. My condition has been cycling for years without coherence that it was stemmed from the emotion of guilt.

I am slowly letting go and eating the foods that make me feel lighter, happier and more in touch with myself. I am taking responsibility for my actions and in turn nourishing my body-mind-soul. I am literally shifting the direction my wheel spins and it takes willpower, awareness and honesty with myself to make this change.

Next step was to remove these trigger foods that contribute to mucus, candida and my damp condition. With her professional advice, Elicia helped me understand that I am only feeding my condition through engaging in these foods that hurt me rather than heal.

I have been inspired to change my direction in life with my work, the people I choose to be around and the places I choose to live and venture as I listen and align with more clarity. Much love, Monique

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