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Posted 18th February 2014 by Jonathan Adams
I recently talked with Elicia Miller, who is helping people with Candida detox, she has a wonderful site and many videos on Youtube. We talked about the emotional and mental aspects of candida overgrowth. In my case, I noticed more symptoms during detox phases. Elicia also discussed how cleansing the emotional body can be part of the healing process.

Jon:  I’m with Elicia Woodford (now Miller), who I’ve met via the internet. And I was searching about the emotional and psychological aspects of the candida experience for myself. And via this Google search, I found Elicia works extensively with people with candida. And I was also really happy to find that Elicia covers this really extensively in her work. And you’re really the first person that I’ve found that’s working with people in a professional capacity that’s really covered these parts of the candida process. So, I just want to ask you a couple of questions today.

Elicia: Sure.

Jon: I guess I’m curious first how you came to discover this link between candida and the emotional and psychological parts of it for yourself.

Elicia: I think it was during my process and journey. I don’t recall one time. It was sort of a reflection on being in a state of self awareness and being the observer and seeing how and when my flare-ups would happen. I guess, thinking back I would notice that when I would go into victim (mode) or doing things for money out of survival.

Jon: Right.

Elicia: Then I started to get really bloated and I would feel the candida symptoms more strongly during those times. And then when I would take my power back, and start believing in myself, and creating and getting back involved in my own creative projects and not thinking about money, then it would get better. And so, it was just a process of observing those things and also doing energy healing and emotional healing. And I was lucky to be on an island full of healers in Thailand during this process. So I think that the work that I do with clients is a result of having access to all these resources that helped me in my own journey. And I wasn’t plugged into the US and the consciousness of the US. So I was able to really free myself from a lot of conditioning in that environment which helped. And I then discovered towards the end after about a year and a half of a lot of different levels of healing and modalities and cleansing that I did a retreat for the first time that didn’t involve any fasting or juice fasts or physical cleansing. It was all subconscious and emotional. And I became really aware of how much I was living in fear and in the future. And I could feel how much that was playing into my whole conditioning.

Jon: Right. Exactly..

Elicia: Conditioning and condition. So, I connected to my heart deeply and I just wanted to love. And I felt so much love and self love. And I felt for the first time that I healed at that

Jon: Yeah, I totally hear what you’re saying. I felt the same thing in myself as to just connecting to being able to be OK with me. And love myself was key. I think it’s key for any healing process. So have you noticed this in your work with other people as something that comes up quite often with the emotions and just different mental aspects of their healing?

Elicia: Yeah, and so the work I do with my clients is I saw what helps and what makes the biggest impact is to be leading and guiding them through their own process. And so what helped me the most was that whole process of self awareness and doing the ego work. And I was, I had someone guiding me. But it was me doing it. And I did that for a week towards the end. So now, I work with clients for three months. And we talk every week. And so I’m able to guide them through their own process. And it involves a lot of journaling which helps them become more aware of their thoughts and what’s occupying their thoughts and creating negative emotions and even guiding them into healing the past and their childhood and repressed emotions and how they feel about themselves based on what happened when they were children to re-connect with that to resolve it. And to come to peace and self love. We’ll always come back to that.

Jon: Right.

Elicia: But it’s really about no one else can give them love. No one else can give us love. And even when it was missing as a child or we perceived it to be missing, we are the ones that need to give it to ourselves.

Jon: Yeah, I totally agree.

Elicia: So, yeah. The process, I see my clients now. Their symptoms are going away within the first month. And it has a lot to do with the mental and emotional, the mental awareness and emotional healing. And sometimes just the shifting away from complaining about, one client was just complaining all the time about how much work she had to do and poor me, and was telling everyone about it. And then when she just stopped doing that and just went about her day with OK, I have this work and I’m doing it. Everything is fine and not complaining, and I think that’s a huge piece of staying present. And, yeah there was another thought I was going to at that moment.

Jon: No worries.

Elicia: Yeah.

Jon: It will probably come back.

Elicia: Yeah.

Jon: Well, that’s interesting to me to hear that you’re working so deeply. It’s almost really a twofold approach. So it’s physical and a large component of it is the emotional and mental. And I think that’s a wonderful thing that you’ve picked up on that in your own process. And you’re helping other people. And I’ve personally found it from the other side almost by accident. I wish I had known you a few years ago. But I found that that is definitely a key in all of this for me. So, anyway, thank you very much for talking with me about that part of what you’re helping people with. And it’s a pleasure talking to you.

Elicia: Yeah, it’s great talking to you. Thanks Jon for sharing this information.

Jon: Sure. And then also if you’re either in the Atlanta area or anywhere in the world really, Elicia does Skype sessions for helping people work through, well I’ll let you tell them specifically what you do.

Elicia: So, I mainly work with people with candida conditions. And empowering them to release the physical and the emotional connection to it. And everyone has a different process. Everyone’s condition is different. Everyone’s causes and what is contributing to it is different. So it’s an individual process of, each session varies based on if they’re doing an actual physical plan or if they’re having questions with food and what to eat, what not to eat comes up a lot. And my main thing is to empower each person to trust their intuition and their own body’s wisdom. And to listen to the body. And to change the way people are always looking for answers outside themselves. And so they know I know I shouldn’t eat this but this says it in this book. And so, even that strengthens the ability to trust and listen within. And then I also will guide with journaling questions to work through emotions. And to do their own healing and self awareness work around what’s causing stress in their mind. And moving forward with what their heart is calling for. So the process of healing candida really is to release what has been repressed. And that is the candida fungus itself, the emotions, and their heart’s desires. And to really come more fully with releasing all of that. They connect to their power and their ability to do whatever they want to with confidence and with love.

Jon: Nice. Well, thank you for your work.

Elicia: Thank you.

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